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Saturday, October 20, 2007

English Footbal Casuality of Success

That pride comes before a fall could be more true for the English football. The poor form of the English game can be squarely placed at the doorsteps of misplaced English pride. The inward look approach to football management is their bane. The Premier League has exposed some of Africa's great footballers and by extension we have a latent say and concern in its management.

Media blitz makes mundane Premier League look so exotic such that one would be excused to mistake one average player in the name of Rooney as a world-class lethal striker. Give it to the English they can prop one of their own oblivious of glittering success from the competition.

The poor form of the national England team can be attributed to the over hyped success of the Premier League. In fact the the Premier League management looks at FA as its competitor instead of complementing it. This has seen the erosion of the expected nourishment of the national side from the Premier League players. Time off for national duty is often frowned upon by club managers who even have the cheek to dictate the amount of time the players spend with the national team.

The sorry state of English is an apt case of club success breading national failure. The English may pride themselves as the inventors of modern football (Chinese actually invented the game), but unless they put their priorities right they may as well fade into football oblivion.

Bite the bullet
The FA must reinvent itself if it want to remain relevant. They must look for the right manager (coach) with eyes singularly trained on quality and results. This means they must stop discriminating coaches on account of their Passports.

Hollow national pride may cost them all they have in their possession already. With Jose Mourinho, Jorgen Klinsmann already showing interest to succeed the under performing Steve McLaren, the FA have only one right decision to make. But will they bite the bullet? Only time will tell.

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