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Monday, September 03, 2007

Problems In Securing Wealth Abroad For Moi And Family


Focus On The Kroll Associates Report

One of the most shocking things that the Kroll Associates report uncovered is a company called Government Of Kenya. The legal implications here are colossal. It means that the owners of the said company can trade using that name. It also means that cheques made out to the government of Kenya can easily be cashed by the said private company.

According to the Kroll report, the directors of the company called Government of Kenya are former President Moi, Nicholas Biwott, George Saitoti, Sally Kosgei, J. K. Musyimi, Mark Bor and a Mr Deche.

It seems that sometimes in November 2003 there was a meeting at ex-president Moi's Kabarak home which was attended by his sons Philip and Gideon, as well as long serving aide Joshua Kulei. Also in attendance was trusted family lawyer, Dr Kiplagat. The main agenda of the meeting was to explore how best to protect the vast family wealth, both locally and broad from any possible political interference.

If you remember, already by this time there had been threats to have former president Moi write a statement to assist in corruption investigations which was very strongly resisted by MPs from Rift Valley. One of the individuals who strongly defended the former president and urged his colleagues to leave him alone was one Raila Amollo Odinga. This is a documented fact.

Anyway back to the meeting in Kabarak in November 2003. The family lawyer advised...

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Phil said...

As late as last week, many people including cabinet ministers were praising Moi because of his declared support for President Kibaki. Raila did ask for Moi's protection but it is not an issue to stress here. Kibaki was in Kericho a few weeks ago praising his predecessor as a development conscious leader whose legacy the government shall uphold! Thats really not important, those are political statements. Let KACC do its job, they have the mandate that is costing us tax payers Kshs.1Billion each year. The Kroll assignment costed the tax payer Kshs. 90million, but it has been collecting dust at Sheria House since 2004.

The Government has officially disowned the Kroll Report and in the process caused a diplomatic spat with Britain. Perhaps we should ask ourselves whether that action is justified or whether Dr. Mutua was acting prematurely?

Where does that leave us as a country Chris?

Fraud is the most difficult of crimes to prove in a court of law because fraudsters always ensure documentary trail is done away with; thats why heavy duty shredders are selling like hot cakes. Even the Kroll report in itself is not conclusive.

One way the country can choose is the Truth and reconciliation commission. Let Moi's family confess and return some of the loot and am sure the country will move forward. Otherwise arresting Moi or any of his sons will achieve little progress and a court of law may not achieve a conviction. Besides, the country needs healings from a lot of things and not just Kroll report.

Whats your take Taabu?

Taabu said...

Phil I can't and won't disappoint being one who never shies from picking any gaunlet. Now your take is BOTH right and wrong. National healing yes but selective confessions NO. You may have chosen to put it in coloured tones and not in black and white. But an honest evaluation of all our TOP DOGS reels of fraudulent stench.

Corruption is recognized more in the perception than proof. Can any present top Kenyan politician look us in the eyes and confess no blemish with no cleverly closed cupboard? And can you believe them, HONESTLY? Over to you bro.

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