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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Kalonzo's Imminent Defection to PNU

We can now authoritavely inform Kumekuchans that Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka has all but been drafted into PNU and will end up being Presidents Kibaki's running mate. Here's how:

Impeccable sources advise that the next Steadman opinon poll results will see Raila and ODM slip up further, from the current 50% to between 45 - 46%. Kibaki and Kalonzo, on the other hand will increase their polls 42% and 18%. PNU strategist opine, rather naively, that should Kalonzo drop his bid to support Kibaki, it will place Kibaki at par with Raila's ODM and in pole position to retain the presidency.

Enter retired President Moi

It is recorded fact that Kalonzo will do almost anything to get the support of retired President Moi, the AIC church and the larger Rift Valley vote basket. Since the launch of his presidential bid with the 'miracle rally' in Uhuru Park two weeks ago, Kalonzo has been under intense pressure to support Kibaki's re-election. Night talks have been on-going between Kalonzo's think tank and President Moi's on the other hand about the possibilities of Kalonzo dropping his bid in favour of Kibaki. Of course, the Vice Presidency is carrot being dangled in front of Kalonzo's face as well as support for a fore-runner in the Kibaki succession battle that is unraveling right before our eyes. Kalonzo has been promised Moi's support in Rift Valley if accepts to support Kibaki in 2007 and that the Mois will be with him 2012.

The sources further reveal that it is now almost a guarantee that Kalonzo is only bidding his time to disorganise a possible opposition unity and will be announcing the withdrawal of his presidential bid in due course. It is a certainty that Kalonzo will be sitting next to President Kibaki at Nyayo Stadium on Jamhuri Day on 12th December 2007. Incidentally, this is the same day Jomo Kenyatta (and his side-kick Tom Mboya) sadly reverted this country back to a republic from a devolved government in which Kenyatta served as prime minister. In other words, 12 December 1964, was the beginning of presidential dictatorship in this country. Moi was the defector number one from KADDU to KANU.

PNU fallout

This move spells doom for the likes of KANU's Uhuru Kenyatta, FORD-K's Musikari Kombo and Kipruto Arap Kirwa, NARC-K's George Saitoti, Mukhisa Kituyi, Martha Karua, and SHIRIKISHO's Ali Mwakwere, all of whom are in PNU supporting Kibaki's re-election but in reality angling for the VP's docket and hence to become Kibaki's automatic successors.

Unbeknown to many Kenyans, including PNU strategists, the truth is that retired President Moi has revived his own succession plan and is determined to put his people back into power following the abortive 2002 project Uhuru. Afterall, he owes the Kenyatta's (read Kikuyu's) nothing after having left the presidency for Uhuru Kenyatta's taking in 2002. It seems as if the presidency of NARC Kibaki was actually euphoria and is, in Moi's own eyes, a passing cloud, ha!

Questions are now being raised whether political parties in PNU will continue to support Kibaki's re-election plans upon the entry on ODM-K's Kalonzo in to PNU and his appointment of Kibaki's running mate. I doubt if PNU will remain united.

ODM Strategy

Meanwhile, ODM are back on the drawing board following reports of Kalonzo's imminent defection. Charity Ngilu's profile has been enhanced by entry into the prestigious PENTAGON, but it is obvious she will play an important role in curtailing the bulk of Kalonzo's support following him to PNU. ODM are due to hold a public rally in Kitui on 1st November 2007.

It seems many people in PNU are assuming that Kenyan voters, particularly the so called Kamba vote that Kalonzo purportedly controls, will follow them to political alliances of convenience like sheep. This is the same strategy Moi relied on in 2002, only for his preferred successor to suffer humiliating defeat at the hands of a united NARC coalition, and not necessarily President Kibaki as an individual.

According to my forecast, the general elections are a matter of mere formality for Raila Odinga and ODM, and that it is just a matter of time before all patriotic Kenyans troop to congratulate Kenya's true freedom fighter upon his inauguration at Uhuru Park in the new year. Raila himself told us that this is a marathon and not a sprint. Watch this space.


Anonymous said...

Well, it can be the truth or not as well. Whatever the case may be, Raila is headed to victory. If kalonzo switches to Kibaki, it will rally kenyans who will see Raila as the only hope against an evil grouping hell-bent on perpetuating the status quo, they will remember that Kalonzo was after all a KANU hawk, no wonder Kibaki himself was, couldn't you see how nostalgic he was at Kasarani? Such step will unite Luhyas, Kisiis, Coast, and Rift Valley to support Raila more than ever before. Never forget that even if Kalonzo supports Kibaki, Kibaki has no place in Kalenjin land even if Moi supplicates day and night. Kalenjins have no place and presence in PNU while they have the ODM chairman, Ruto the Razor, Sally Kosgey, Kones ahd a host of MPs will end up in Raila's government. What will the Kalenjins gain from Kalonzo? In his Ukambani, votes will be scattered and he will betray his ODM-K brigade, this is bcoz nominations will have to go to PNU brigade who stayed with Kibaki. Moreover, people will see how opportunist he is, while all along he was shouting hoarse blaming Kibaki. Moreover, all the pastrolist communities will support Raila as they are doing today. Whichever way he goes, victory goes to Raila.

