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Friday, September 28, 2007

Mwai Kibaki Politics And The Experienced Cobbler


One of the things Kenyans must do as we approach the elections later this year is to look back and analyze mistakes that were made in the past so that we stop them from ever being made again.

In understanding Mwai Kibaki the politician, it is useful to take in the following short story. I love to tell stories and I hope you love to take them in.

Nzisa was new in town and wanted her shoes repaired. She saw quite a number of cobblers at one street corner and went to the first one, an elderly looking man, and asked him how much it would cost to repair her shoe. The old man with a very bored expression on his face said it would cost Kshs 200/-. He didn’t even look at her shoes.

“But why is it so expensive?”

The cobbler replied rudely that she...

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Taabu said...

Chris you must be a professional mourner. What a nice eulogy albeit misplaced. Stop being and apologists and justifying hypotheticals. All Kenyans know Emilio the politician and your talk about a would-have been world class don is counterfactual at best.

Yours remind me of the tired line during baba Giddi's ERROR thus mzee ni mzuri watu around him ndio fisi. Common, that belongs to last millennium, give us another one. Emilio owes everything in his life to politcs and you cannot divorce him from his past and present.

Prescribing an hypothtical job to a chap living on borrowed time and life's bonus is insensitive at best and a lie at worst. You don't wake up one morning after 40 years to metarmorphosize into Saul from Paul, can you?

Kila mtu na mzigo yake and let the heat roast those staying in the kitchen either by design or accidently. Na bado.

Taabu said...

Just a thought. Can you read PANUKA either way using only two syllables?

Anonymous said...

Chris. Why do you allow taabu to sail under a false name? Let him come out of the hood so that we may be able to see him. I am sure his name has a first letter as rounded as the grades he used to get in Maths. I wish to remain anon to avoid his insults.

Anonymous said...

Chris. Could you send me your email? I would like to tell you a little about myself and give you my CV, of course out of earshot of the evil troika of Derek, taabu, and kalahari. I am sure you will accept my request to be a moderator. kioko. BC. Canada. my email is

derek said...

Kioko, dont be a stupid c**t. Can you stop dragging me into your mournings. What has Phil done. What has Kalamri done. You are fighting losing battle. Thanx goodness you have learnt a new word MODERATOR. How can life be unfair that you have a chance to quote my name. Really UNFAIR!

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