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Saturday, October 06, 2007

The Most Important Article Published In The Standard This Year

Many thanks to Proud Kikuyu Woman for drawing our attention to this fascinating article in today's East African Standard.

Leaving the professional nest for political train
By Saturday Standard Team

Until early this year, Mr Edwin Mwangi Macharia led a quiet life as an executive with the Bill Clinton Foundation.

His latest posting was as a director of the Rural Initiative for the Clinton HIV/Aids Initiative (Chai). The initiative was to develop and enable the replication of care and treatment services in rural areas.

He had served as the deputy country director for the same foundation in Tanzania where he helped develop a national care and treatment plan.

Macharia was also a member of the team that developed a similar treatment and care plan for South Africa. This is a major feat for a man who turns 30, later this year.

Macharia has now plunged into politics and faces a gigantic task as he seeks to unseat Dr Chris Murungaru as MP for Kieni constituency.

He is among a stream of young or middle-aged, highly educated and well-trained professionals leaving their careers to join politics.

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Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

I am not PURE but PROUD Kikuyu Woman.
I have Maasai blood but was brought a Kikuyu hence my identity of choice.

John Kaniaru said...

Ati Mr. Livondo. Such people will spoil for Kibaki. Emilio should kick these people out - Pattni, Biwott, Moi and Livondo. A man can't even pronounce the word "Shamelessly" and "Hysterical"
Illiterate and corrupt folks should stay away from Emilio's campaign.

WATCH MR. LIVONDO addressing a press conference to confirm alleged bribery claims.
Livondo can't speak english

Vikii said...

That was a nice article but The standard were once again predictably biased. They interviwed me but they never published my vibe.

I now take it upon myself to say my story. I have left my $180,000 p.a job to vie for the Mutito Constituency seat on an ODMK ticket. A 25 year old professional leaving his highly paying job and heading straight to the heart of Ukambani to stake a claim on one of the region's most hotly contested seats is in my opinion worth a mention.

I will be running on the platform of putting an end to cultic politics. Some politicians in my constituency are keen to exploit their proximity to regional kingpins to win the seat. I think the people of Mutito deserve an opportunity to do an independent evaluation of the agenda being flouted by every candidate.

I now want to shame The Standard which is in overdrive collaboration with my sworn enemies here in Kumekucha to derail my bid. But it is the people on the ground who matter and I am convinced they are fully behind me.

Taabu said...

Vikii give me a shout if you need logistics (for free). I can also help with publicity in you mother tongue and other 7 native languages besides Kiswahili, French, Italian, Germanny and English, in that order.

Vikii said...

Parle vouz le francais moussier Taabu? Moi aussi je parle le francais mais ne pas beacoup.Je parle ampous le francais--je no comprends pas tout mais cava.

Anonymous said...

Vikii, idiot. please stop displaying your ignorance to the railaherd and to the rest of the whole world. There are silly mistakes in every phase. You do not say parle vouz. idiot. try Parlez-vous. What is Moussier? Why don't you go to the national threatre and act like a jackass? At least you would be acting yourself!! I hope your Germanny (?? or did you mean German??) is better than your French. have a nice day. Kioko. BC. Canada.

Vikii said...

"Kioko". Let me translate what I meant and then you tell me who the idiot is.

You speak French Mr. Taabu? I also speak french but not that much. I speak a LITTLE french. I dont understand everything but it is ok.

Now who is the idiot?

You see I am such an idiot that I know your name is not Kioko and you are not in Canada. You are a little kikuyu brother impersonating the real Kioko and yes you are in kenya. Your little training in ACCOUNTING makes you think people are more idiotic than u but u r obviously mistaken. Probably you will undeerstand some of these things when you grow up.

Taabu said...

Vikii why waste your breath responding to vacuum heads? People with SCANT cognitive skills like fate Kioko enjoys limelight with response like yours. You can do better, stop giving him a plastic sense of self-satisfaction.

Anonymous said...

(1)I am not only in canada, but a canadian resident, not a refugee. However, Kenya remains my home. If you do not like it, go and hang yourself.

(2) I am fluent in French but I do not go around showing off! I was only trying to show you that you are an idiot and as expected you respond by insults. Please stop pretending that you know French, because you don't know more than a four year old kid. I hope you are not trying to impress the chics in this blog. everyone knows you have been ask for phone numbers and e-mails of chics in this blog.

(3)I do not hide my name like the rest of the bloggers because i believe in what i write. my email is You, and other bloggers are free to write to me as along as you are not part of the raila kondoo herd.

(4)As long as you do not call me a jaluo or a baboon, I do not care whether you think am a kikuyu, kamba, kisii, Bukusu, Taita, mji-kenda or even luhyia. I am a proud kenyan Bantu.

(5) I am not an accountant and I have never done any course in accountancy and I have never implied to anyone that am an accountant. I would probably put my knowledge in accounts at the same level as the command of your french! Please do not ask me about my profession. That would be too personal.

(6) Am unable to reply to taabu as my upbringing does not allow me to hold a discussion with a kihii.
Kioko. BC, Canada.

Anonymous said...

bravo kioko. You are the hammer of luo jingas.

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