Tony said...

Dream on Brother. Wishing it is not the same as living it! Obsession is a dangerous disease. You have already assumed Raila will win. What will happen to you psychologically if he loses? Do not put all your emotions in one Basket!!

Sue said...

Phil am not supprised about Kalonzo's Imminent Defection to PNU. Just waiting for it to be announced officially. At least there would be only one orange on the ballot paper.

Anonymous said...

Phil, your figures dont add up. Ati Raila 45-46%, Kibaki 42% and Kalonzo 18%. Just do the math again!

Anonymous said...

Whether PNU wins or looses, its still win win for Kenyans because, because whoever ends in the opposition, we still need a strong opposition to keep the government of the day in check. And I think you should stop supporting ODM. The Euphoria is over. We have read into the penta-goons lies in their populist remarks aimed at simply exciting the crowds. I was once a believer in them but being an intelligent Kenyan, I have withdrawn my support for them.

Will said...

But your calculations are terreble. If Kibaki were to be given 42% and Kalonzo 18%, that makes 60% so Raila can only get 40%. Anyway, that a side, let us not take Kalonzo for granted. I personally don't see him joing PNU or droping out of the race to state house as such. He will run to the end and of course the result is known. At least he will have proved a point... that he can also contest the presidency... Let us wait and see.

Anonymous said...

A man who name his son after a snake can never be a man of goodwill -Plato. Raila's son is called Castro. He is named after the world's longest serving communist dictator who has reduced the once properous Cuba into a Kibera slum. Even on his death bed he cannot agree to hand over power, not even to his brother!! He is Raila Odinga's role model. My dear Kenyans, you need to recognize a hyena even when dressed in sheepskin. His voice gives him away. Kioko. BC, Canada. kazi iendeleee. Long live PNU.

John Maina said...

this is an interesting one so all along both kalonzo and uhuru were in ODM to split the movement. Its unlikely to work knowing kenyans are sharper than many assume them to be.

If kalonzo makes the move it will a negative one.

Anonymous said...

Ndiyo Kioko tell tell and please sambaza part of your STUPIDITY. Perhaps that will help you spit the choking FORESKIN so that you think straight. By the way before Njue becomes Pope in your mind can you tell the Vetican to remove the Pope's foreskin? Hopefully they won't interfere with his mental faculties and have it impaired as yours.

Phil said...

Pole guys, true the math does not add up, but it is also difficult to pin point the exact figures steadman will actually publish.

The gist of the matter is; Steadman will soon publish figures showing Raila and ODM slipping up further while Kibaki (PNU) and Kalonzo (ODM-K) will gain marginally.

Kalonzo also faces a massive dilemma of convincing MPs who have held him hostage since the days when the orange party had not split up. They are actually daring him to drop his bid and they may consider directing their support to Raila and ODM. These are very trying times for Kalonzo indeed. Most ODM-K aspirants in Kambaland do not stand any chance in hell if they were to be faced with ODM and PNU aspirants when Kalonzo is not running for presidency on ODM-K ticket. This is the reason Maanzo and Chepokonga were adamant before ODM-K split up.

Phil said...

This e-mail has been circulating in Nairobi the last week or so.

Subject: Watch this space - reliable source

The next kenyan billionaire in the making.

Read & weap!!!!

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Kalonzo Accepts Ksh. 10 Billion From Moi/Kibaki

Hon Kalonzo's visit to the UK on Thursday has been viewed by many Kenyans in Diaspora with a lot of
suspicions.The visit has been kept private until over the weekend when it leaked to The Kenyan Media
in London.Emails and faxes have been flying for the exclusive Dinner on Thursday 25th October 2007 from 6pm to 10pm costing 50 pounds a head. Currently Hon
Kalonzo is in 'France' for meetings

Rembrandt Hotel 11 Thurloe Place Nightsbridge London SW 7 2RS

Speakers will include Kalonzo Musyoka ODM-K Presidential Aspirant among others. When officials
were contacted,they claimed that the meeting is convince Hon Kalonzo to step down as a Presidential
Aspirant and ODM K. to join PNU.It was also added that on Friday he will be busy holding closed door
meetings with some British unnamed politicians subject to confirmation.

