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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Kenya Betrayed

Chapter 1 - Part 3 - William Kivuvani (Special Branch)

These rumors about me reached such a level that the Special Branch had to intervene and I was asked to come to their office in Mombasa.

Here I met then William Kivuvani for the first time. He was at that time the Chief of Special Branch, Mombasa.. He was also related to Mary and Simon.

We agreed that I should not attend the functions at the Navy Base anymore since he was sure that then all these funny rumors would stop. I understood and accepted.

So Mary started instead to invite some of the American Commanders who had in the meantime also become friends on a private basis. I remember, we once even made a ‘picnic’ party at a drive-in cinema together with Mary’s children…..

During our meeting at his office, Kivuvani had also asked me about my personal background. I told him that I had dual Citizenship (Swiss and German). He was very interested to learn that I spoke besides German and English also French and Italian.

I regarded this ‘interrogation’ as part of his job and did not think much about it especially since I knew that he was not only a relative but also a trusted friend of Mary and Simon.

Kivuvani told me that he had been in charge on behalf of Special Branch to organize the transport of the body of the late President Kenyatta when he died on August 22, 1978, in Mombasa to be brought to Nairobi before his death was officially announced.

But the car broke down in the middle of the road and he had to call the Kenya Navy to send one of their ambulances. Here Simon Mbilu comes in: he was on duty that night and called by Kivuvani (his cousin).

So the body of Kenyatta was changed in the dark at the roadside from car to another and...

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