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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Beware!!! Do you hate young Kenyans because they play their music too loudly?

There was this restaurant in Nairobi being run by a man in his fifties. He had been operating it for over 20 years and KNEW all the right things to do. Only that business gradually went downhill over the years. Finally, with the debts mounting he decided to call in a business consultant with the intention of selling off the restaurant for the best price possible.

It did not take long for the “young” executive from a well know accounting firm in Nairobi to figure out what the problem was.

Then Senator Barack Obama addressing a crowd of mostly young Kenyans

What had happened over the years is that the owner grew older and lost touch with his target clientele. He was busy doing things that would attract people his own age into his restaurant, sadly most of those guys are in semi-retirement and few of those still in Nairobi would go into a fast food joint in a prime location in the CBD.

The restaurant owner hated young folks. He did not like the way they dressed, they played their music too loudly and talked too loudly. He really hated their morals and their guts. And it showed in his restaurant. But sadly those were the guys he was supposed to be targeting.

This is the reason why many corporate companies these days change their marketing department teams pretty frequently never allowing them to grow too old. The result is that they easily stay in touch with their target market.

The way Kenyan politicians are behaving at the moment reminds me of that short-sighted restaurant owner, running a fast food joint for pensioners. It is business as usual for many of our politicians and they are busy playing the usual game of tribal arithmetic.

Today the Sunday Nation published a fascinating article based on the recently released Census figures that reveals that there will be an additional almost 6 million young people who will be eligible to vote for the first time in 2012. That is in addition to the high number of youngsters who unanimously gave a nod to the proposed constitution in the August referendum. According to my contacts on the ground older people voted against the draft constitution for various reasons and what made the difference is the huge percentage of young voters. Now picture the impact considering that another 6 million youngsters will be eligible to register as voters by 2012. And judging by the increased awareness amongst the young about how critical politics is to their daily lives, chances are that a sizeable percentage of these youngsters will register as voters.

Many politicians and even readers of this blog KNOW that Kenyans ALWAYS vote along tribal lines. They KNOW that the way to win a presidential election is to organize some powerful tribal alliances. They KNOW that elections in Kenya have never been issue-based. Well, they will know a little different in 2012.

Incidentally targeting the young is NOT giving exciting speeches and telling jokes that young folks can identify with.

Issues are very important for the brand new young voters of Kenya who will decide the next occupant of State house. Corruption is something else that has been brought to the forefront in recent times. Good looks too are important. And then these guys easily get bored and so very few presidential candidates if any will be able to successfully make long speeches and still hold the attention of their audiences. And as the Matuga constituency by-election a few months ago clearly illustrated the young people of Kenya are pretty unpredictable and can easily change their minds at the very last minute.

Revisiting long boring speeches, if you are Kalonzo Musyoka you will bore your audience who are already upset with your water melon ways and then blame your political rival for taking the trouble to organize a jeering crowd just for you from Kibera. The point is that such politicians stuck in their old ways of doing things will find it extremely tough going in 2012.

By the way the restaurant I started this post with was saved and retains the same owner to this day, only that he has employed some young mangers and listens to their suggestions. He hates young people less these days. Or shall we say that he is a lot more tolerant?

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Kenya youth are not idiots


Anonymous said...

Utangoja sana chali yangu.

Anonymous said...

You blog requires an injection of ideas from young people like Mwarangethe bwana Chris. Time to drop the old sickly geezers like Luke, kina Taabu and Phil of Kibera.

On a different note, cant you do a blog without insulting Hon. Kalonzo?
You are beginning to look and sound desperate. Utashangaa mzee!!!

Bharathi said...

best best


Anonymous said...

Why did you do this post? the previous one was more lively and we learnt alot from the commentators albeit with little sanity. Thanks for allowing freedom of expression here. sometimes it's good to let it out of the chest.

Anonymous said...

I think you're overrating the our young fellows.Methinks 2012 will still be largely influenced by tribalism, clanism, bribery and the usual thuggery that informs Kenyan politics. BTW, it is only two weeks ago that I fell victim of stone throwing youths in Buru as supporters of Reuben Ndolo and Wathika clashed.If you saw how the young thugs danced and out-shouted each other, you could perhaps agree with me that they weren't driven by serious issues.

