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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Defection Watch: Noah Joins the Ark

Noah Katana Ngala's defection to ODM has finally brought down the curtains on Kanu. Mama na Baba has now seen all its vice chair decamp to ODM. And true to form politicians never disappoint.

After defending Kanu for ages and even attempting to wrestle it from Uhuru by ganging up with Biwotti, Ngala finally saw the light. By claiming that ODM is Noah’s Ark, the lyrical Ngala made his position and pitch known to all and sundry. He ices the cake by adding that his move is a fulfilment of the journey the Ark and his namesake undertook to rescue (Kenya). Noah couldn't stand Uhuru anymore whom he denounced for betraying Kanu's belief besides selling its identity to PNU.

So where to from here for both Kanu and Kenya? Well with the self-proclaimed professor of Kenyan politics still alive, you only write Kanu's epitaph prematurely at your own political peril. As for Kenya the future is unfolding right before our eyes and we have the unique opportunity to shape it. But will we? Only time will tell. Na bado.


Anonymous said...

Who is Katana Ngala anyway? Hasnt he sired any sons (or may i say boys) to join ODM pentagon? Ama ye ni tasa?

Joan said...

With the kind of tribal hatred flying in Kenya, right from the president downwards I think this beautiful country is in a hell a lot of trouble!! Civil war is not as far fetched as some may think.

Anonymous said...

Ngala is now a reborn politician who is bound to take coast by storm. He shall bring back the memories of his father and the leader of KADU, Hon. Ronald Ngala, a true advocate of Majimbo and one of the leaders to be knocked off the scene by the Kiambu mafia.

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