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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Angry Voters Fell Giants In Chaotic Party Nominations

As we said months ago, most politicians will in the forthcoming elections be faced by a phenomenon never before experienced in Kenyan politics—namely that of very angry voters.

Kenyan voters are mostly very angry at legislators in the 9th parliament and are determined to teach them a lesson by voting most of them out.

If the party nominations are anything to go by then, it will be a lot uglier than even we had envisaged. Sample some of the giants who have already fallen in party nominations so far;

- David Mwenje lost the PNU nomination in Embakasi
- Norman Nyagah lost the PNU nomination in Kamukunji (hardly surprising).
- Chris Murungaru lost the PNU nomination in Kieni (big shock for the once powerful minister and still a close Kibaki ally).
- Nobel peace prize laureate, Wangari Maathai lost her bid for the PNU ticket in Tetu
- Matere Keriri (aka Dawa ya Lucy) and Joseph Kamotho also lost PNU nominations in their respective constituencies.
- John Koech the cabinet minister who defected from Kanu to ODM has, as expected lost his bid for the ODM ticket in Chepalungu.

The big surprise, at least for this blogger is Otieno “Mapambano choir master” Kajwang’s surprise win in Mbita in the face of very stiff competition. Still I have this feeling that most of the losers will have something to say.

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Taabu said...

ANGRY VOTERS? Yes and NO. Yes because in some areas where the elections were orderly margins proved unbelievable to the losers e.g Kieni. No because losers in some ares were victims of EVIL machinations from opponents given the disastrous conduct of respective party offices.

That said, the nominations fiasco is a wake up call for parties to have structires and organization. They cannott hide under any excuse because they had the money given the tidy nomination fees. Or were there mere political shylocks?

The party (and I mean all) failed the test like one transporting ballot material in KBS bus overnight? That amaturish conduct is inexcusable.

In my estimation, the nominations may not be a true reflection of what to expect given Kenya's political FLUIDITY. 39 days is a real lifetime in politics. We are all eyes and let the drama and theatrics begin in earnest. Na bado.

deroo said...

That confirms predictions here by Chris months ago that most of the sitting MPs will not make it back.

Lets wait for the nomination dust to settle on Monday before making comments on them


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