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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Black Sunday And The Hidden Truth About The Kikuyu

You cannot, and I repeat cannot RULE an unwilling population...

Guest post by our regular Michael Mundia Kamau

The gloom, doom and utter uncertainty that this country has been plunged into following the callous theft of the general election of December 27th 2007, is the direct responsibility of the fascist regime currently in power and the irredeemably tainted Electoral Commission Kenya. If the illegitimate fascist regime currently ruling Kenya is allowed to get away with this felony by it's continued stay in
power, then this country is doomed forever.

There cannot be and should not be any attempt to negotiate an obvious violation and abuse of office. Doing so will only further worsen an already deeply troubling situation. None of the so called high profile mediators currently in Kenya, voted in the general election of 27th December 2007, and their presence is of no value whatsoever to the masses who voted for the “de facto” President of Kenya Raila
Amolo Odinga and the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM). The continued presence of these impostors on Kenyan soil and their empty attempts at purported mediation,
only serves to further infuriate and insult the overwhelming majority that voted for Raila Odinga and ODM. It is only those that voted for Raila Odinga and ODM, almost an entire nation, that should be consulted for any mediation or negotiation whatsoever. Such "consultations" were however concluded by way of the ballot box on the 27th of December 2007, before a thief known as Samuel Kivuitu callously reversed the peoples' decision on Sunday, 30th December 2007. In the interest therefore of posterity, this country, it's people, it's institutions and it's future, Mwai
Kibaki should immediately step down as President of Kenya, to pave way for the legitimately elected President of Kenya, Raila Amolo Odinga, to be sworn in, and immediately form an ODM government. Nothing else whatsoever can restore and/or sustain any semblance of faith in this country, it's future or it's institutions. The power to effect regime change squarely lies with the citizens of this country and no one whosoever has the right to stand in the way of this right. This right was jointly violated on Sunday, 30th December 2007, by a bunch of hooligans known as
the Electoral Commission of Kenya and the illegitimately sworn in President, Mwai Kibaki. Faith in this country and it's institutions had already been severely strained prior to "Black Sunday", 30th December 2007, and the announcement of Kibaki's "victory" came as a devastating blow to the vast majority of desperate masses who had anticipated hope and change by overwhelmingly backing Raila Odinga's
Orange Democratic Movement (ODM)

It is clear that the last five years were a lie and a nightmare for the majority of Kenyans. Nothing else whatsoever can be held to be the case, given the bitter manner in which the majority of Kenyans shut out the so called Party of National Unity (PNU), and it's affiliates. The hyped up government campaigns of economic improvement, growth and development and of massively increased government revenue from improved tax collections, were clearly nothing more than empty propaganda. It is clear that Mwai Kibaki's five year regime miserably failed to bring about the reform and change anticipated by the majority of people who voted him President on 27th December 2002.

An unfeeling and insensitive Mwai Kibaki locked himself up at State House Nairobi for five years only appearing towards the end of this five year reign with a hastily constituted party known as the Party of National Unity (PNU), numerous decrees for extra districts to be created, a decree for an additional public holiday for the primary benefit of Muslims, a decree that crew of public service vehicles be no
longer required to wear uniforms, and a decree that hawkers be allowed back on the streets to sell their wares. Mwai Kibaki genuinely believed that these were sufficient placating tokens for a population that he openly ignored for five years, and was a clear demonstration of the contempt with which he holds the people of this country.

Mwai Kibaki totally failed to touch base with the people of this country, establish what the real issues were, and facilitate genuine programs on how they could be addressed and resolved, in similar manner to F.D. Roosevelt's "New Deal" of 1933 in the United States.

Mwai Kibaki clearly failed to deliver the "New Deal" and the same majority that elected him to office on 27th December 2002, therefore chose to grant this mandate to Raila Odinga and the Orange Democratic Movement on 27th December 2007. The majority of Kenyans exercised the right to elect in a regime that they felt would deliver the greatly desired "New Deal"

Mwai Kibaki has no right whatsoever to stand in the way of this resolution, and he will surely and certainly destroy this country by doing so. He and several others misread the peoples' mood. He and several others, including this writer, underestimated Raila Odinga and the Orange Democratic Movement. In a classic re-enactment of David vs. Goliath, Raila Odinga and the Orange Democratic Movement skillfully triumphed over Mwai Kibaki and the chauvinistic Party of National Unity (PNU). These are the facts as will always be remembered by history.

Unless Mwai Kibaki steps down immediately in favour of the legitimately elected President of Kenya, Raila Amolo Odinga, this country is lost forever. Things will rapidly degenerate until this country becomes ungovernable, and eventually splits up.

