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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Monster in Fear of the Unknown

The plot thickens and political tempo embraces fever pitch as we draw closer to 2007 polls. Ours is real theatre of the absurd politically speaking. Being no game and bereft of all rules, our politics has fallen to its record low. Yesterday’s sworn enemies are now bosom buddies rehearsing their scripts on how best to steal Kenyans’ votes under false and plastic promises albeit packaged in grandiose schemes.

When you see past known looters crafting new alliance with their successors, you know elections are nigh in Kenya. Fear of the unknown and a collective phobia sums it all. As we watch the political theatre, these two dinosaurs will continue holding the remote. We enjoy the actions oblivious of the fact that other interesting channels exist. Our national psyche is enslaved to the so-called tried and tested.

We Kenyans easily get intimidated with age. Some even shamelessly justify such shortcomings by quoting Wahenga who are just but waropokaji hiding under cluster of words (sayings) designed to suit every situation, often conflicting.

Emilio and Moi are now the best of friends like the embarrassment of December 2002 happened in outer space and Uhuru Park is the name of perfume made in Sacho. Make no mistake politics is about playing it selfish under the cover of hollow objectivity. While Baba Jimmy steers the ship to nostalgic waters, Baba Gidi dreads anything abstract or revolutionary. And that provides the hip at which these expired politicians get joined. Kenya's present tokenism economic growth amounts to schooled slavery to the past glory of 1970s as practiced by the present regime.

It will take our national resolve, collective revolutionary mind and heart to wean and win Kenyans out of tokenism and sectarian loyalties. Save for few exceptional CEOs, Kenya's economic glitterati owe all their ill-gotten wealth to politicians. That is why only politics and religion witnesses growth even in gloomy periods. The common thread in both practices is to make people's mind take leave of absence from the brain and instead engage full gear of emotions.

You close your eyes, speak in foreign tongues and shout amen at the drop of a hat. In the process your rumbling stomach is accusing you of being irrational to give out your Ksh. 100 to a gold-bedecked Muiru/Wanjiru. In the end you go back to the office full on air burgers, yawning and defrauding the govt/employer with your sub-optimal output.

Swap the preacher with the politicians and get the true picture. We are in for nasty times and only we can save ourselves, but can we and are we ready for the long haul? You guess right. Meanwhile the flames continue to consume Kenya. Who will save Kenya from her own vultures like the goons they hire to cheat us on hating each other?

Until we chose to think outside the box, we remain boxed and wrapped ready for shipping to political Siberia.


Anonymous said...

Dear comrades,
After examining the mood around the country during this time when we are going to the general elections, i feel very disturbed by the line up of my favourite candidate Hon. Mwai Kibaki. In my view:

Hon Uhuru Kenyatta

This guy hails from Kiambu. Since history during his fathers reign Nyerians have never been in good books with these leaders. His defection to support Kibaki is a simple way of frustrating Hon. Kibaki's re- election bid. Why? All other tribes in Kenya will see this as a regroup of Kikuyu's against them. ODM will use this very hard against the President. Uhuru knows Cleary what he is doing....just spoiling for our old man and placing his survival for reelection in his constituency.

Retired President Daniel Arap Moi.

Hon Moi is a leader we rejected in total during the 2002 elections. Now for him to campaign Kibaki, again it is just another way of transferring his rejection to the old man. He has raised his mouth and just about to kick Hon Kibaki's bucket of honey during this years elections. This is not fair!

Cabinet Ministers

Most cabinet ministers especially the likes of Hon Tuju, Hon Mwakwere, Hon Moody Awori and the likes now in PANU the coalition party that is the umbrella for President Kibaki re-election seems people who in their very own constituencies have no backing at all even for their own sake reelection as area MP's. How can they convince voters who chase them from their own homes to vote for Kibaki? I wonder.

Conclusion: My sympathy lies on The President because he seems not to realize any of these facts. He is just off the reality! In the event i will not accept to be a party of losers! I like Hon Kibaki but this time round his statistics don't add up to anything....

I therefore declare without any hard feelings to support Hon Raila Odinga. He is very smart in this game!

Best regards

James Gitonga Wachira.

Derek said...

Raila is not smart at all. He is just a wee crafty and knows when to use his constituency - his tribe. Anyway, good analysis but full of symphathies for your man Raila. He is in a race of a life time.

Anonymous said...

To James Gitonga Wachira: Chien! Wachira pense comme une vielle vache. Quel dommage! What is wrong with kikuyus grouping up. all other tribes are doing the same. Wachira you are a fool and an idiot. go and vote for a kihii if circumcision means nothing to you. shenzi!

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