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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Kalembe Ndile Reveals The Main Problem With The Kibaki Campaign

You can tell that the Kenyan media is under a lot of pressure from politicians who mostly know nothing about media coverage.

Journalists do not create news, they report it and if at the moment there is a lot happening in ODM and not much happening in PNU what are they expected to do? Answer: Come up with ridiculous front page headlines like “PNU campaign Picks Up Momentum.”

Now here is some news that may not get the prominence it deserves in the newspapers tomorrow morning. Kalembe Ndile, MP for Kibwezi and a tourism assistant minister held a press conference earlier today.

Kalembe Ndile is not a polished man. The chap cannot even speak good English and prefers Kiswahili. But one thing about him, he is sincere. Probably too sincere to be a politician in Kenya. Remember the uproar he caused when he said that Assistant ministers were idle in Kenya and consuming the tax payer’s funds for doing nothing?

In Kalembe Ndile’s press conference he spoke a lot about the powerful ministers surrounding president Kibaki who are going to cause his downfall. He especially singled out 3, whom he did not mention by name. But he said; Hata nyinyi watu wa magazeti munawajua na munawataja kila wakati. (Even you newspaper guys know them and you mention them in your stories all the time).

Ndile says that these powerful (and polished characters) block...

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When will PNU wake up and get a serious campaign going?

1 comment:

Sue said...

I have come to hate most MPs on government side because of their arrogance except for Kalembe Ndile. The man behaves naturally and will say the truth even if it makes him looks stupid. I was so amused when he said minister wengine wakionekana sura peke yake, Kibaki anapoteza kura elfu tano. That really cracked me up. From the way hes talking I think Ndile is heading for Hoo Ndii Em Kenya soon.

By the way I think that name you couldn't spell is Bargetuny. You are right Moi surrounded himself with people like him and Mulu Mutisya, he travelled by road and bought food stuff from vendors on the road side giving them to wananchi (that really kept him in touch with the ground for years). As kids we only knew about Nyayo this Nyayo that, we drunk a lot of maziwa ya Nyayo and wondered why our parents didnt like him until we were grown up.

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