Clearly, the last forty five years, and the last five in particular, have been a lie in which things have gotten worse rather than better. Even amongst Kibaki's revered tribe, the Kikuyu, things are in mayhem, turmoil and utter disarray. The community's wealth has been severely depleted and squandered by current generations of Kikuyus who are heavily in debt and who try to conceal this by showy expensive lifestyles and
heavy consumerism. A glance at the obituaries in Kenya's dailies shows the heavy set backs that Kikuyus have suffered, and continue to suffer. The obituaries are glorifying and paint a picture of accomplishment, but the revealing details come at the end... "to be buried on father's farm" or even more demeaning, "to be buried on grandfather's farm", a terrible indictment for a Kikuyu and a reflection of the true
state of affairs in the Kikuyu community. The sad thing is that these obituaries are for people in their 40s and 50s. If Kikuyus who are forty years old and above are being buried on either "their father's farm", "their mother's farm", "their grandfather's farm", "their grandmother's farm", "their father-in-law's farm", or "their mother-in-law's farm", then it is a clear that even Kikuyus are in serious trouble, and indeed have been for the last forty five years. Even if this writer were to fall down dead today, then it would also be the the humiliating and shameful "to be buried on father's farm", if not "to be buried at Langata cemetry". So there is nothing special about Kikuyus, even though they are now under siege both internally and externally because of terrible mistakes committed by themselves and by Mwai Kibaki.

Mwai Kibaki has revealed his true colours. He is no democrat or nationalist, and nor does he believe in freedom, equality and civil liberties. He is a liability to this country, a fascist, a bigot, a hooligan and a thief. Nothing other than him immediately stepping down to pave way for Raila Amolo Odinga to be sworn in as the legitimate President of Kenya, will keep hope alive, and save this country and
ourselves from perishing.

...And Another View From Another Kumekucha Regular

I am writing after weeks of soul-searching. Just as many I thought Kenya, having earned the title ,exemplary , in many things can handle with sagacity the aftermath of the disputed elections. Living thousands of miles away from what I proudly hold as my motherland, things are not easy to me either. I am depressed. I cannot stand the shame and the pain. Here in Costa Rica we have had news about Kenya that rival the Kenyan ones. So extensive. I am left flattered and desperate for answers to thier numerous questions.

I started as a strong supporter of Raila. I even begged people at home to vote for him. Now as we speak I will give my verdict without blinking and with convictions. Raila and Kibaki and their cronies OUT OF THE FACES OF KENYANS !! I do not want to hear these names again. They both showed poor leadership and we cannot trust them in power. How can Raila and Kibaki trade accusations in Nairobi while children and women die in horrible circumstances. What can they tell us about the lives we lost. Who is that who deserves death next while Kibaki and Raila continue to "talk". To talk what? how can two supposed servants decide what they will do for their really poor masters.

I know the fight are not anywhere near stopping. They will continue not because I said or you said or the politicians said but vindictive spirits are almost immortal and revenge is endless.

What we need to take control of is the talks they are doing. Kibaki and Raila. Annan should meet the people. And the people should send the whole group ODM top body and PNU top body home immediately.



Anonymous said...

1/4 of the post about where to be buried ...all in an attempt to justify that being a kikuyu is wrong.....
thats how pathetic i think you contribution is.
& for God's sake, once you're dead you're dead. period. so dont worry that you'l get embarassed about your abode....

Anonymous said...

I read the most disturbing news yesterday, I think on the website of "The Nation" (please correct me if I'm wrong)... But it seems that MUSEVENI is poised to descend upon Nairobi as another "mediator" ! Is that a joke? Can you write a blog denouncing for the benefit of your regulars this kind of travesty ? I know you're spread thin and all, but this cannot pass!

Anonymous said...

I know Chris might not publish this but reading your post, and if one didn't know otherwise, one would come to the conclusion that PRESIDENT Kibaki did not get even ONE vote. That your messiah (yes,he once unashamedly equated himself to Jesus Christ-what blasphemy!) hogged each and every one of the almost 9m votes cast that day. Gimme a break!

Anonymous said...

Ruto & Raila thought evicting Kikuyus from Riftvalley and Nyanza will built their political capital.

The brave men evicted by the Kalenjin savages are revenging after they were brought to Nakuru & Naivasha. We havent seen anything yet. Kikuyus are fighting for the third liberation, first was to chase the mzungu out, tyhen Moi and now the people who think thay can cleanse Kenya off Kikuyus.

Nairobians, Thika, Limuru, Ruiru you aint seen anything yet. This is gonna be the last ethnic clashes in Kenya. Whatever will be borne out of this will be a free Kenya where every hardworking citizen has a right to live anywhere.

Mundia or whatever watch this space.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 11.27pm
Pliz note there are 100s of Kikuyus still in R.V in places like Kericho n Eldoret being kept by peace loving Kales in there houses from the Kalenjin Warriors so pliz think about that b4 blowing a payback trumpet .

kip said...

Mr. Anonymous, you can't and I repeat you can't threaten us like that. I am kale and Am not sorry about it.

If you and fellow kiuks think you own the whole of Kenya Land... then wait and see.

Points for you and ua fellow kiuk men to note:

1. Nairobi belongs to Maasai, even God not forgetting satan knows it.
2. This is a war between almost 40 tribes in Kenya againts kikuyu!!!!!
3. Even the unborn ( Iam sure ) knows Kibaki stole the elections and rigged himself into power.
4. Last but not least, you can never fight a winning war with the Kales, you always loose, ok.


