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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Oops! Lucy Does it Again

Just when everybody thought that First Lady Lucy Kibaki would hold her peace at least till Dec 27, she lost SLAPPED an MC in public in full glare of the President, dignitaries and the media.

The MC who is a senior administrator at OP may have been CARELESS to introduce Lucy as Wambui knowing that VP Moody no less has been a victim of her wrath before. The poor chap was not lucky and his jaws must be still aching from the accurately aimed SLAP.

Political goofs don’t come singly or do they? That simple act may appear mundane but the number of votes it will cost Kibaki besides the moral ground is enormous. You can justify Lucy’s rage as human nature of protecting your turf in the face of marauding Mary Wambui but if she would have chosen to look at the bigger picture and avoid measuring to her poor temperaments the fiasco would have been just a hiccup.

With no tabloids of our own, the outside world ( are feasting sumptuously on the same at our expense highlighting the nasty side of leadership. Negative news sells, don’t they? And State House aware of this made sure that all the footage (still and video) containing that nasty episode were all erased pronto.

National disgrace
Simple irresponsible acts have a canny away of taking wind out of your moral sail. Having slapped a cameraman before when she invaded Nation Centre, Lucy has become a professional ‘SLAPPER’ and woe unto you if you cross her path. Thank God Kalonzo nor Raila will be in her vicinity soon.

Call it provocation or disrespect but a time in life comes when your infuriating persona must be mellowed with age. Lucy's apologist may rally to her defense but it is inexcusable and a shame to be a serial slapping first lady.

Regional stereotypes (wanawake wa Nyeri) have no place in such high flying offices as First Lady. It is simply juvenile akin to adolescent rants from a jilted lover. Poleni apologists but Lucy has earned the tag national disgrace.


majitu said...

MC slapped at State House Jamhuri function

Published on December 13, 2007, 12:00 am

By Standard Reporter

A presidential awards ceremony at State House, Nairobi, was disrupted after First Lady Lucy Kibaki slapped the master of ceremonies (MC).

The MC, a senior administrative officer at the Office of the President, was quickly removed from the scene by presidential security detail in the incident last night.

President Kibaki, the Vice President, Mr Moody Awori, several Cabinet ministers and members of the diplomatic corps watched in dismay as the drama unfolded.

The MC had started introductions to kick off the ceremony, an annual tradition after the Jamhuri Day festivities, thus: "Your Excellency, Mr President, First Lady Mama Lucy Wambui..."

But before he could continue with the introductions, the First Lady stood up from where she was seated and briskly walked to the MC, whom she slapped across the face.

The ceremony was temporarily disrupted as security took away the shocked public official leaving Head of Civil Service, ambassador Francis Muthaura, to take over.

Meanwhile, State House security grabbed the cameras of the few journalists present and ensured all footage of the incident was erased before returning the equipment.

Vikii said...

I think, and this is very personal, Mwai Kibaki goofed by giving Lucy to us as the first lady. I am told he is married to another woman called Mary Wambui. Now with Kenyan constitution not giving a shit about how many wives one has and the late Jomo Kenyatta having preferred his youngest wife as the first lady, why didn't Kibaki relegate Lucy to Maendeleo ya Wanawake gangs in Nyeri and have Wambui in State house? Come on, she is sobre, humble and yes, more beautiful and thus more presentable!

There is this 'Nyatangaish' claim that after the opposition lost the '92 elections, Matiba called Jaramogi so they could reject the election results. Jaramogi is said to have agreed to support him and when Matiba tried to bring Kibaki on board he reached Lucy instead and she hurled unprintables to him calling him sick. Her argument was that on the election eve, Matiba's thuggish team had gone around Central province distributing leaflets to the effect that Kibaki had stepped down for Matiba. She insulted him BAD and this, if its true, is testimony that she is a LUNATIC. Having a lunatic in State house is the last thing Kenyans want. Again like I said, this is a rumour. Maybe Nyatanga officials in this blog like Phil or Sue can veriy it.

