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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Show Me How To Win An Election

The election date is hardly set in concrete even as the deadline for the December festive season draws ever near. In the next 66 days, give or take the impending dissolution of the 9th parliament, 30 million Kenyans will dip their hands inside a ballot box, preferrably translucent not opaque, seeking to elect to office men and women who potentially could be just as incompetent as some of the current men and women office holders.
As recently exhibited yesterday at the celebrations to mark Kenyatta day, potential political candidates have given up behaving well in the hope of being judged worthy of election or re-election as the case may be. All three national parties are banking on the fact that the electorate will give them a majority win at the polls simply because Kenyans have always voted against rather than for somebody
What is this December 2007 election going to be about? A battle to decide the identity of the fourth president of the republic of Kenya? A system of regional and devolved federal Government versus the current system of centralised and top-down Government?The coming to a head of a centuries old political rivalry that runs deep between 2 of Kenya's largest tribes? I'm sure you have your own opinions on the what appear to be the main issues that these next general elections hinge upon
More than in any other previous general election, what the voting majority block are seeking to be clear about this time is to ascertain beforehand the fitness (in every sense of the word) of the candidate they are backing. The bitter experience of the social and economic slavery that continues unabated after each promising annual election is still very fresh in our mouths and the democratic freedom of choice to choose is under threat of becoming a curse- its become too bewildering to know whether the daily work of plundering the country unashamedly will continue on come January 1st 2008 or whether this time the high-level feeding frenzy amongst the untouchable corrupt will be inhibited and the 43 year old national cake will be freshly shared out for the enrichment of pumbavus and non-pumbavus alike
In looking forward to the next generation of future leaders, I console myself with the thought that with every passing year, 2012 draws ever closer and the true unconscious democracy of Kenya where all decent, hard-working mwananchi will have an equal opportunity to truly jivunia kuwa mkenya will no longer be destroyed by voting and elections
Kenya, its your time to show you know how to win an election

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

CHRIS??? i once made a comment here about blowing your cover and you conviniently refused to post the comment. today i will say the same thing again only that this time your cover was blown when you rushed to cover the chaos that was at city market this morning. the pnu brigade were there to protect the big kibaki poster that has been hangin there facing mad house club porpularly known as F100. But its interesting what has been goin on around this particular area. the famous chester house is housed along this area, the famouse red light district is on koinange street,just last week there was a mesterious fire that broke out along this area!!! and now i dare say that the cover of the GREAT CHRIS OF KUMEKUCHA has been blown thanks to this area!!!
now will you post this comment!!
watch out for part 2 with your full length pic!!!

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