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Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Dangers Of An ODM Landslide Victory

One thing I am very proud of about Kumekucha are the great brains that have been attracted to this blog. Folks who are much smarter than yours truly and who help us keep this blog on the cutting edge and right at the top as a leading source of political information on Kenya.

Some of these guys have expressed concern in recent times over an ODM landslide victory in the parliamentary elections leaving the 10th parliament with a very weak, almost non-existent opposition. This is certainly food for thought as the latest poll put ODM’s Raila Odinga further ahead of the president at 53% with President Kibaki trialing at 37%. If past experience is anything to go by, the side that loses the general elections usually takes a long time to settle and re-unite to speak as one voice of the opposition. Already there are accusations flying all over the place on the PNU side and chances are that an election loss will cause chaos and disarray that will take a long time to sort out, if ever. For starters constituents of Othaya will have to head back to the polls to elect a new Member of parliament as it is unlikely that President Kibaki will take his seat in the back benches of parliament in 2008, should he lose the elections.

And it seems that this reality on the ground is slowly beginning to sink into the minds of the presidential campaign team. Information that reached me a few minutes ago from Mombasa indicates that President Kibaki’s motorcade was seen in the town earlier today at about 2:15 pm and curious wananchi who...

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