Saturday, January 19, 2008

Does Kumekucha Hurt The Election Thieves Where It Counts?

Kumekucha Reader's comment of the Month;

Kenya nchi yetu said...
Chris, the only reason why people would want to sabotage this blog would be because they are feeling threatened or insecure. These are not people of lesser means. For them to go to the lengths that they are tells me that it is now hurting where it counts. I agree - State House may now be realizing what they have unleashed. I'm sure the incumbents just want people to go back to their lives - which they will. Food has to be put on the table. Children have to go back to school. But I don't believe that Kenyans who feel robbed are going to let it pass this time.

Kumekucha's reply;

The general feeling amongst those who handle Mwai Kibaki's image is that blogs like Kumekucha have contributed to their resounding defeat on the International stage. Hence the sensitivity about Kumekucha and the attacks (which now involve clogging up the comments system with gibberish).

While this is very flattering (I had no idea we can be that powerful) it is NOT TRUE. The Kibaki gang shot itself in the foot when they banned live media broadcasts. That single decision guranteed their defeat no matter what. Secondly the truth tends to come out in the end no matter how much "spinning" is done. The truth as the world knows now is that Mwai Kibaki rigged himself back to power. Period.

Congratulations the commentator using the apt name Kenya nchi yetu, your comment hits the nail on the head. (Or shall I say "hits the hissing snake that rattles on the head.")


Anonymous said...

Kenyans must lean to take responsibility of their own political actions and stop seeking cheap and hollow divine refugee after setting their own country ablaze. God for one abhors SLEAZE and you cannot expect HIM to take kindly to our tasteless religious cries.

Seeing Machakos DC Mr John Litunda abdicating his administrative responsibilities and instead admonishing Kenyans for having disregarded Rev Owuor's pre-election warning to repentance as the root cause of the present bloodbath is to extrapolate high school CU sermons into hell. We thought the era of PC Raburu preaching every morning to his juniors in Nyeri were long gone. How things remain the same the more they appear to change?

Kenya's present problem has a known cause which is ELECTION THEFT. No lasting solution will ever be reached if we choose to delude ourselves with cosmetic ventures while skirting the naked truth. Even religious repentance first demands acknowledging your sins.

Justice must and can only be served in black and white. No amount of colouring can wash any of its derivatives. Our God must be really mad us for killing His people and dishonestly turning to him for mercy. Speak of unwittingly inviting a curse unto yourself

Anonymous said...

The violence that has rocked the country started soon after the announcement of the results of the December 27 presidential election, which ODM says were rigged in favour of Mr Kibaki.

Fr Nkoyoyo told the Sunday Nation that four more violence victims were brought in for treatment. All appeared to have been attacked with arrows.

ODM’s fresh call for mass action also came three days ahead of the expected arrival of former UN secretary-general Kofi Annan, who has been detailed by the African Union to mediate between President Kibaki and Mr Odinga.

Anonymous said...

On Monday last week, Kenyan opposition Members of Parliament from Western and Nyanza provinces expressed concern over what they said was the presence of Ugandan troops in their areas.

“These troops have been seen landing by boat along the shores of Lake Victoria at various points from Sori to Port Victoria. They have made crossings at Malaba and Busia border posts or simply violated the international boundaries by constantly crossing into Kenya,” a statement from the MPs read.

The MPs further alleged that in Nyatike, Rangwe, Mbita, Busia, Bungoma, Kakamega, Siaya, Bondo, and Kisumu districts, the Ugandan troops entered villages and markets and harassed people. The troops have caused deaths in Nyatike, Mbita, Gem, Bondo and Ugenya, the MPs claimed

Mr Kuteesa said he had called reporters to brief them on the political situation in Kenya, which he said not only affects Kenyans but also “their brothers and sisters in Uganda, and indeed, the region”.

Said Mr Kuteesa: “The government and people of Uganda wish to assure our brothers and sisters in Kenya that there is no truth whatsoever in the allegations that Uganda interfered in the electoral process in Kenya or that it deployed or intends to deploy troops in Kenya or even engage in activities that would endanger the lives of our brothers and sisters in Kenya.”

welu said...

As the dust settles we will now see people go back to business as usual. The feeling on the ground is that nothing can be done to remove Kibaki's administration. But i believe they all got it wrong. You know if you view all this affair as a battle between the haves and have-nots, then there is still a way to secure governance for the masses. Raila and team should act strategically, violence and mass action isnt effective anymore as more of our children are dying.
And all the more Michuki and company will still gladly unleash their trigger happy officers. And this could go on for like 5..10..15 or even 20 years like in the case of Sudan. But still the corrupt wealthy class will still be ruling through Kibaki.. Kalonzo..Uhuru... or Gedion. Our chance as the poor masses doesnt lie in fighting each other as we all know that our kids in class 5 dont have tribes anymore.They are all Kenyans. The only big tribes i know of are the rich verses the poor. The majority poor need there own system and machinery of ruling in this country. And as it is we are being ruled by politicians. ODM can easily emerge as the institution for bringing power to the poor. Raila should fight it out with the aid of the international community. HE should convince all governments to shun Kibaki. Then these minority rich corrupt class wont have anything to feed on. Then they will
starve and eventually die. IT is interesting to note that kenyans wont suffer because that aid from donors never trickles down to the ground. In this way few lives will be lost. Then the country will quickly push through constitution amendment bills. Soon after the country will go into peaceful elections and the brood of vipers will be wiped out in an even playing ground. Then kenya will be ours again.Trust me this method will work. I know these PNU guys realy want the money to still. If they dont get any then they will resort to mass action like us. Then we win! You see its as easy as A,B,C. So president Raila, we are watching you! Go after them strategically, you have the blessings and support, but spare the lives of our dear kenyans.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe it-Chris can you imagine the porn poster is back but this time he's posting what Taabu's been writing!
porn poster aka reformed porn poster-give it a rest please!!!

Anonymous said...

How about we educate our people on rules of engagement specifically where mass action is to be carried out. Could the Kenyan activists out there empower the people with knowledge. Here is a primer site:

Taabu said...

Luka, Chris must stop these idlers who have nothing USEFUL to do except kusinya watu. We accept some people's hobbies include SHAMELESSNESS but the poster master can do better than being an OAF.

Please mister (I doubt ladies would do that!) keep yourself busy by copying the dictionary ama bible if you have nothing to do, numskull.

lamentation said...

I do not know how anybody can be expected to negotiate with a person/people who have neither respect for the citizens they are suppose to protect nor the truth, even if it hits them on the face.

What is the basis for power sharing negotiation? Power sharing to do what? Kenya wealth's and infrastructure have been sold, GONE. May be this is the reason why these elites in power are not willing to let go. Kenya's sovereignty went long time ago. It is being controlled by resources hungry foreign corporate merceneries protecting what had been handed over to them. These merceneries will let nothing stand in their way in protecting their merchandise (Kenya), you can count on that. As for the citizens, they are just like flies that can be sprayed on with insecticides. There are alot of insecticides waiting to be unleased in the North Eastern Province.

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