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Saturday, October 13, 2007

53% Odinga Hugs 8% Kalonzo

Amazingly there has been plenty of excitement caused by Raila and Kalonzo Musyoka hugging yesterday at Wundanyi as they met at the requiem mass of former MP of the area Dairus Mbela.

The two politicians only weeks ago fought bitterly over the leadership of the so-called ODM family with Kalonzo taking control of ODM Kenya before Raila went off and bought the original ODM and consolidated his position.

What supporters expected was a cold hand shake with the usual plastic smiles. Instead the two warmly hugged each other. Both men said they were still friends and that was why they had hugged.

Kalnzo even went beyond that and thanked the area MP Boniface Mganga for defecting from PNU to Raila Odinga’s ODM.

Wonders never cease. Is there a possibility that we will see a metrger of the two Orange families soon? Who knows? More so, now that we have entered into the season of surprises galore.


Anonymous said...

You are expecting too much from our politicians Chris, who are mediocre humdrum at best of times and extraordinarily characterless at worst of times all in all we take our politicians as a joke while reserving all the seriousness for redykyulass and mdomo baggy who deserves alot more sincere laughs than they elicit.If they go ahead and merge now it would be akin to the official leader of opposition joining hand and rank with the current sitting Government of the day to form a hapless coalition of sorts whose one main objective is to ensure the incumbent succeds in his efforts to make it back to Government.oh wait....sorry i didn't mean to insult anyone's intelligence

pray tell why has Bwana Kioko gone so silent?i genuinely would like to know

Anonymous said...

Merging the 2 ODMs will take us a step backwards. The same unsolved problems will crop up again. if need be they should only talk after elections.

Mkenya Damu said...

Only in kenya, did we not see a lioness take a baby oryx and give it TLC not a one way ticket to the dinner table.

Mkenya Damu said...

Hoo ndii hem,is doing ODM service by keeping the PNU on its toes in Eastern i think he will be rewarded for his effort.Its like the fly destructing the dragon while you aim to strike its most vulnerable spot.

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