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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Why Kenya Is In Big Trouble

I just want to make two quick points today.

Firstly, the events of Kenyatta day have sadly proved what I said here just a few days ago. And that is the fact that the President and his men have taken this battle against Raila Odinga and ODM very personally. That should be very bad news for ALL Kenyans across the political divide.

Who wants to be involved in a personal battle? I certainly don’t and no person in their right mind would want to. What this means is that there are no rules. This is personal. The whole idea is to make sure the other man loses come what may.

Again armed with this information, the reports we have been receiving concerning the Langata voter’s register start to make a lot of sense. Basically my dear fellow Kenyans, there is very big trouble ahead of us. May the good Lord have mercy.

Secondly, there is something else that has now clearly come out about the current political situation in Kenya. President Kibaki is fighting the political battle of his career and the only problem is that he has nothing from his past to prepare him for what is already happening and will continue to unfold in the next few weeks.

Let me explain.

President Moi had a nightmare of a time as the country’s VP and he survived it for 12 long horrible years. This man was right there at the centre when the murderous blood-thirsty Kiambu Mafia of President Kenyatta ruled and did what they felt like. I am sure that it was not fun for Moi and he must have cried in bed at night many times because he was between a rock and a hard place. He couldn’t resign and go away because he knew too much and would have almost certainly been murdered and yet staying on was a horrible never-ending nightmare.

Moi found that he had to be very careful and think ahead before doing any tiny little thing. It was very good political training for what lay ahead of him as...

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Chris, the trouble with the past and any reference made to it is that life is and has never been a rehearsal. What is gone is gone, and the future is never guaranteed-not for anyone. Things were done differently then, and to claim that preparation for today begins yesterday is to dreams of making the past become your reality in the future.surely,such high thinking is the ultimate form of escapism from the mess we have created for ourselves
Mwai Kibaki's past may as you claim have been one consecutive series of missed opportunities after the other, but in the future didn't he win the presidency(or was it won for him as i'm sure some will claim?)Daniel Moi was the professor of politics but in the future didn't his time in power come to an abrupt and unexpected end?
All we have to know about the past is that with it we can understand but not PREDICT the future-please.The future is our goal, and as of now it is WIDE OPEN to either ODM,+K, or PNU
Whether we want to or not we cannot block out the memories of our past as a nation-unfortunately even the painful ones.But we don't need leaders who will weep over the past 40+ years and where Kenya should be/have been-we neeed leaders who don't fear givingK E N 0 0 8 a spotless future as of January 1st next year. Old school of thinkers, handsome cowards, charismatic bullies etc will only try and sell us dreams of the future
Do not judge our politicians by their past Chris. Currently Mwai Kibaki is controlling the present, and his past is colourfully forgotten as well

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