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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Is Kenya A Failed State?

Guest post by Mathayo

Some time back there was a heated debate emanating from an article that purported that Kenya is a failed state. A lot of noise has been made over this issue. Many Kibaki apologists and "patriots" were all up in arms trying to counter the sentiments echoed in the foreign publication.
During the past few weeks, I have been doing some analysis on the way this country is run. I can now conclusively agree that Kenya is in deed a failed state.

Case Study One: Elections
In a few months time, we are headed for the polls. Once again, Kenyans are going to vote for their tribal chiefs. Kikuyus will overwhelmingly vote for Emilio, Luos Raila, Kambas will also do the same for Kalonzo. How many plates of ugali will be added to my house after having voted for someone who happens to come from my tribe? Note that most of us have never even had the chance to meet these people. But we will proudly shout ourselves hoarse declaring our undying support.

"Intellectuals" who support Kibaki will continually rant about how the economy has grown. The "intellectuals" supporting Raila will tell you that he represents "true change"for Kenyans. But why does it happen that, you will never find a Luo Prof supporting Kibaki and vise versa. Since they don't want to appear as petty, they bring about non-issues to back up their tribal choice. Mutula Kilonzo, Prof Anyang Nyong'o and Lawyer Paul Muite are perfect examples of what am talking about. If at all our very learned members of society are playing petty politics, what do you expect of the general populace?

More to that, Raila is the best candidate in the forth coming general elections, but when you look at the characters he's working with, you feel that we're being cheated. How do you enact change when you have all those Kanu faces in your cabinet? There was a time Raila was on Citizen Television; Louis Otieno asked him a question about bringing change of government. Raila wasted...

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luke said...

Kenya a failed state? whereas i am all for pointing out our problems and where we have gone wrong as a nation, i don't think we are a failed state. By whose standards are we failed? If you're an MP or even just a civil servant like the head of KACC Aaron Ringera, and each month you take home between Ksh 500,000 and 2million,would you agree you live in a failed state? this type of failure is relative my friend. You are only a failure if you're poor but the economy is growing, your business isn't posting pre-tax profits of millions/billions of shillings and you think the Govt has lost in the war against corruption. Otherwise, you are a propagandist, because just the other day even the UN said Kenya is no longer a least developed country but a developing country(LOL-give me a break, what's the difference? you're telling us something we knew we already were)
Failed political leadership? yes. Failed institutions?yes. Failed hopes and dreams? yes. Failed nation?NO! all you have to do is take a look at you and me.(i said you and me, not your Govt)
we're yet to get the leaders we deserve

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...


Derek said...

Kenya is not a failed state. A state that attracts investments, pays for school fees for all children, pays for its police force, collects record taxes, pays MPs for reading newspapers and even allows 250 political parties to exist.

Anonymous said...

How can we be a failed state when we have a couple of billionaires , a bunch of millionaires , and a sizeable no of thousandnaires.

Anonymous said...

Yes and No. Kenya is one of the most successful nations in Africa with an economic growth rate of 6.5%. However, the Kavirondo gulf is a failed region. Check the following. (1)There are no toliets in this region and the natives are still using the bush and wiping off with wild leaves. (2)Wife inheritance is live in the region. (3)Feasting in funerals. This involves eating everything the deceased left. The family is left destitute. After all is eaten, the crowd leaves for another home where the same game continues. This has lead to massive poverty in the region. Kioko. BC. Canada.

Kenya's Online Voice said...

We might be worse off but I don't think we are a failed state. Failed states are like Somalia. We are a far cry from that

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