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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Kibaki No Exorcist for Anglo Ghost

The 44th Jamhuri day celebrations offered President Kibaki the last unadulterated forum to sell his re-election candidacy to Kenyans. Well aware of this he seized the opportunity to parade his record for scrutiny. And there is where he took the lid off the can of worms.

If only we were to live in nostalgia retrospectively? But alas Kibaki promised a clean government and even promised to fire any minister mentioned in corrupt deals. Well Kenyans must be living in a different planet from their leaders.

With the yoke of Anglo Leasing choking his administration it couldn't have come at a bad time. Ministers mentioned to have been the masterminds behind the scam were suspended and reinstated without any pretence to remorse or due cause of the law.

To rub salt into the political wound, Kalonzo stole the opportunity to declare his wealth while challenging Emilio and Raila to follow suit by leading by example and from the front. But your guess is as good as mine none of them will pick the gauntlet when it smacks off a trap to reveal the rot within just like refusing live TV debate when you fear being unmasked.

You don’t expect to soil yourself and not invite all types of flies to pay you a visit. Besides image being everything, Kibaki has been in the business long enough for such an amateurish goof. How much that is going to cost him politically will only become clear come December 27. But it is certainly one blot he would tactfully do without. Trust scoundrels to measure to their tag literally.


Vikii said...

I think, and this is very personal, Mwai Kibaki goofed by giving Lucy to us as the first lady. I am told he is married to another woman called Mary Wambui. Now with Kenyan constitution not giving a shit about how many wives one has and the late Jomo Kenyatta having preferred his youngest wife as the first lady, why didn't Kibaki relegate Lucy to Maendeleo ya Wanawake gangs in Nyeri and have Wambui in State house? Come on, she is sobre, humble and yes, more beautiful and thus more presentable!

There is this 'Nyatangaish' claim that after the opposition lost the '92 elections, Matiba called Jaramogi so they could reject the election results. Jaramogi is said to have agreed to support him and when Matiba tried to bring Kibaki on board he reached Lucy instead and she hurled unprintables to him calling him sick. Her argument was that on the election eve, Matiba's thuggish team had gone around Central province distributing leaflets to the effect that Kibaki had stepped down for Matiba. She insulted him BAD and this, if its true, is testimony that she is a LUNATIC. Having a lunatic in State house is the last thing Kenyans want. Again like I said, this is a rumour. Maybe Nyatanga officials in this blog like Phil or Sue can veriy it.

I am ashamed to be from a country whose first lady is called Lucy Muthoni Kibaki.

Yvonne said...

That is a sham I expected him to fight corruption, then and not Now. He has nothing to loose if he remains aloof. If somebody promises you today an apple and gives you a peach, then there is no way i will trust him to give me an orange tomorrow. I always say PNU should never have releeased a manifesto but they should have capitalised on their past achievements and only introduce free secondary education. But just as i suspect Kibaki woke up on 12th December 2007 at 8:00 am and he was given a speech to read and that is what he read he didn't even go through it the same way he was fighting devolution and then his manifesto is released and abra kadabra No. 10 Devolution. I think it is time for him to go home he is too tired.
Kenyans want an assurance that the 130 billion stashed somewhere to be brought back home. Just that promise will be enough for us and if that is done .PNU estimate that free secondary education will cost us 40B per year then it means 4 years of free secondary education without taxing the tax payer again.
My fellow Kenyans iknow none of the other contenders have been tested but i am saying let us vote out this govt and bring in a new one and if they do the same thing we will still vote them out....Until the day we will get it RIGHT!!! I grew up only knowing Moi as the President of Kenya and his 24 years have become Kenyans standard of being governed. We dont have to walk back and forth in the wilderness and dont be cheated that election is a one day affair. That one day will determine how you will be governed for the next five years. Vote wisely na Kazi iendelee

Sue said...

Vikii you are obsessed with Nyatanga, I think I should give you directions so you can take your girl friend there for a nice hair do for Christmas, alternatively the girls can do a mobile by coming to your place to do it there, just pick them up. That is only if you dont mind going to Kibera.

Take a number 8/42 nissan and tell them to drop you at Nyatanga's salon it is next to the road to Ayany estate.

Say hi to her!

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Indeed not

Vikii said...

In fact, Sue, last night when I was chatting with Bob Marley in the meditation room, nilifikiria mambo za kupata some cool cornrows. Can we go together? it can be a lil freaky u know! Tunaeza enda halafu tupitie KIBOKO tunywaku tuwili ama vipi?

Taabu said...

Vikii STOP. Unless you are ready for to be visited by the worms from the can you are inadvertently opening. That is a patented product (mali ya mtu) and cannot be LEASED please.

Vikii said...

Pole Taabu, I didnt mean to disrespect you. Sikujua bana!

Sue said...

Taabu thanks for reminding Vikii am already booked and cannot be leased. He should not dare trespass otherwise he will face the wrath of a wounded Lion.

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