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Friday, September 21, 2007

Why We Kenyans Need To Be More Tolerant


There are quite a number of regular Kumekucha readers who are very upset at the abusive language used in this blog. Many others are visibly very irritated by the outlandish and ridiculous views of others.

There have been suggestions that I simply delete and block the famous Kioko from BC for instance. The truth is that I have carefully considered that option and have found it to be undemocratic and intolerant. It would set us off in a direction where we will be working towards a forum where we all agree with each other like some zombies or remote controlled robots. It would create something here that is too distant to reality. The reality of the situation is that we have very many Kiokos in our midst in Kenya. Unfortunate sick minds that can’t think beyond certain parts of their bodies. But guess what it is their democratic right to have whatever views they have.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you chris for coming to my defence. I wish to state that I believe that circumcision to be an important rite of passage for leadership in any Bantu Nation. I also believe that circumcision can be a useful deterent against AIDs which is ravaging certain fringe parts of the country. I also honestly believe that leaders should sensitise the wananchi on the need to construct toilets in parts of the country where the wananchi are unlearned in public health. As a christian, I also condemn wife inheritance because it is primitive and a source of AIDs scourge. I have also condemn stone throwing and teeth plucking as they are too primitive. I believe in using the original names of places (like Kavirondo) instead of European names (lake victoria) because I am proud of my african heritage. I am also against anybody using names like PENTAGON to provoke our peace loving swahili brothers. Everyone know how the swahilis have suffered under the evil PENTAGON of Bush & Co. Why introduce similar satanic institutions in Kenya? For these reasons, I have simply been crucified by Raila Odinga followers and called names and unprintable insults. Has anybody ever held them to account for abusing other Kenya by calling them Mt Kenya mafia? Why do they show disrespect to the President by calling him BabaJimmy or just a plain Kibaki. His name is HE President Mwai Kibaki commander in chief of the armed forces. Remember any insult on the presidency is an insult to the whole nation and to the military. He is the father of the nation and holds the nation together. It is just like in a family where children are abusing the father. That is unacceptable!! I feel offended when people think the Head of State to be just any Tom, Dick or Harry. Chris, please note that i have always held my cool and i have refused to abuse individuals despite the many insults especially from one Derek and Vikii and a character with the funny name of taabu. I was relieved to know that Derek has been thrown out of this blog due to his insults. Thanks Chris. My upbringing restrains me from abusing these chaps. Tell me Chris, is it an insult to call a cow a cow? isn't kihii the word that is used by Kenyans to describe an uncircumcised male? if it is not an insult to call a cow a cow then why should one feel insulted when i call a kihii a kihii? I am willinging to contribute cash to anyone who wants to get circumcised and doesn't have enough cash. Thanks Chris. Kioko. BC. Canada. my email is

Phil said...

While you express your appreciation , do you, Kioko, actually understand that Chris is confirming your ILLNESS when he says:

The reality of the situation is that we have very many Kiokos in our midst in Kenya. Unfortunate sick minds that can’t think beyond certain parts of their bodies. But guess what it is their democratic right to have whatever views they have.
Secondly every time Kioko comes online to spew his hate comments, he reads a post or two and a few comments, and this somewhat influence him (ask the psychologists) and one day, even if it after 50 years, the man may change....
end of quote

All I can say is when one accepts that one needs to see a shrink, its a step towards the right direction.

Of course you have insulted people on this blog before: eg. you said Raila supporters "think with their anus".

You also seem to be pre-occupied with people's manhoods. Unless you are a homosexual or a sexually unsatisfied woman who is married to an uncut "kihii", I dont see how this concerns you so deeply. How does the status of a man below-the-belt improves one's capacity to debate here or even aspire for leadership positions anywhere in the world? You obviously are not informed of the ABCs of HIV/AIDS when you cite circumcision as a preventive tool against this scourge. Again, you seemingly do not seem to be aware that the greater Meru and Thika areas where your so called "real men" come from, have the one of highest rates of HIV prevalence in Eastern Africa.

Even as you 'spew' from BC, I am kindly asking you to think outside the manhood box, and debate real issues affecting Kenya. Chris has offered us the forum to debate not to express hatred.

Taabu said...

Kioko congrats for falling head long to Chris' prank. You have confirmed all the sarcasm in his defense of you. And you shamelessly raise your hands in jubilation? Well, because I cannot stop going to the market, I have to condition my mind to meet you there. The only unfortunate thing about you is that you are sick yet you don't know it. Poor Kioko, he must be suffering from the hacksaw fumes of the lumbering industry in BC. Or you are village sick in 'HONG' COUVER.