I am ashamed to be from a country whose first lady is called Lucy Muthoni Kibaki

Anonymous said...

pkw where is your comment.....or you have run out of comments ????

njoro- mzee wa kijiji said...

This is sad, disturbing and unwelcome. The hallmark of a leader and indeed a mother figure is known by humbleness and patience rather than being temperamental. The first ladies family and his handler share the blame. If they knew how temperamental she was, they would have had some family membertake care of her. Lucy could end up costing her husband the big seat. The action was wrong and uncalled for. Mbaya ni mbaya.

Anonymous said...

I would have done the same, if not worse ...

Sue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sue said...

Interesting name “Professional SLAPPER”, she earned herself the name for repeating this shameful act in public. As a married woman I understand where Mama Lucy is coming from, but I cannot do what she did in public or anywhere else, I would be diplomatic in handling the issue. The man to blame for putting her in this position is her husband and not anyone else. So I cannot support what she did because it was very primitive to slap one at such an important function (being a public figure) and if I have to slap someone because of an issue about my husband’s other women, I would slap my husband in the bedroom for causing the whole mess.

Yvonne said...

I wonder how many more have been slapped. Maybe if we form a truth and reconciliation committee they will come out and demand an apology from the 1st lady. But truth be told i tend to agree with Caroline Mutoko of KISS FM if i were in her shoes and some goon calls me by my co-wife's name then he would have gotten much more (lol). Na je hii kazi ya kuzabana makofi iendelee?

catherine said...

Stupid woman.May they both be bundled out of state house asap!!lets see who she gonna slap as a nobody.only her mboch.Stupid woman!!

Anonymous said...

The woman is certifiable. Shouldn't we be worrying about Kibaki's personal safety too? I mean, if Lucy is this manic with the trappings of power, imagine what she'll be like after 27th Dec when there will be no small fry (cheeks?) around for her to slap ... when is the only distraction for miles is Kibaki. If I was the old man, I would invest in some serious cheek paddings.

Ida, the wait is killing us :)

macs34 said...

Yes we call it! The last slap!! shame on her!

SamWaithaka said...

I strongly believe that first lady needs help. Either counselling therapy or something i don't know... Let's not make fun of it but let's pray for her instead.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Sorry anonymous, and everyone I inadvertently slapped by not commenting earlier. Busy schedule yesterday!
But yeah, that's some crazy crap from the first lady. What to do, though! Maybe the answer is for Kibaki to never appear with her in public functions ever again, assuming Lucy is not replaced by the fat lady as first lady come Dec 28 or so.

Taabu said...

PKW that is a nice line: FAT LADY. You like Martha have real .... and hats off. Meanwhile tighen your skin pores for stings after stiring hornet's nest.

That said this is personal PKW, do you have any blood ROOTS in Nyeri. I am worried because I need to know if I should invest in CHEEK PADS. Sio kwa ubaya lakini.

SamWaithaka said...

I did't appreciate the 'FAT LADY' line either. Some etiquette please? -actually netiquette.

Anonymous said...

@PKW, how low can you go? Calling someone fat just because you don't like them? Very juvenile of you! Thus far, Ida "FAT LADY" has not embarassed Kenyans with uncouth public behavior unbecoming of a first yeah may be we need someone like her in all her "fat glory and splendor". Since you went there, I'll point out to you that Lucy is not exactly Tyra Banks or Iman, okay??? She also could do with a pair of SPANX and a trip to a MAC counter for a consultation!

Anywho, Lucy needs a psychiatric intervention. Her erratic behavior should not be dismissed as someone protecting herself from "perceived disrespect" or whatever her manic rationale is. With part of her 500,000 allowance or other state benefits, she should see a psychotherapist and get a prescription for xanax, celexa or all the other anti-depressant/manic depressive meds available. Seriously!

Mdawida said...

How do we as a nation vote for a man whose wife has no respect for men in this country. Slip of the tounge or not, that is someones husband, parent and above all public servant.I may have misssed the part where kenya allows for a co-president who is above the law.In ten days let us teach her(him) a lesson in respect. Let those who would allow ourselves to be treated as such vote for them.

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