Digest that....

makena said...

More Kikuyu bashing. You were born in the wrong country.
Rwanda would have been an appropriate location for your existence. You'd also have excelled at Kangura and RTLM.

Anonymous said...

Ironically and curiously Mundia fails to condemn the ethnic killings of innocent Kenyans regardless of their tribes and devotes half a page talking about Kikuyu's orbituaries...while the country burns! I know why Bwana Mundia is livid at the Kibaki Admin and Kikuyus. You can google it out yoursleves since if I write it here, this post may end up in the dust bin.

Toni said...

Since this has a lot to do with land issues, someone educate me. Just how much of Kikuyu land was taken over by the Mzungu? Which parts of central province had settlers? In my understanding, most of the white highlands which accommodated the settlers were actually in the Rift Valley, which was mainly Maasai and Kalenjin land. I don't remember much of a settler population in central province. I may be wrong on this but perhaps someone can shed more light on this

Anonymous said...

Mundia - offcourse you are just masquarading. But having said this, i share your thoughts on Mwai and Raila. Both are the problem. They area creating orphans, mourners, widows etc as they eat and talk. God will mess them squarely. They do not mean well for Kenya both of them. Washindwe. They will never lead after this. On teh violence - it has now got its life. We expect Nairobi to burn proper soon.

Anonymous said...

At Nomad - so how would that solve the problem? We are in this situation because our institutions are broken and easily manipulated by the government of the day. To take the position that Raila is responsible for the grave situation because he did not back down is to oversimplify the issue. This is now bigger than the personalities involved. I'd imagine that this is evident from the information overload you're getting in Costa Rica.

Anonymous said...

Just where is the evidence that raila won the presidential election?

Lucy said...

To Anonymous-

The evidence is with the EU observers, the commonwealth observers, the East African Community observers and the fact that ODM has 99 MPs without any affiliate parties, while PNU has 43.

Mwai Kibabki and his lot thought that the they could get away with it and after a few days everything would be back to normal. Kenyans have come to far as a people to accept rigged elections. We deserve a free and fair election- every Kikuyu, every luhya, every kiisi, every kamba and Kalenjin- all the 43 tribes deserve better than this.

I want to address the hate talk. No human life is worth being taken away because he is a kikuyu or a luo or a kalenjin. The problem is not the common Kikuyu man, but the men and women currently in power misleading people. Revenge attacks are not worth it either- kibaki will not come down and congratulate you for killing a luo/kalenjin.

Lastly, whenever one community tribe or race has dominated other people, there is always a rebellion. That is why all tribes right now do not like the Kikuyu. Their unfair dominance as if they own kenya is their downfall. They are the ones being chased everywhere. whereas they can chase people from central, others are chasing them from all corners of the country- Nyanza, Western, Rift Valley and coast.

Instead of blowing hot air on these blogs they should asks themselves why they are being chased away by EVERYBODY. They are fighting a war that they cannot win. Kibaki is in power- so what? All other Kenyans apart from the GEMA community don't want him. Kikuyu's need everybody else contrary to what they believe. The injustice they have meted upon people has born this( Unfair Land allocation ,'soft' loans to fellow Kikuyu's while the rest pay at a higher rate, stealing the election and then banning live media and banning rallies, blatant impunity and arrogance). The people have been oppressed too long!!

Kibaki cannot stay in power long, it will be the downfall of the kikuyu tribe as they know it. Let other people not read this particular statement with glee. This is not what Kenyan needs- another Rwanda.

And for sure we are heading that way.

Anonymous said...

I am sure that some of these guys commenting are suicide material.Reason they still believe they would have changed their destiny at birth. I mean you just found yourself on the laps of your mother. Have comes you are so polarised to even insult a kikuyu. Thes people have no fault at all and the hatred is no warranted for. Imagine a magic spell would convert all the othe tribes into kikuyus and the kikuyus to pigmies. Would these guys be talking the way they are.
My input is that if kenya burns it will burn with everyone in it.Some of these guys esp Mundia might have gotten a green card to US or wherever and he should understand that his siblings are still in this country. If your neighbours house burns even you will be affected as you have to feed and shelter them.Be serious and think as a nationalist.The land issue is too sensitive as much as culture is concerned. But you note than evryone will only be buried in a 6x6 and no more. do not fight for what you cannot take off with and this should be told to our politicians as well. Greatness is what you take away but not what you leave because it is temporary.

Anonymous said...

lets be serious, people are jealous since the kikuyu's have alot of the goodies in kenya, common men we were the first settlers to come to kenya give us a break and some respect if it wasn't for us kenya would not be independent. we paid for our own land if you want land you can buy it, but please do not blame it on the kikuyu's keep your mind straight. its always about the kikuyu power and we will always prevail, we got some behaviors we dont throw stones [luos] leran a lesson from the kikuyu's

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