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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Cyber Shocker As Old Mzungu Strips In Public For Young Kenyan Beauty

I move around a lot and one of the advantages of web technology is that it does not matter whether I am in Madrid or Kitale, I am still able to make my posts in Kumekucha.

So recently I was in this cyber cafĂ© in a certain major town in Kenya where I had just arrived and I happen to sit next to this very attractive young lady with long hair. It was the most beautiful hair I had seen in a long time (lakini my thoughts remained pure because I am happily married to my Kikuyu beauty and besides this lady looked younger than my daughter). I was busy and did not pay much attention to her except that I happen to notice that she was doing what most young ladies do in cyber cafes these days. She was chatting to a mzungu boyfriend. The middle aged man’s live webcam image filled the computer screen right next to hers making it easy to draw the contrast in age.

I was lost in the world of Kumekucha until some commotion somewhere behind me attracted my attention. For some time I had heard the girl giggling and I assumed that the old man was really funny. But now looking at the screen, I understood why. The mzee had stripped naked and...

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