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Friday, November 23, 2007

Eto the Pride of Africa

Africa's great philosopher Franz Fannon must be ashamed in his grave for thinking that Africa's map represents a question mark. Despite her many warts the epic of world's beautiful game is coming to Africa in two year's time.

And what a masterpiece to see Cameroon/Barcelona's Samuel Eto's face angled to represent the face of world cup coming to SA in 2010? That is native pride at its purest if you ask me. But are Kenyans doing anything to reap in the forthcoming windfall? Ama we are dreaming, sleeping and eating raw politics?


Anonymous said...

This time round the Blacks should come out strongly this world cup. Politics have taken centre stage, but after 27th, this thing will be behind us. And we focus on more fruitful issues. Great Africa! Great Kenya.

Anonymous said...

last time i checked fanon was from martinique

kalamari said...

Precisely. Eto clearly deserves the honor. Propping his mug out there provides an inspiring image to all of us who used to play soccer with balls of paper and plastic tied together with manila rope. In fact I was a professional in making those paper balls; I tied them so tight, they could bounce five times. The work I did with the manila rope was truly an art; perfect squares. Unrelated: I was a star in kupepeta or mpepeto.

Now that SA has got it right by honoring the African son, I hope they do not soil his image by getting everything else wrong.

Phil said...

This is the best FIFA can do when it is a known fact that, of all black players in the La Liga, Eto has suffered the most on racial abuse and at one time threatened to walk out of a match in protest. All this time, FIFA and its sidekick UEFA have done absolutely nothing to punish the culprits other than demanding very minor fines on the teams.

It is obvious this 'honour' is meant to appease Eto and other black players without whom the UEFA leagues would not be what they are.

Taabu said...

Common Phil stop reading malice in everything. Be positive for a minute. FIFA only sunctioned the logo. If you ever thought RACISM is dead then you must be a very smart believer in what is written oblivous of practice. Ask Onuoha (Engalnd under 21) who is English in everything except skin pigmentation but is no considered thus home and abroad (Holand) and so do Micah Richards. Celebrate Eto's success and stop whinning.

To Anon#2, recheck your history and facts. F Fannon is Algeria but like Leopold Senghor was also a French national. FYI he also castigated Africans by aking what shape you get of the African map when you rotate it 90 degrees anticlockwise? Ans Revolver with Nigeria as the trigger (more problems) and Sahara starting the barrel (HEAT).

You miss the gist of the post by focussing on the tress that distract you from appreciating the beauty of the forest. Sio kwa ubaya lakini.

Taabu said...

The gods must have smilled on us. What with being group 2 pitted againsts Guinea, Zimbabwe and Namibia. Granted NO draw is easy and Guinea is aways a hard nut to crack on the pitch.

But only if we PUT our acts together then we can make it even if we end up being the whipping boys just as our girls wont to do year in year our in VB World cup.

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