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Sunday, November 18, 2007

New Must-See Series On NTV

Since it is quite clear that most of my dear readers here were terrorized so much by their history teachers that the mere mention of the word “history” triggers a fit and causes them to start foaming in the mouth re-living a terrible horror movie, I believe that the new series on NTV on the political history of Kenya may prove very useful. The documentary is titled aptly; The making of a nation.

Documentaries are certainly much easier to take in than large volumes of books like the several hundred pages of Tom Mboya: The Man Kenya Wanted To Forget that I usually recommend for anybody who wants to understand Kenyan politics.

The series which seems to have been done by Hilary Ngweno (of the defunct Weekly Review fame) starts tonight at 9:45 pm (Kenyan time) and will be shown on Sundays and Mondays.

It pleases my heart that so many Kenyans based all over the world will now get to learn a little more about our country’s history since NTV is now available on the web. The truth is that you can’t really discuss the present and future without a pretty good understanding of the past.

1 comment:

Harun said...

Quite an apt series during this electioneering time and may be handy especially for the many young voters who will be participating. Hopefully, they will be able to pick up some historical facts that may help shape their perspective on issues of the day.

One ‘fact’ though, that has continually been left hazy over years like the series did today, and which perhaps should be made unambiguously clear, is that Kenyatta never supported the MauMau. He actually denounced them long before the Kapenguria trial. There is a misconception in the minds of many that Kenyatta was part of the MauMau, alongside kina Dedan Kimathi, when in fact he never associated with them.

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