I also remember reading in the press (I think DN) about a research whose result indicated that, in a workplace, older people are more innovative as compared to the young. Also find time to witness our public university conducting election, and you'll not fail to notice it is business as usual.

Anonymous said...

I can see many many resturant owners are still trying to sell fast food to pensioners. Oh how I wish mubaki hivyo hivyo. It is NOT in Kenya's best interests for people to wake up to the coming reality.

On that note wacha I join them. (next comment is mine).

Anonymous said...

Kalonzo is who he is and the type of politician he has decided to become, namely, a carry-over from the days of KANU, Nayo era and Moi's Cabinet.

He has failed to change and evolve with the times and Kenyan people. Time waits for no one, and Kalonzo is no exception.

He may become one of the many political casualities in 2012 if the current government fails to implement the New Constitution and screws up in the process.

Believe it or not, Kenyans will rise, and this time, it will not be against the "other tribe" or "political party" but against the incumbent who were given a lot latitude, clean slates, and benefit of the doubt December 2002.

At a time when 99.5% of Kenya's population were really, really fed up Moi and his KANU mayhem.

Let them dare the citizenry in the same way Mobutu, Mengistu Haile Disasters, Kabila, Idi Amin, Samuel Doe, Ceausescu and the South African apartheid regime tried to do with people.

Explain to some of us why Kenya is any exception when it comes to a people's revolution?

So far, Kenyans have been very patient and have gone to the extend of trying to change their way of life through peacefful means, hence the latest political process through New Constitution.

Anonymous said...

Chris you have no idea what you are talking about sitting behind that computer keybpoard dreaming and farting. Eti young people kitu gani

Bwa hahahahahahahaha!

nairobipundit said...

How kenya will slide to full more @

By Nairobipundit

Anonymous said...

1. Nini mbaya na pensioners? Everybody is destined to AGE, so?

2. Wapi professor of everything to feed the e-parasites with his ego-expanding historical theories?

After exclussives on land/oil/weath/religion etc it is now time to enrich the e-pests with theories on youthful leaderships, LOL.

3. While at it why has no theory popped on the devasting Monsoon floods in Pakistan? Come on prof, clear the cobwebs and surf the net and use Sumarian/mediesal theories to EDUCATE the lazzy bloggers crying for your wisdom. Please respect your e-fame, ama?

Anonymous said...


What's going on?

I have been frustrated on so many occasions whenever I have tried to contribute to some of the posts as well as reply to some individual comments on various topics.

Lately am getting hit by the message Service Unavailable. Error 503 every time I press PREVIEW or PUBLISH YOUR COMMENT.

My system is clean, up and running and there is no scarcity of electricity or upgrades ("giredi juu") in my neck of the woods ("katika shingo yangu ya kuni" LOL!)

Taabu said...

@ Anon @2:48 PM,
You are a victim of Google's periodical overloads. Simplest soultion is to get a handle and stop posting as anon.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:17 am is Taabu.
This 55 year old pensioner likes insulting mwarangethe who literally ran him out of kumekucha (stale recycled news) blogging business.

Anonymous said...


Sawa, I will get one. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

While we are at this 'young people' business,what happened to Fidel Odinga?I mean the guy entered into politics like a whirlwind,touring various parts of the country every weekend with local leaders in tow(he even campaigned in Mugirango)prompting Chris to excitedly write how the young Odinga was preparing to carry on with the dynasty started by Jaramogi,but the guy has fizzled out as fast as he came.!Who knows what became of him.?

Philip said...

Anon 8.06

Fidel Odinga "fizzled" out because many people were not happy with him and maybe Raila was warned not to do that mistake.

Supporters of Raila are changing. Long time he used to have ethnic supporters who even after he has done wrong they will pretend to have seen nothing and heard nothing. Now he has supporters who support him for his leadership qualities.

Unfortunately the guy, after being declared the most popular by Synovate, thought he will still go back to his old ways of forcing politicians down electorate mouth. He should know that he did a mistake installing Ndolo.

