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Saturday, October 20, 2007

What Do The Strange Secret Meetings Between ODM Kenya, Moi And Kibaki Aides Mean?

Is Kalonzo Musyoka About To Cross Over To PNU With His Hoo Ndii Emm?

Please put on your thinking caps for this one. The question is really simple. Why else would Kalonzo’s people, Moi and Kibaki’s people have a meeting?

To discuss the runaway economic growth (are you there Luke)? Or perhaps to chat about the changing weather patterns in the country?

As you can clearly see it is difficult to come to any other conclusion except that the meeting must have had something to do with the forthcoming general elections and most probably a possible merger between the groups represented. We can therefore speculate that what was being thrashed out was the thorny issue of joint nominations for parliamentary and civic candidates in the event of such a merger.

You may disagree with my conclusion and suggest that perhaps the trio were discussing a coalition merger after the general elections and you could well be right. Chances are high that whoever wins the presidency, a merger between Kanu, PNU and ODM Kenya will give that side the majority of MPs and control over what happens in the 10th parliament. Meaning that if Raila wins they can still send Kenyans back to the polls with a quick no confidence vote.

Control over parliament is something that is proving to be increasingly important as Kenya’s infant multi-party democracy starts to teeth. A mother will tell you that when a toddler goes through the issues and problems related to teething it can be quite a challenging time for mother and child.

More evidence that a merger of sorts is in the works are the chilling words of Baba Giddy recently. He said; “This ODM honeymoon is about to end.” Is this what he meant? Because the truth is that whenever the old man makes statements like that, experience has shown me to have sleepless nights. I remember only too well the similarly chilling remark he made shortly after the re-introduction of multi-party democracy in Kenya (something that he was forced to do under enormous pressure). The Mzee said “Hi multi party itawachoma!” (This multi party will burn you.) Shortly after that knowing remark, houses and human corpses were going up in flames in large numbers all over the Rift Valley and a new term—ethnic clashes—found itself into the daily news vocabulary in Kenya. It has not quite left to date but only appears around election time.

So I fely a chill go up my spine when the old man recently said in the Rift Valley; “Hii Honeymoon ya ODM inaisha hivi karibuni.” I did not feel this way because of being a die hard ODM supporter (because I AM NOT). But I felt the way I did because I feared the repercussions on the country as a result of the method that was going to be used to accomplish that prophecy.

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Anonymous said...

Chris, as you are well aware the economy has already grown by 7.1% so far this year-and that estimate is as yet unrevised by AIG Global Kenya or CBK. so the growth rate might even be higher, who knows for sure? the point is if ODM K and PNU are allowing themselves to be seen in public, and are openly admitting to having regular meetings, please do not be alarmed and allow yourself to read all sorts of mischief in such occurrences-Kenya is a free country, and democracy means people can traverse any corner of the nation and meet with whomever they want to wherever they so wish-except for THAT hotel in Karatina. anyway, the management reserves the right to admission...
In the same way, the leadership of ODM K reserve the right to make such moves in politics as they see fit to ensure their survival and that they will see the inside of the 10th parliament. There is also alot to discuss on the economy for example Ukambani recently underwent some short spell of dry weather that was almost diagnosed as a drought. inspite of this, Agriculture recorded a growth of 5.4% even without any major agricultural activites-all major crops recorded growth in production, even the perennial cash crops like cactus
Did Kalonzo not warn us to watch out for the second miracle? ladies and gentlment, i give you the 2nd miracle. This is what they have been discussing Chris

Vikii said...

Moi is not a candidate, he is an influential voter that needs to be won. What we should be discussing is Mutula kilonzo's meeting with Raila Odinga last week. What were these two fellows upto? It pains me more when Mutula meets Raila than when he meets Moi because Raila is candidate.Are we saying that Moi should now get another lawyer just because Mutula Kilonzo is in a political camp that is in competition with his? The kroll report for example is now public food, why would Moi not want to summon his lawyer for legal advice? Moi is a business man, who knows that they were not discussing business law? It appears to me that Chris is suggesting that even contractual obligations should be done away with just because there is an election in two months time.

People need to understand that Mutula Kilonzo is a political toddler. This is a guy Kalonzo is introducing to politics and whatever deals Hon mutula cuts with either Raila and Moi should be deals that involve him and him alone. There are members of parliament from Ukambani with solid grassroot support. These are the people who can have some little influence on Kalonzo. The likes of David musila come to mind. Mutula is a lightweight that can only be elected solely for association with Kalonzo.

Assuming Mutula's meeting with Moi was political, what is wrong with that? What is wrong with Kalonzo leading a delegation to Kabarak to meet Moi in broad day light? Once again the Raila Odinga gang appears intent on setting the standards of political deliberations and engagements. They want to appoint themselves the overseers of every political deals being cut in the country. They want to dictate to other political players on who should be met and who should not.

