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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunday Doodles: My Kenya

Breaking News: Serious Skirmishes Now Reach Naivasha

I am hurting inside. I am in mental and emotional pain. What I feel cannot possibly be put into words even by the most prolific wordsmith in town. The pain, the anguish, the distress, the confusion, the desolation… (A concoction of insalubrious feelings)!

The killings, the murders, the lootings, the torchings, the lashings, the perfidy, the larceny, the … (my mind is going round and round in circles). Someone please do help bring sanity to my being.

I have seen it: my dear Kenyan brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers and children cut down by the machete; shot to death and left to rot in the streets; burnt in their houses and in the churches; thousands of men, women and children bounding, with whatever belonging they could salvage, to God knows where; the hopelessness and despondency pasted on the faces of my country men.

I have heard it: the wails of terror made by the children; the screams of horror made by the women; the sighs and stifled screams made by the men; the shouting, screaming and struggle of the women who are being raped and left for dead.

Someone please do tell me that I am just dreaming. Please tell me that this is just a bad dream and were it not for the long night, then, it would be over.

This is not the Kenya I knew; and, optimistically, is not the Kenya I‘ll wake up in tomorrow.

And before I pen off, please don’t ask my tribe; I am a Kenyan.


Anonymous said...

Bwana Ritch, i share your burden of grief, pain, sorrow and anguish. Its not illogical or inadvisable for many others just like us to be feeling the way we all do-
I feel that at the appropraite time, all the dearly departed election victims will deserve at the very least a whole week of national mourning, sober reflection and a the dawning of a new day in Kenya as a vow we the living will make in promise that their deaths are not in vain
but i refuse to give up hope no matter how stupid our politicians holding the lives of the country at ransom appear to be-even the dumbest oldest dog does not run around chasing its tail forever

Mdawida said...

Luke and Ritch, we grieve together, I too am a Kenyan, for anyone to ask where in Kenya we come from is insensitive to the loss of the victims and their families. I feel very strongly that this anarchy has nothing to do with the elections. This is deep rooted. The sooner we get to the bottom of the problem, the better for all of us. Lets forget about the idiots we call poiliticians, they havent seen a problem outside their personal ambition and egos. Lets think about our children growing up with the hared started by a generation most of who are not here to see the results of their policies and actions. This is the time for all of us to pull together in truth, reconciliation and finally healing.

May the Lord bless this country.

Steve said...

I probably speak for many bloggers and readers when I say that I am completely bewildered by what has happened in Nakuru and Naivasha. I have no desire to post. This is a time of mourning.

Fave of BG said...

Steve 11.17 AM,
I too, just like you, has lost the desire to comment, the desire to even hold a good thought in my head for any measurable amount of time.
We are sliding ever so fast into anarchy. The police are watching, It will never be the same again. For one month, I have not had any good news from Kenya.
Just because someone decided to rig so unprofessionally. Could they not have put some effort into it? After all, anything worth doing is worth doing right.

Anonymous said...

Luke I like the idea of the one week of mourning and I can hardly wait for the time when we will actually be at that stage i.e. after peace talks and real constitutional changes.

Anonymous said...

Do not despair. Keep praying and hoping against hope.

Rwanda lived to see another day.

Anonymous said...

The nation will heal - with time. However, that will only be possible if people can believe in democracy again (read constitutional changes).

As Anan said, Kenyans need to believe that the cloth of government is big enough to cover them all.

Anonymous said...

Boy what a sad post!!! I have been visiting Kumekucha regularly but had stopped posting. I now feel moved to comment.

Liberia, Sierra Leone, Rwanda, Congo are all patching up and trying to move on. Kenya will recover. I am simply hoping that Kibaki will not let the situation escalate to Congoesque proportions and that we shall have less patching up to do.

Anonymous said...

I too am saddened by events back home. The truth however is that it was inevitable. Dictatorships are not breeding grounds for peace.

The country can only be cleansed by a new constitution. Let us not waste the blood that has been shed; katiba mpya will safeguard democracy and save us from violence every 5 years.

djfamous said...

All of a sudden Ali is quiet. And the truck loads of GSU with sophisticated gear that were sent to crush down protests are now not being sent to Nakuru and Naivasha to bring calmness. Talk of selective amnesia.

Anonymous said...

I think this is out of our control now.We are unlucky to have received this much attention.Ivory Coast did not and I have not seen Jendayi Frazer spend five days in one African country in a while.Washington, London and Tel Aviv interests seem to have taken precedent over aspiration, ambitions and desires as nation.They need him in power to fullfill some missions.

kenyaonly said...

ITS JUST TOO SAD TO EVEN THINK THAT THIS IS HAPPENING IN KENYA TUIPENDAYO. Am a shamed that we still have leaders who will not give in their selfish needs for the sake of peace. What is leadership if your people are being killed, whats the need for a president if can not guarantee safety? Why are we fighting our neighbors, former classmates, our inlaws etc just because they dont speak same language like us? What is "US" anyway? Aren't we all Kenyans? ...

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