Also as long as he lets Anyang Nyongo, Otieno Kajwang and Midiwo to control ODM he should know that ODM will remain an ethnic party with imposters from other tribes.

Kenya has good leaders, unfortunatley they are not coming out to lead Kenya to it's proper destiny. I think such people should come out coz Kenyans are getting tired with our current leaders.

We know well that these leaders are not going to implement this constitution, and if the implement it they will muddle it with soil so that the implementation is to their advantage.

This is the time, and not 2017, coz these leaders might be too powerful to be fought, to oust these leaders. This is the time that a proper leader needs to come out and us know him.

Philip said...


There is a story about gold discovered in Kenya here,

Tell us what we need to do, what we need to watch out for, so that majority of Kenyans benefit from it.

Phil said...

Blogger Chris said....According to my contacts on the ground older people voted against the draft constitution for various reasons and what made the difference is the huge percentage of young voters.

This a myth Chris. A fallacy.

Did your contacts do any exit polling on voting day?

Out of a total of 12,656,451 registered voters, only 8,887,642 cast their ballots in the just concluded referendum. That is nearly a whole one third of unutilized ballots!!! Shocking isnt it?

We all know the non voting public consists many of our youth who prefer video games, shooting pool, nursing hangovers and flipping TV channels on remote controls instead of sparing half an hour to participate in perhaps one of the most significant civic duties in their lives. I mean, how do you help a person who is ready to hang themselves merely because Arsenal lost a premiership match? Hanging themselves while doning a fake replica Arsenal shirt?? Its a lost generation. My bet is that those who are in school/college now will emerge as much better citizens than the current 25-35 year olds.

Back to your post, the question should be; how do you get more youths to register as voters and actually cast their ballots? If young people cannot vote, how do you expect them to offer themselves for leadership positions - someone who has never seen the inside of a ballot booth?

Anonymous said...

Phil of Kibera is trying to rubbish the 25-35 year old generation coz he still thinks his sickly 50+ generation is the best thing in Kenya. Just because they were born earlier and wear faded gikomba suits to kosewe to talk about their paper gods. Thats why he still supports an octogenarian luo paper king who is approaching 70 years.
What do these folks smoke in Kibera??

Mwarang'ethe said...

Philip said...

There is a story about gold discovered in Kenya here,


Brother, TZ has been exporting a lot of gold. What do they have to show for it? The failure to make its people wealthy lies in this simple statement:

"The rules which regulate the manner in which land can be owned, and used, and disposed of, must always be the very greatest importance to the state.

The STABILITY of the state and the WELLBEING of its citizens at all times depend, to no small extent, on its land law. This is true today as it was in the earlier period of history."

Let us travel to Botswana and see why they have escaped so called resource curse. It is because Botswana has retained institutions dating back to pre - colonial times, when "land was collectively owned and cattle were privately owned."

According to BK Tename who was deputy speaker, land in Botswana is divided into:

(a) 6% freehold,
(b) 23& state land,and
(c) a staggering 71% is tribal land.

More so, the LEASEHOLDER is subject to a RENT on the land payable to the land board, subject to REVIEW every five years.

As a result of these WISE decisions, the increased land values favor ALL and not some individuals as we see in Kenya.

Now, the issues are these:

(a) Today, gold is at $ 1245. If we assume the cost of producing one ounce is $ 500, will the miner keep all the rest of the money?

And, what is the price of gold goes up to $ 3000 will the miner still keep all the money above the cost of production? And, if yes, why? And, if we want to take it, how can we do it?

(b) Even if he does not keep all the money, will the money be used to pay for paramount chiefs and new passats which create jobs in Germany or reduce your tax burden?

(c) Are we to go into foreign denominated debts to mine this gold? If so, is that not a trap to capture our resources?

(d) Is there a way we can design our currency such that, if we want to buy technology we use our own currency?

If yes, why is our wonderful new constitution silent on this all crucial question?

Simply, without addressing these issues, our so called votes will remain what they are. Modern OPIUM for the masses every five years.

It shall not matter how many times we vote for all we shall get is a teleprompter readers like Nero Obama.