Colour clash? I dont know much about it. Dancing? I am reserving my comments. Sex skills? well, give me a Taita, Kamba or Luo in that order. Sex happens in the mind. Taitas have both looks and skills, kambas have both looks and skills and Luos have booty which is a catalyst for drive.

Phil said...

Chris (welcome back bro) is dreaming. Seems to be suffering from the same amnesia afflicting Taabu and Vikii.

Word on the ground says Moi is actually and cunningly sabotaging Kibaki - without Kibaki Tena enthusiasts knowing. How else does one explain whats going on in KANU and elsewhere?? According to an insider, steadman latest opinion poll results were Moi happiest moment since his embarrassing handing over at Uhuru Park in 2002, where he escaped mud throwing by a whisker. Kalonzo will definitely be joining the pack soon. He deserves it, doesnt he?

He hasnt, apparently, forgotten those dark days of the Kenyatta succession battle in the 1970s. He hasnt forgotten the 1982 coup attempt either where service commanders did what they did.

It is unfolding right in our eyes, and yet we Kumekuchans cant see it. The Njonjos, Kosgei's, Mudavadis, Kiplagats, Rutos, Koechs, Nyagahs, Dalmases and even Ngalas, etc are now in ODM/Raila's camp. In other words Moi/KANU men - are all on Raila's side. Why? What are they seeing in Raila that they cant see in Kibaki. Is it ethnicity, culture or just an idea whose time has come?

Is Moi really the long-necked giraffe he claims to be? As in fix Mount Kenya, and you have fixed Kenya? Oh yes he is.

PS. The same on the ground information tells us other Moi's people in GNU and were very happy to share a stage with kibaki during the KANU NDC last month aredue to defect to ODM are:-

a) Moody Awori (defection overdue too frustrated in NARC-Kenya and PANUA)
b) George Saitoti (ditto)
c) Nicholas Biwott (defection overdue - was given 2 weeks ultimatum by Keiyo elders to support Raila or forget seeing parliament again, ultimatum expires this sunday)
d) Julius Sunkuli
e) Sam Ongeri
e) Yusuf Hajji (defection overdue)
f) and others

No wonder Kibaki is not keen on dissolving parliament! And if you cant beat them, join them!

Taabu said...

What a juicy weekend oozing political nectar that cannot tranlate into honey. Where are the bees now that we have flowers in plenty?

Dishonesty erodes crredibility ffrom any intelligent discourse. And whom do people think they are fooling with their charades? Lieing through the teeth and roping in foot soldiers to trumpet the untruths makes a harem of imbeciles. Scoundrels have never mutated into anything better, or have they?

It appears Kenyans are collectively suffering from FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN and trying to punish in advance what they cannot conquor. Washindwe! Na bado.

Mkenya Damu said...

Kalosh is the one man who has nothig to lose by losing .So either way he throws his weight is his prerogative , he is a smart guy and thats why he ran away with the orange to later use it as a bargaining chip, now whoever gives him the most reasons to defect he will do just that .Right now PNU is giving him the best offer as far as succesion is concerned , in ODM competition is too high and thats one thing our friend doesn't take well.I can see him defecting to PNU with the following words, "it comes a time when nitonal intrests take precedence...."

Mkenya Damu said...

Vicky are you insinuating that no luo girls have the looks, hii ukabila must stop.Every tribe race or whatever you call it have their fair share of everything, just because luos are exercising their right to stand and vie for positions does not make them deserve such hate.To you you a good luo is one who knows his place like Tuju, huh?

Vikii said...

Mkenya Damu, are you sick? First of all the theme of this post is not women's beauty. You decided to pick up that one aspect of my comment.

I will say here for the hundredth time that I am in fact seeing a luo chic. Even if I were not, why are you so intent on reading politics everywhere? There are 42 tribes in Kenya and I listed only three, why are you not questioning the ommission of kikuyu babes (Your tuju and PNU), meru, luhya, kisii and the other tribes? I dont find luos very attractive in the face but they have the most attractive body figures. I know there are beautiful women in every race (The only race I have not dated is an Indian), but why do you so often hear people talking about Brazillians and Puerto Rican women as the most beautiful women? Does it mean there are no ugly women there? Does it mean there are no beauties in the other countries? I was just generalizing (In fact it has been said before) and once again a Luo is reading unfair assesment. It is a thing with luos.

Mkenya Damu said...

Typical tribalist gesture "iam dating a luo" as if that gives you the right to insult others. pumbavu wewe

Vikii said...

I am a proud tribalist.

Mkenya Damu said...

Thank you for stepping out of the closet vikii a.k.a kioko from bc canada

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