The import in your posts are so pedestrian they make me shudder what quality of debate you engage the majority Kihii (whites and Chinese) in BC. I know your self-confessed BC homo MP who had to resign after confessing to stealing a gold bracelet. You are in the right company bro, we pray for you.

But hey, Kioko has his secret admirers who provide him with fodder for cheap talk. Remember being told what Bantu means? Can't get anny pettier, or can it? He saw the light, predictably picked the gaunlet and the rest is history. You are a hate spanner boy to many because you have the guts to spew what they fear.

On a positive note Kioko makes the society complete and psychology researchers need him badlly. Otherwise exit Kioko and the word of pharmaceuitical innovation goes extinct. Go Kioko go an sing the nether parts. If only it were scientifically proven that the foreskinlessness equates to the quality of burdens your shoulders, then I would demand mine back.

PS: For your information Derek is not out. But because I fear you will trivialize the reason of reflection to your projection, I better not dare inform you. As for Vikii, leave him out of this. He is not yoour type. Go Kioko go.

Vikii said...

Kioko my man, when did I ever respond to any of your articles? All I said was YOU have some serious concerns that need to be addresed (Like people talking about Anglo-Leasing, Goldenberg,Kroll and NEVER talking about the Molasses) BUT I pointed out that I will not use your language in questioning that selectiveness myself.

If anybody has followed my articles, apart from my deliberate moves to rattle Phil and Kalamari,I avoid controversial posts. I never said a word about the Porn poster. I called the whole debate 'little antics'. I have just called the Obiero story whack coz it doesnt make sense. Not even Kalembe Ndile would so foolishly divulge such things. I never added anyhing to it.

That said, I believe my friend Kioko also has the right to say what he feels like. I think it was Mwalimu Taabu who said democracy is the 'worst' form of politics. which is just an admission that some things will naturally get out of hand.

Chris has also attacked kioko's tribe (Assuming he is kamba)during the ODM-Kenya presidential nominations. He talked of "that nasty accent" and "those tell-tale colours" sorrounding Kalonzo. If we were to go that route, it is obvious who the loser would be. In short, let us all not even contemplate tribal talk. It doesnt move us forward but then again like I said,everybody has the democratic entitlement to what they want to say. Just make sure you dont abuse it though.

I will send an email to Kioko requesting if he would be willing to become my campaign manager. Just to prove to him that I have absolutely no reason to "insult" him.

Anonymous said...

Kioko are you offering to pay for people for people to get circumcised because you cannot get a date? If in fact you are a Christian than first of all you are in desperate need of prayer and perhaps bible study because circumcision is not a Christian practice. Finally freedom of speech allows Kenyans to criticize the President, whom it seems you wish was your father. Kibaki I understand is a Christian as well, so i'm sure he would not judge you for being a foolish homosexual, but I'm sure you know that homosexuality is not an accepted lifestyle in the church! Godspeed Kioko.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

I do not think tolerance means protecting people's abusive people. Just like freedom of speech, expression, association, etc tolerance has been and can be abused. I will tolerate anything as long as it does not harm or insult someone else, physically, socially, psychologically, spiritually or otherwise.
Tribalists could argue it is their right to be tribal. In a democracy, Should we tolerate that?

Anonymous said...

Chris, I am sorry my upbringing does not allow me to respond to the above ODM insults. I am a peace loving Kenyan and a supporter of HE President Mwai Kibaki. Nevertheless, be assured,I will continue to call a cow a cow until the cows come back home or until one of these ODM cows convince us that a cow is no longer a cow but a big goat!!So, Raila odinga is a kihii. Why can't the raila herd of kondoos accept a fact which is as simple as eating omena? Kioko, BC. Canada.

Anonymous said...

Why do the lakeside natives get jittery every time someone talks about circumcision? Phi, now that Kioko is offering financial assistance, when are you gonna face the knife? when?

Anonymous said...

Kioko and this above anon are clearly gay lovers, they are plenty of your kind around if you are looking for something to suck. Clearly you guys cannot find pleasure with yourself. Lakeside natives don't get jittery we just find it hard to believe that people can be so limited in thinking to concentrate on Dick's all day, I can understand you guys are homosexuals but please if you're women love us can't you faggots just accept it and and go suck dick in peace? Sent with special attention to Kioko this blog's in the closet blogger! Kioko have you dug yourself a grave yet?

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