Other Sources close to Kalonzo campaign have leaked details of a meeting between Moi and Mutula Kilonzo one of Kalonzo's right hand man. A deal was cut between the two camps where Kalonzo was offered 10
billion to step down for Kibaki. Apparently Moi has been a worried man since it became evident that
Raila Odinga, a man Moi fears incredibly, was voters' favorite in the coming election. Kalonzo
accepted the offer but with a final caveat stating that he would make the announcement once the money
had transferred and posted into his Cayman Islands account.(

Other speculations live in London streets also confirmed that he was also promised a house in one
of the London streets and a ministry in the next cabinet if Kibaki wins.

Hon Kalonzo is expected to leave the UK on Saturday where he is expected to join PNU as soon as he lads in Nairobi.To many he leaves Europe this weekend a Billionare.

Watch his lips!!!!!!!
A large number of PNU supporters in UK has planned to join Hon. Kalonzo Musyoka for the Dinner in a four star hotel in London on Thursday 25th October, 2007. The supporters want persuade Kalonzo to team
up with President Kibaki for the presidential elections coming up in December, 2007. The dinner
takes place at Rembrandt Hotel 11 Thurloe Place Nightsbridge London SW7 2RS as from 6.00 p..m. to
10.00 p.m. The dinner which was going for £50 each is now free as someone has come up to pay it for
everyone. Now the dinner will be free for everyone.

Anonymous said...

Those who ar blaming Raila supporters saying that they are losers and should prepare for defeat epitomise the sick mentality of tribal cant and heat and thus they refuse to reason. Their consolation is to dismiss any ODM member ith brusquness, It reminded of a drunkard who behaves as such. However, reality is far from a drunkar. The ones who is waiting for tomorrow tomorrow is nigh!

Anonymous said...


Would it not be prudent for Raila to come out to the public with this information about Steadman’s intentions and pre-empt the scheme? Or are there other ramifications of such an action?

Rabet Maatari.

Sikh said...

I wish Kalonzo joined PNU atleast we shall have opposition next yr. Can you imagine Emilio and uhuru in opposition, there will be no watch dog. its all in their plans that steadman should continue downgrading the lead but that is zilch, zero, nothing. Its only 21days to close of nominations, PNU won't succeed in having their nominations if Kolonzo defected making it a field day for ODM.

danlieve said...

Well! As it is always easier said than done, a lot still begs to be seen. Kalonzo for one according to me is one big nonstarter; I mean this guy is a Raila creation. He was a nobody in KANU leaking baba wa taifas boots and dancing to his time whatever angle or tone it took.
Kalonzo's defection to PNU under pressure from the former baba wa taifa would not make any news at all.
His standing alone would give him a lot of credit come 1012 general Election, though his defection to PNU however lucrative it may seem will just tantamount to digging his own grave.

Anonymous said...

Quick comments: Its AMAZING what a click mentality Kenyans Have and its shown by all that have posted above.
NO one is talking about facts that each candidate has to offer apart from their native language.

I might be ignorant but what track record does Raila have. wasnt he given Roads etc and nothing was done.
Kibaki took a country from ruins as in negative times and lots of debt to free education and tremendous growth to ICT with google opening the african headquaters in Nairobi.

Farmers in the grassroots reporting huge profits that they had never seen before.
Incentives for developers to build real estate in the country.
Marketting the countries Brain power rather than its natural resources which are dwindling due to environmental issues.

There are aslo some cons where the regime is not as diverse as the country in tribal lines. Which can be rectified by holding those in office accountable.

table out issues rather than trivialising elections to polls which could be tampered and not reliable or reducing the elections to Tribalism does not help anyone after the day of elections and we start going back to international AID and join the rest of the AFRICAN countries.

Anonymous said...


While campaigning in Nairobi, Kibaki confirmed what you have been saying that Kalonzo is about to join PNU.

Sample this quote: Kibaki dismissed one candidate as a miracle worker who should wait for "next time".


John Maina said...

the second last anon could you also tell us what kibaki hasnt done, failed to do or ignored rather than just what he has done.

also apart from what raila is bad at could you also tell us what he is good at.

then we can say you are being objective.

Anonymous said...

well well Raila Raila reality is finally catching up with you. Opinion polls are not politics politics is alot of shadow boxing and deals. Well if Kalonzo joins PNU well and good we would love that if he goes it alone we will love that too.
But Raila will lose the election and their is a 60% chance he will loose the Langata seat whether fairly or unfairly. But this is politics there are no angels and demons.

Odegle said...

well it appears from today's poll that the first half of your prediction is true. now lets wait for the second part

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