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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Twelve Open Questions to Stanley Livondo

Dear Mr. Livondo,

After reading a lot about you in the Kenyan press and observing your fidgeting behaviour while seated behind the ODM pentagon at Nyayo Stadium today, I am compelled, as a registered voter in Langata, to put the following questions to you.
  1. Firstly, when (date) did you register yourself as a voter in Langata in order to qualify to run as MP? Are you a resident of the constituency?
  2. Secondly, in what way were you ever involved with the National Rainbow Coalition (NARC) that brought President Kibaki to power in 2002?
  3. Thirdly, during the constitutional referendum in 2005, which side did you vote and which polling station, presumably in Langata, did you cast your vote?
  4. I will now go personal. I hope you will not mind, because as a public figure, and an aspiring MP, I am obliged to ask personal questions.Is it correct that you were once employed as a chauffeur in Mombasa a few years ago?
  5. Who (name) was your ‘boss’ or 'mentor' who elevated your status, from what your grandmother told the press you once was?
  6. Do you have any relation (blood or otherwise) with any 9th parliament Kenyan legislator? If yes, who?
  7. As an established businessman in this country, please tell Kenyans especially Langata voters, what business you engage in because it is a question you evaded in a press conference recently. (At least we know Raila is an ex-detainee, a gas cylinder manufacturer as well as a power alcohol manufacturer in Kisumu).
  8. Have you ever had any association, however minor, with the Artur Brothers?
  9. It will be useful to read your comments about the Langata Constituency CDF account, please indulge us on the same for the entire life of the 9th Parliament. I am sure you have it in your possession.
  10. Is it a factual (reality) that your wife is known as IDA LIVONDO and that you have three humvees in your driveway not to mention a helicopter at Wilson Airport?
  11. As a registered voter in Langata, I would appreciate if you could confirm to me that Langata constituency goes beyond Kibera and that you will commit to campaign in the entire constituency?
  12. What do you think are your legistlative strengths relative to Mr. Raila Odinga as current Langata MP and Mr. Ndura Waruinge as your fellow aspirant? Please be as exhaustive as possible.

Thank you and all the best in your endeavour to be elected member of parliament of Langata.

Philmon Othieno Wesonga
Concerned Voter
Langata Constituency

PS. Take note that failure to respond to this open letter will compel me to respond on your behalf within a week from today's date.


Vikii said...

Mr. Othieno Wesonga, I am not sure Stanley Livondo does read Kumekucha. But because this is an OPEN letter I, as someone who shares Livondo's political convictions and beliefs, will attempt to answer those questions that I can find answers for.
For your information, I did not vote in Lang'ata in the last elections and will not be voting there in these elections, but that is where I live.

1.I cannot answer this one for Livondo but I must put it to you that Livondo doesn't have to be registered as a voter in Lang'ata to contest there. It doesnt matter whether he is registered in isiolo or samburu. secondly, he is not obligated to tell you about stuff that appears to me as personal.

2. The relevance of this second question is not discernible to me. I'm sure this is not a question that deserves an answer.

3.Once again, whether Livondo voted in Lang'ata in the referendum vote is neither here nor there. Whether he voted in the first place is a non-issue.

4.I reserve my response to this one. It is upto Livondo to decide whether he is at liberty to engage in that kind of talk.

5.Advice to Livondo---ask Wesonga to first pose that question to your fellow contestannts. Both of them are equally shadowy.

6.Raila Odinga has convinced these characters that you need a fleet of relatives in parliament to qualify to represent lang'ata there. That is why you should not be surprised by this question, Mr. Livondo. Please dont lose your cool when responding to this question, no matter how cheap it sounds.

7.Mr. Wesonga, how did you know Mr. livondo was 'an established businessman" if you do not know his kind of trade? And like I said everybody contesting in Lang'ata is a criminal one way or another, so why Livondo is being singled out for questioning, I cannot tell.

8.The association with the Arturs that you heard of mr Wesonga involved Raila odinga (who is one of the other candidates) not livondo. Probably this is the usual passing of the buck you guys are known for.

9. The patron of the Lang'ata Constituency Development fund committee is called Raila Amolo Odinga. He is best placed to answer this question. In fact he has a DUTY to periodically update the likes of Othieno Wesonga on the statuses of completion of the various development projects his commitee is undertaking. And mark you proposals for these projects should have originated from the Wesongas of this world.

10.The obsession with politicians' wives is sickening. What does that have to do with the performance of a member of parliament. OK, yes Mr. Livondo said that Ida is his wife's name. Now what difference does it make?

11.Lang'ata obviously goes beyond Kibera. I dont live in kibera but I am a resident of Lang'ata constituency. Mr. Livondo is free to concentrate with those areas that he feels will accord him the most votes.

12.This a very intelligent question, the kind that constituents with brains should be asking their parliamentary candidates. Mr. livondo MUST answer this question if he reads kumekucha.

I am aware that my answers may be not be exhaustive. I refer the poser to attend one of Livondo's rallies and ask the questions live.


Anonymous said...

Question No 13.

Mr Othieno you missed the most important question and it runs thus: Mr Livondo is it true you sired a child with another woman (who works for a GoK parastatal -name withheld) and she sued you for running aways from your obligations? Is it true you assaulted the court server? Is it true that you agreed to take a DNA test to prove the kid is not yours? Is it true that we should keep all young girls under lock and key when you will be doing your campains?

Anonymous said...

The jaluos should stop throwing stones at Livondo. He is the next MP for Kibera. Raila has now been sacked and sent home by Kibaki.

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