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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Right of Reply: Of Course Kiraitu is Frightened!

This post is in response to that by Chris: Is Kiraitu Murungi Running Scared?

Who is Kiraitu Murungi in the first place as far as Kenya politics is concerned? Nobody.

Who is Kiraitu Murungi in the second place as far as Kenya corruption is concerned? Somebody!

I certainly have no regrets in accusing Kiraitu, Murungaru and Mwiraria as among the infamous "6 M's" who were at the forefront in betraying the NARC dream and in the process costing President Kibaki a second term in office. The six M's will certainly go down in history as the most arrogant ministers in Kenya's independence history.

Kiraitu is one individual who is solely responsible for the failure of NARC's pre-election pledge for a new devolved constitution. His slave driver behavior during the Bomas conference is well recognised. His assertion that government should walk out of the conference, when the conference was composed of independent delegates only, was the straw that broke the camels back.

Kiraitu is the man who presided over a very selective surgery of the judiciary in 2003 where innocent judges were set-up and accused of being corrupt while the real corrupt ones given promotions to the court of appeal and others landed appointments in well paying state offices.

Chris, please do not forget that the Kroll Report, Goldenberg Commission as well as the Ndungu Land Commission enquiries were directly under the constitutional affairs ministry that Kiraitu headed - and that all these enquiries resulted in absolutely NO benefit to the Kenyan tax payer despite the hundreds millions of shillings spent in these investigations.

These three individuals are the people who Githongo recorded on tape defending Anglo-Leasing and they are known to be shareholders with the Kamani Brothers of the ANGLO-LEASING Ghost companies that refunded billions of shillings to the treasury incognito or so it seems after Githongo exposed them. The same Kibaki ministers who went to bed with corruption networks of the Moi era and who, for instance, were named in the Kroll Report as having bought substantial shares from Equatorial Bank that is adversely mentioned in the same Kroll Report as one of the banks that were used to channel billions of shillings to off-shore accounts for the Mois, Biwotts and Kuleis. From playing hide and seek with auctioneers to dollar multi-millionaires within 24 months of taking power. We can forgive Chris, we cannot forget.

We remember that chilling story when fifteen 20ft containers of high quality cocaine went through Kenya to european markets shockingly 'without the knowledge' of port police, KRA customs or our famous NSIS. It emerged later the 6 M's were said to be in the payroll of drug lords at the Kenyan coast and that they used their powerful offices to protect illegal activities while earning millions of dollars in drug money. During that time, only one container was intercepted after the other 14 transitted at Kilindini Port with cocaine value of billions of shillings - and so far the single container remains largest cocaine consignment ever to have been intercepted in the continent of Africa. Murungaru, who is still smarting from a blanket visa ban to EU and US, was Internal Security Minister then. Several innocent suspects were arrested, tried and freed by the High Court for lack of evidence while the real culprits can now purport to be at the fore front of the Kibaki Tena campaign. It is difficult to tell whether the president himself was party to this deal. Kenyans will have their suspicions because it seems his ministers were the managers of grand economic and criminal injustices against the Kenyan people!

The six M's have put this country in reverse gear back to at least two decades in terms of poverty alleviation and development because they are more inclined to defend and engage in corruption using their powerful offices, and according to Githongo, with the full knowledge or blessings of the head of state.

To answer your question Chris; Kiraitu, Murungaru and Mwiraria have every reason to run scared of the prospects of an ODM government!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh Phil..full of crap! Is Raila and is Pentagon not part of the government? Yes we voted in a team and had the best cabinet to start with. How did these mafia as you call them ring the president? Where were these mashujaa of yours at the time? Simply put - your heroes dont have any balls so they ran huko nje kulia kulia..daddy daddy fulani amenipiga! The going is going to get tough even IF your current small gods form the gava. How will they handle the challenges? Run out of the burning house? What with govt secrets leaking ministers..

Anonymous said...

Very good article. There are a few things that should really make one consider what sense it makes in voting for Kibaki, unless of course you assume that because you are his tribesman that you are obliged to do so. For one he has and continues to surround himself with some of the most corrrupt politicians in Kenya, two he has not offered any vision for the future if he were to be re-elected. When he speaks about the economy weren't Raila, Balala and others part of his government for close to 3 years? Or is the performance of the economy the result of the ministers who came in for the last 2 and a half? Furthermore this idea of being a hands off leader are not good for a country that has been victim to mass looting, fraud and other crimes under the previous regime's leadership which he has now embraced as well as his own. For his own dignity KIbaki should apologise to the people of Kenya for allowing himself to be surrounded by the likes of Kiraitu, if indeed he has any remorse. On another note how can any educated Kenyan vote for a politician who has no vision other than to say they are supporting the president? What are they going to do for their constituency? Continue the development that has lend to tangible development for their constituents? With the exception of a few, namely Tuju, these folks in PNU have nothing to offer but the same empty rhetoric they accuse ODM of, yet the latter has presented a vision and has began campaigning early to bring that vision to Kenyans, instead of foolishly waiting until two months before the elections. GNU Toka, PNU Toka!! ODM Tosha!!

kalamari said...

I want to emphasize the fact that these are the same jamaas who are the chief campaigners of one Mwai Kibaki. How can chaps of extremely high esteem and unquestionable patriotism (such as Vikii, Vikii and Vikii) cast a vote for Kalonzo (in effect a vote against Raila therefore a vote for Kibaki)? Do they not realize that a Kibaki administration is precisely a continuation of the lifeline that nourishes Murungi, Mwiraria, Murungaru, Biwott, Moi and the rattled snake?
Admittedly, ODM has its own ‘small’ share of questionable characters, however, if compared to the magnitude and might of the confirmed baby-milk-thieves (Kamlesh, Saitoti et al) in Kibakis’ camp, can any man of auspicious integrity (such as Vikii, Vikii and Vikii) abhor an opportunity for change?

And to all anti-Raila anons, Kibakists and Kioko (on his way to the sun), denying Raila a vote is your perfect democratic right. However, is sanctioning a continuation of corruption, insecurity and tribalism (all Kibakis’ forte) a democratic right too? And for those who say the Kibaki is a great fellow unfortunately surrounded by Satan’s representatives on earth, do you also wholeheartedly believe that he was not privy to every negativity showered on Kenyans by his administration? If the chap had no clue of Anglo Leasing, Margayan and the containers of drugs, then he should be voted out simply for doing a disservice to Kenyans…by refusing to resign on health grounds. If you accept that he was privy to all the machinations of Murungi and the rest, then you must ask him to expeditiously book a ticket and wait in line to face the TRC come 2008. Personally, I’m against the TRC, however, I support opening the door wide enough for Kibaki to squeeze in….then shut it.

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