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Friday, September 21, 2007

Panic In Kibaki Re-Election Team?


Evidence continues to mount that Raila Amollo Odinga and his ODM party may indeed be winning in the high stakes political game that will culminate in the mother of all general elections at the end of this year.

I have just received some more figures from yet another source who assures me that these are the latest NSIS estimates on the three main presidential candidates.

Kibaki 3.56 million votes

Raila 4.54 million votes

Kalonzo 1.83 million votes.

This is behind a backdrop where more than 900 hopefuls flocked into Orange House on a single day to seek nomination papers, most of them paying the required Kshs 100,000 nomination fee. Quick calculations give you KShs 90 million. It is unlikely that any other political party will...

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Taabu said...

A day in politics last forever. So 100+ days a lifetime. Being #1 is sweat but staying there is sweatest. Dissolving bunge will heighted poltical fluidity like never seen before.

Granted, tunes are changing even in posts here of late. But whether its sponteneous reactions to to Tsunami or reflection of reality only time will tell. And the political heat sours. Iam enjoying the ride on no back meanwhile.

Vikii said...

What 'quick calculations" tell you 900*100,000=900 Million? You can exagerate everything else but numbers will not let you lie with them, not when mathematical operations are involved at least.

These 'final NSIS' estimates only make sense to Raila Odinga supporters like you and a few other die hards who want my head on a plate. Since when did 70% of registered voters actually turn out to vote? I mean this is not advanced mathematics, it is just a simple case of common sense that we cannot have 7 people out of 10 registered going to vote. 60% would have made more sense. The moment such an important rate as the voter turn out is so incredibly outrageous, then you need not look at the nitty gritty of that estimation. That would spare you valuable time.

Finally, Raila Odinga will, despite all the loudmouth like his father before him, die without coming anywhere near state house.

Anonymous said...

I support Vikii, Kumekucha has turned out to be an Orange die-hard with furnishing us woioth fake stories and fake election figures. Kumekucha used to be interesting at first but it has turned out to be a one sided coin which is just out to convince its readers to vote for Raila. On the ground from the normal mwananchi, no one is supporting Raila as president. He is just illusioned by his close supporters and the media. apart from that, he will never be called President Raila. That is one thing Kumekucha and Orange die-hards have to get in their heads... look at who is flanking Raila's bid? same old faces that were there in the Moi era... people who have corruption cases waiting in court then Raila is quick to tell us that he will fight corruption yet his orange outfit is full of the same corrupt people. who is he trying to fool??? KIBAKI TOSHA

Phil said...

Everyone here knows Chris meant to type 90million instead of 900 million vikii, please! Why are you not challenging the more important voting numbers instead?

Anon, Chris is only reporting facts from the ground. Every social place is singing Raila - and all major media and FM call in programs in Kenya this morning were abuzz with Raila's return from a 'long' 1 week tour of the US. It just shows you how the media and the people miss the man when he is away on business of (future) state affairs. I wonder which 'on the ground mwananchi' you are referring to yourself. One question I have for yo anon, why must presidential security (recce squad) have to camp at a peasant widows home in western, so that the president can make 'an impromptu' visit the following day - and thus be seen to have been mingling with the poor! Why must the same widow be 'summoned on the side' the night before the president visits by Western PC and Mister Kombo and coached how to behave when the first family and entourage arrive with TV crews?? Kizuri chaji uza, kibaya chaji tembeza, I tell you if you are indeed a Kenyan.

Raila's reform and social democracy credentials are what endears him to the majority. Here is a man who has single handedly kept the whole country on its political toes since 1997. A hushed pin drop silence falls over any social place whenever Raila's image appears on TV. That is not for no reason.

And to those of us who think that we are voting for ODM and Raila because he is a Luo does not live in Kenya. Of course we respect your right to vote for Kibaki and be taken through another five year joy ride of single digit economic growth (recovery I say) and hyper inflation that is pursuing the one in Zimbabwe at top speed!

Most kenyans are not interested and will confirm that come December 2007.


Taabu said...

Speak of mistaking the trees for the forest. I enjoy the beauty of both from without and not missing anything. And the b(h)eat goes on.

Anonymous said...

The funny thing about the likes of Kioko are that they don't realize that just because the Luo do not have circumcision as part of their culture that does not mean that they don't have the procedure done at birth like the majority of circumcised men across the world. It just seems that Kioko is a bashful homosexual,perhaps suffering from penis envy. The term pentagon should not and could not be offensive to any sensible, knowledgeable Kenyan, because Kenya under Kibaki and previous presidents has always tried its best to be close to the United States as a strategic partner. Perhaps if Kioko read a book and got penis out of his head (or perhaps his mouth) he could post something intelligent.

Anonymous said...

What are those luo procedures? anon, please get serious. These folks are kihiis. Removing teeth makes one look like a cow NOT like a man. Kioko is right and please accept he has a valid point when he talks of the backwardness of the luo tribe. That is why most Kenyans will reject Raila and his ODM tribal party.

salf said...

There is certainly lots of noise on Raila Raila Raila....bla bla. Do not bother with the statistics, Raila wont be president in these general elections. I lack the words to illustrate that HE WON'T BECOME PRESIDENT OF KENYA in 2007 general elections. If Kibaki looses, am ready for Kalonzo, but NOT RAILA. Yes, am one of those who will have none of Raila. And please the Jaluo's, no one is against your leadership, but you HAVE TO STOP FEELING HOT, Jaluo Jeuri thing has to go. Period.

Anonymous said...

How can ODM be considered tribal when it has leader ship consisting of members from luo, luhya, kalenjin, coast, kisii, etc. That would seems like a fairly national outlook to most educated people. Those he want to keep referring to it as tribal are in denial. Go on and keep hating the luo if you want but we will persevere as we always have. And those of you who wish to refer to us as kihiis as if you have inspected all luo males, perhaps you should ask yourselves why your women love us and why you are homosexuals in denial obsessed with penis. As much time as you spend online surely you haters should be able to find some other sick perverts to keep occupied.

Anonymous said...

Truth be told, we can all leave hate aside.
We are however, sorry to say, limited by our backgrounds, tribal inclinations and attitudes. The Luo in Kenya have a not so common attitude of PRIDE. Then, a good number of them, or all of them do not think past Raila. They were silly (sorry) enough to believe Raila in 2002 and vote for a Kiuk. Not that they are selfless or are not tribal, but because even if Raila tells them to stone their wives, am not seeing how they will think different. Can we see some opposition from Luos against odingaism, only then we will believe you have the political maturity to think of taking leadership in this country.

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