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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Stop Press: Moi Meeting With Mutula Kilonzo Was To Discuss Kumekucha

Stop Press: Breaking News

Impeccable sources have just informed me that the recent meeting, whose agenda everybody is speculating about, between retired Presidfent Moi, Mutula Kilonzo Daniel Maanzo and a few representatives from President Kibaki was NOT to discuss any particular political union but in fact discussed a most unlikely subject.

Top on the agenda of discussion was Kumekucha. Yep. This blog.

Apparently Moi is furious at the publication of Kenya Betrayed (which we started serializing about 2 weeks ago), more so when the author is a person who knows him intimately well. In fact author Matrianne Brinner has already been threatened several times when she first published A Shining Star without including the real names of the players. Mutula Kilonzo told Briner then that she would have to face "a battle of Tsunami proportions" and that "even if she went to hide in the moon" they would find her and sue her for everything she was worth.

What has now upset the old man even more is the publication by Briner elsewhere of Daniel arap Moi and Mwai Kibaki - the Making of a Kenyan President

Interestingly you will remember that Mutula has insisted all along that the meeting had nothing to do with politics and was that of a client and his lawyer. He may just be telling the truth as this latest bombshell seems to suggest.

It is widely known within inner circles that Mutula Kilonzo is campaigning very hard to be the next AG.

It is not known what else the former President may have read in Kumekucha that he did not like. Unlike laid-back-hakuna-matata-President-Kibaki, Moi is known to be ultra-senstive about some of these things.

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Vikii said...

This is crap,once again You are just looking for hits.

Since you claim that Daniel maanzo was also there, what was his work or has he joined Mutula Kilonzo law firm?

You would make sense if you cooked up mutula's interest in the Constitutional Affairs docket rather than the AG post, otherwise why is he engaging in such a bruising political contest in Mbooni?

Taabu said...

Vikii you are playing straight into Chris' palms. Whatever his take and intentions (hits or otherwise), politics is all about PERCEPTION. And we can't clense Mutula being the political toddler he is. We know there is no love lost between Mutula and Moi since the UK-Biwott wars over Kanu.

Politics being what it is as practiced by SCOUNDRELS, you only invite eggs on your face by rationalizing all their goofs. Am sure you would not like that, ama?

I never condemn anything before I read it and even when reading anything I losen my head bolts and open mindedness becomes my forte. That said MB is only exploiting the web to tell a story whose varacity and authenticity can only be verified or denied by the characters involved.

We cannot afford to give politicians the luxury of roping us in their evil schemes. Hate them if you must but you cannot love them by carrying their babies, or can you? Na bado. Sio kwa ubaya, ni Kenya yetu.

Anonymous said...


Because of the way you tightly censure postings on this blog, I don't expect what I'm writing to appear, but just in case it does, let me say the following. Has it ever occured to you that the book you've been serializing was a co-authored book? I wonder when Sahel Books Inc authorized its serialization. And second, it's my understanding that HER EXCELLENCY was exclusively written by that brave Kenyan author, Sam Okello. The language, voice, style, prose, structure and force of the narrative is all Sam Okello. So when your friend Marianne Briner calls this her work, what name fits her, a thief? A plagiarist? Or is she what Moi, Biwott and now Jeff have called her all along...a no holds barred prostitute who stops at nothing to furthur her image, which if one has read her blogs, stinks worse than the devils. Who will save Kenya from this evil woman? I've seen her likes before, they kill then pin their sins on others. Yes, Marianne Briner killed Dr. Robert Ouko. a new book will show how.

Anonymous said...

My goodness Chris, are you running out of ideas?!!

Phil said...

Hey Chris, while what you say about the meeting could be true, a possibility for KANU, ODM-K and PNU to enter into a political pact is what was at the TOP of the agenda for the senior Moi and Mutula & Co at Kabarak. The ODM-K team flew directly to Kabarak in of Moi's aircrafts.

(Although many Kenyans do not know it, and the NARC regime lied to Kenyans that it had removed goverment material from Kabarak, the Moi Kabarak Estate has an international airport built using tax payers money, complete with radar and meteorological services, managed and maintained by KAA staff. However, there are no immigration or customs staff and yet many international visitors land and take-off there each week. The entire estate is guarded 24/7 by the paramilitary GSU. Yes, thats right, it is located right in the middle of an ex-president's private farm. The airport is strictly for the private use of the ex-president , his family and his guests. It is rumoured that Tom Cholmondley,the Delamere grandson currently on murder trial, plus many of the white highlands wazungus regularly fly in and out of Kenya using this airport. Tom Cholmondeley himself has another airstrip at his Delamere estate in Naivasha).

Insiders say apart from vast sums of money, pledges have also been made to accommodate ODM-K Kalonzo's crowd into the next government if he endorses Kibaki's re-election. He will also be put in pole position for the Kibaki succession in 2012.

Just wait for parliament to be dissolved and the election date to be announced, and you will see wonders that is Kenyan politics.

macs34 said...

Now Vikii, if you arent that genius, then you have a relative who is or you just dont know you are.. you made my day. Its crap i say!

Anonymous said...

Oh pliz! get over yourself and get your act together. You are just one big hater.

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