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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Surely Raila Odinga Can’t Be That Popular!

Since the first day I launched this blog I have never feared to speak my mind or the truth as I saw it. One well know political personality made a comment recently in my hearing; “the amazing thing about that Kumekucha guy is that most of his predictions seem to come true.”

Kumekucha does NOT support Raila, but I am obligated to report the truth and to investigate the mood on the ground and get back to my readers without fear or favor. So even when I’m trying my best to do that many desperate Kenyans bluntly scream; “Kumekucha is an ODM blog.”

I’ll tell you one thing—it will take much more than that to stop me.

The situation on the ground is that Raila Odinga and ODM are leading in ALL provinces except Central where one poll has given Raila 15%. This is according to no less than 5 different independent polls—3 of them were commissioned by the Sunday Nation and published last weekend, one was commissioned by the Standard and the other was the usual Steadmann poll.

I never like to brag but do you remember the results of my own survey in this blog where I said that Raila will receive 15 per cent of the vote from central province? Do you remember how most readers reacted? Even the Raila’s own supporters doubted my figures. Of course Kibaki supporters mocked that post. Well, I have news for you. I was wrong and the other pollster who seems to confirm what I said here weeks ago is also wrong. The very latest...

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Phil said...

Right on Chris.

I remember the insults and the uncivilised language. The same people have of late coiled their tails after the reality dawned them that Kibaki has feet made of clay.

The country must move forward.

Vikii said...

What are you guys talking about? You will be verociously eating humble pie here come January. You can keep dreaming the much you want but the end of this newfound bragging is near, very near and please dont shut down the blog.

Anonymous said...

Anotha of(Raila) his trips to the Coast another grizzly axccident in western coincidence ama ni sacrfice?

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