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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Elections 2007: The Kind Of Elections You Should Expect

As promised yesterday, I have agonized all night putting myself in the shoes of the incumbent and imagining that I was him seeing State House literally slip through my incumbent fingers before my very eyes as I watch.

By the way this is a very important exercise as it will give us all some very useful insights on what we should expect over the next few weeks leading up to the general elections.

The only thing that would have an outside chance of working would be to clandestinely look for a candidate to sponsor to erode the popularity of Raila and to take away as much votes as possible from the opposition side. This candidate would have to be chosen carefully because it is vital that they do not take any votes from the incumbent. This should not sound so far-fetched because there is nothing that a sizeable media and advertising budget cannot do to get just the right candidate very popular overnight. It would be preferable for that candidate to be young, the kind that would excite the millions of younger voters now firmly in the ODM ship. But of course chances of such a candidate winning would be nil, but remember that the objective would be to put a credible spoiler...

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kalamari said...

Chris, How about the horror movie including a scene where the next puppet chairman of the ECK, obviously of Kikuyu extraction, nullifies Raila’s absolute election victory in lieu of his trumped up implication in the demise of one of his parliamentary seat opponents; known by the high-flying name, ‘money bags’ Livondo.

In case you missed the press, the clandestine spoiler candidate in line to receive a surplus of state sponsorship is none other than Kalonzo ‘manchurian candidate’ Musyoka. Kwani you are not privy to the ongoing night meetings? Ala! What was Kalonzo’s old Volkswagen beetle doing at the back gates of state house two days ago? Will Mutula pass an opportunity to become the next AG?

Phil said...

Chris, your proposal for the PNU to consider sponsoring a third candidate (if they havent done so already!) is absolutely unworkable, unrealistic and untenable.

You may remember, before the ODM-K fall-out, when Uhuru and KANU were still very much within ODM-K, Kalonzo Musyoka launched a very colourful vision. It was an expensive affair. During that time, Kalonzo Foundation organised plenty of campaigns for its patron - and many people wondered where the former KANU organising secretary had gotten all the resources from! Wonder no more - Moi was by then supporting an alliance that would be the third force to include Kalonzo, Uhuru and Mudavadi. We even had a few posts in this very forum on the same issue.

When it became apparent that Raila was serious about his bid and he was indeed 'electable', Moi quickly washed his hands off the third force and persuaded (or should I say forced) Uhuru and KANU to withdraw their candidature and support Kibaki - his presidency, according to Moi is bankable than that of Raila. It is also part of Moi's elaborate plan for a Kibaki's succession.

With Moi's financial and moral support withdrawn, Kalonzo, who had by then imagined himself as President and Uhuru as his deputy, now on a shoe-string budget and has to survive on commercial flights (ie. no more charter flights) and his campaign programme heavily scaled down due to limited resources and a dwindling popularity!

This past week, Moi and Kibaki axis are still sending emissaries to court Ruto and Mudavadi in offering them huge sums of money and the same seats they have been earmarked for in ODM by PNU. It clearly shows Moi/Kibaki still have old fashioned tricks up their sleeves but fourtunately for democracy, ODM has matured and is firm in upholding its ideologies. This is what Chris fails to acknowledge when he makes such wild proposals.

Kenyan electorate is certainly much more informed than you think Chris. Many post you made in recent times appears to suggest that you have scant respect for voters.

While the GNU is issuing threats and hurling insults, ODM is in strategic retreats. While the ODM is campaigning in Western, and Upper RV, PNU is as confused and disorganised with its mode of nominations.

The same PNU has now embarked on sending crude agents on a vote buying spree in ODM strong holds. The same voters are being promised cash on the spot for proof of double registration.

Another sad fact is PNU is sponsoring close associates and family members to come to orange house and buy nomination forms with the hope of making life difficiult for the party after submission of candidates names to the ECK. It is the same betrayal of public trust by Kalonzo and his puppet Maanzo.

It is clear to all that rather than retire unhonorably and then promote democracy and multi-party, the Kibaki/Moi axis is busy fighting these institutions, and Chris here is encouraging them to continue disrespecting political opponents. I was hopping you would encourage them to sell their policies rather than wash their dirty linen in public!

Anonymous said...

Kalamari. Are you suggesting that a kikuyu cannot perform as chairman of the ECK? Do the job involve designing a rocket engine? Why don't you apply for the job yourself. kumanina wewe! pumbavuu! You have a cheap tribal mentality.

kalamari said...

Anon, I will gladly bet you two dollars that the next ECK chairman will be of Kikuyu extraction. It’s the way Kibaki works (unless he buckles from the pressure exerted by my comment). You see, the absolute truth is that there are very many Kikuyu professionals who can indeed fill up all government appointments. They are bright and many have the passion of serving this country with the zest that will see us prosper to currently unimaginable heights.
That said, there’s also another 41 or so other tribes….complete with professionals. Hakuna ukabila hapa; it’s just the Kibaki way.

Anonymous said...

Silly kalamari! Can you drop that Kikuyu discussion right there! Brutes will always shout loud when a Kikuyu is appointed in govt, irrespective of their competence. When an appointee from another kabila is appointed, they dont equally shout loud in praise. Haters of kikuyu! Hate them the much you can, and then go make your hay while the sun shines. What I mean is that its complete nonsense when pips will keep calling Kibaki a tribalist when he makes a Kiuk appointment. Kibaki is brighter than you are, you are only a blogger. For your information, he has been in politics before you were born, so think again before you think you have a word or two for him.

Anonymous said...

Kalamari is a jacka in a sheep's skin

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