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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Taking The Battle To Heaven

As Mwalimu is wont to often remind us, there are no morals in politics just EXPEDIENCE. every scoundrel UNmasked has his/her use, after-all aren't we all children of the most high?we know the almighty does not gamble or play dice and as the all-knowing One surely He has already forseen the future and by now knows who is going to win elections doesn't He? Nonetheless even the almighty God's wisdom cannot deter our politicians who from both sides of the divide seek to curry His favour in hope that He changes His mind-both sides will continue to seek prayers for divine intervention, asking to be granted courage not to give up even when the cause seems hopeless. Eh mwenyezi Mungu hebu tusaidie. God bless Kenya


Taabu said...

Luka you couldn't be more right. These scoundrels are so shameless that they even dare mock God. Mungu habagui with either favours or punishment and as you invoke his name in vain, more fuel is added into the furnace awaiting your soul. Washindwe hawa.

Taabu said...

Oh Luka I forgot. These chaps could as well been rehearsing Halloween. They never intended/pretended to be religious in the first place. May be may be not?

Phil said...

Luke, I was at this function where this picture was taken at Ligi Ndogo Grounds (next to Kenya Harlequins) on Ngong Road yesterday.

If the truth be said guys, this was a prayer meeting with very little political speeches in it. Chruch leaders were in charge of the entire program. I dont know what reasons make you and Taabu take it to be political or biblical expediency!!!!

Although Raila didnt attend the function, there was Mudavadi preaching peace and requesting ODM supporters countrywide not to revenge the treatment they ODM leaders received in Meru over the weekend. I have not heard one PNU activitist or even President Kibaki, condemn the death of a Kenyan in Meru (although we did pray for his soul at Ligi Ndogo) because of primitive behavior by kibaki tena enthusiast. What a shame.

It is your right to remain horseless (if there was such a practice) but I think it is wrong to make a joke out of a religious meeting like this one. Actually, this country needs lots of prayers if recent events are anything to go by.

Anonymous said...


* The Kalenjins call him ARAP MIBEI
* The Mijikenda call him DUME
* The Luos call him AGWAMBO
* The Kikuyus (in hushed tones they dont want people to hear) call him NJAMBA
* The Luhyas call him NABONGO
* The Maa call him LARIKONI
* Mzungus call him an ENIGMA
* Motor car fans call him THE HUMMER
* Sheng speakers call him RAIS
* Cowboy contractors call him TINGA
* Heart surgeons call him BYPASS
* Njenga Karume calles him MWANA NICHI

*Kibaki fears calling him by name simply says HUYO MTU

It's the Hon. Engineer RAILA AMOLO ODINGA.


Sue said...

Phil I was wondering where the prayers were held. On a serious note one of the pastors was our church pastor and many miracles happened during his time so I believe the ODM guys were blessed by God. I like the direction ODM has taken prayers, humility and all compared to arrogance and pride from others.

God bless ODM, Raila and Kenya

Taabu said...

Phil religion is personal. It means different things to different people. The bottom line is PREYING INTO INDIVIDUAL INSECURITY. I understand the ODM may be playing it clever by failing to play into the opponent's stereotypical expectatin of bravado/abrassive/arrogant and violence.

But come to think of it on a sober note. This could have been a perfect convergence of LIKE MINDS. Only relliogion and politics experienced growth even during the gloomy Kanu error. This two industries (if you may call them so) is all about clervely clotthed perceptions with expressions here while the intensions lie eslewhere.

It is an emotive subject so the less said the better lest a CURSE is liberally mouthed. Meanwhile let the best candidate win and God bless Kenya.

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