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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Raila and ODM Must Commence Kenya’s Healing Process Now

After watching political events of the recent months and digesting the latest Steadman opinion poll, I have come to the conclusion that the ODM families must come back together as the first step towards national reconciliation. Now that it is apparent to all that Raila Odinga is poised to be Kenya’s 4th President and that Kalonzo Musyoka may unwittingly end up in opposition benches, the proposed merger of the orange parties should be the number one task, and I expect no less a person than Raila Odinga to initiate moves towards the merger. And Raila must use his statesman skills to make Kalonzo’s landing, just like Mudavadi’s, as soft as possible so as to attract other like-minded political personalities. Both parties have the same objectives and there is absolutely nothing wrong in acknowledging that ideological differences can be ironed out for the sake of making Kenya a successful reform-driven revolution model in Africa.

The Official Opposition KANU has apparently wound –up and joined government. It’s a confirmation that the first families of this country have entered into a conspiracy to control the political and economic resources of this nation at the expense of the rest of the country. The coalition PANU has been formed principally to ensure Kibaki’s re-election and thus ensure a continuation of this conspiracy. And most of those supporting Kibaki now are angling themselves for Kibaki’s succession in 2012. There is certainly no agenda for reforms or social justice. Instead, we are seeing only arrogance and threats from principal partners like Nyachae. These type of individuals must be taught that revenge and retribution is not part of ODM’s development agenda.

Unlike former president's Kenyatta, Moi and Kibaki, Raila must start to be seen as a leader who respects the official opposition and acknowledges its importance to good governance. The ODM must remain objective in their criticism of Kibaki’s regime. As a government-in-waiting, the ODM must show that it can offer workable alternatives. For instance, its recent decision to postpone the launch of its official presidential campaigns by a week is one such smart move. The process of reconciliation should begin now, even before the elections are held. All communities of Kenya must be made to feel to be part of this country.


Proud Kikuyu Woman said...


Taabu said...

Brilliant advice but do you dream it can be realized? I won't be the judge but a look at the way things are disabuses you of any move in that direction. I repeat at the risk of being branded a pessimist that a day in politics is a lifetime. That makes 3 months eternity.

The brutal truth is that both PANU and ODM are ridding on TRIBAL agenda. The transparent difference only exists in the nomenclature. GNU and Pentagon are two sides of the same coin. My fear is that ODM is pushing 2007 polls to US Vs THEM. The resulting wound wil NEVER heal and what a smart seed for longtime genocide?

We have been failed before and swimming in failure currently. Similarly we are staring at continued failure. Kenya can only be saved by a leader outside the present order of scoundrels. Arguing otherwise is akin to messaging egos I fear. Na bado.

Vikii said...

What "statesman skills" are these that Raila Odinga possesses? And on what capacity is he going to lecture kalonzo?

In my opinion, Raila Odinga is very much in this matrix of the Kenyan present political and disunity situation. He is the last person who should purport to support "healing" of any kind. He should talk to the likes of Samoei ruto, Musalia Mudavadi, joe nyaga, Najib balala, Anyang Nyong'o and Janet Ongera. These are the people in dreamland like him. They can try to heal that imaginary state they will be RULING.

Anonymous said...

The way things stand now, I surmise a boycott of 'Elections 2007' followed by mass protests, will send a powerful message to the foxes and wolves across Kenya's political spectrum.

They (ALL OF THEM) have taken us for nincompoops. They all stand for nothing but continued theft of our birthright.


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