M. Pesa said...

anon at 8.06

My man Fidel is busy doing what he does best, hatching and pulling complex maize "deals" and living large across Westie clubs like a party animal as he knocks his cold Heineken without a care in the world. I thought the dude would change after his daddie got him a Kiuk bride lakini wapi, you can't teach and old dog new tricks. The dude is back on bottle like never before even after a rehab session is South Africa. When it comes to irrigating his ever thirsty throat, Uhuru kando!


The other day you preached to your faithfuls how the counties will now matter more especially with Govnr's and Senate seats and that lesser attention will be paid to national politics. You even encouraged shrewed investors to start locally based investments like a local paper or radio station. So what has really changed? What have the so called young MPs like Eugene Wamalwa, Simon Mbugua, Kutunny and Ababu Namwamba done except being such a huge letdown? (Actually I always flip channels whenever noise maker Kuttuny shows on screen. He's such a useless tribal sycophant!) Give me tough old men like Michuki anytime!

M. Pesa said...


"Supporters of Raila are changing. Long time he used to have ethnic supporters who even after he has done wrong they will pretend to have seen nothing and heard nothing. Now he has supporters who support him for his leadership qualities."

Hehehe, I had to check whether today was April Fools due to that paragraph. You are not dealing with kids here, son.

Anonymous said...

Suporters of Raila akina Phil and the herd in Jukwaa are as sheepish as the sheeps in the villages.
If Raila told them to cut their middle fingers, they would compete with each other on who to cut his the fastest.
Thats why raila holding the Malindi squatters land, molasses land, maize scandal, youth fund scandal and his son selling maize is S.Sudan were all lies meant to demean their 'safi kama pamba king' as he is fondly refered in jukwaa by loosers like oloo onyango, adongo and the loose canon politicalmaniac that does the dirty work of using tribal epithets.

Tumeyaona yote.

Anonymous said...

"If Raila told them to cut their middle
fingers, they would compete with each
other on who to cut his the fastest."

@ anon 1:13. If that was an intentional pun, then it was definitely below the belt. We've moved on from such trivialities I hope.


Anonymous said...

But Mwarang'ethe, 80% of Tanzania's land is held by Villagers--see the Village Land Act. The remaining is under central government control either as reserves (forests/national parks) and general public land--see Land Act and Public Land Act. How has this benefited ordinary Tanzanians who today are under considerable threat from land grabs mostly by foreign investors. Perhaps all good things go together, so that the law is good when enforced and when people have a good understanding of what their entitlements are under the law.

Now on to gold in TZ. The terms of contracting is what is screwing up TZ, with a very low percentage of revenues being held back in-country and most of it being siphoned off by the mining companies.

Mwarang'ethe said...

How has this benefited ordinary Tanzanians who today are under considerable threat from land grabs mostly by foreign investors. Perhaps all good things go together, so that the law is good when enforced and when people have a good understanding of what their entitlements are under the law.


Simply, shift tax from work/wealth creation (income tax) and consumption (VATs) and watch what happens to this land.


Now on to gold in TZ. The terms of contracting is what is screwing up TZ, with a very low percentage of revenues being held back in-country and most of it being siphoned off by the mining companies.


These are the terms you must put up with when you have to borrow money from others to develop what is yours.


While at it, watch what Naikuni says here:

He mentions something we have said so so many times. In the context of charcoal burning, sand harvesting, (poverty) he says one must tackle the ECONOMIC STRUCTURE first.

It is exactly on this issue, we differ with many Kenyans on what should have been the main issue of our constitution making and matters of Mau etc. We wish Kenyans looked at the issue from this angle for we would have come up with a good document.

He also mentions the issue of Maasai selling their land which they never bought. Once again, here, he mentions what will bring future conflict in generations to come. Yes, we may have titles and so forth on these lands, but, the future generations will go to war over this land.

Mwarang'ethe said...

... ordinary Tanzanians who today are under considerable threat from land grabs mostly by foreign investors.


Please have a look at this:

"The backlash begins against the world landgrab. The neo-colonial rush for global farmland has gone exponential since the food scare of 2007-2008."

That small issue of land once again rearing its head.

Anonymous said...

Man I give it to you for your SHAMELESSNESS. You don't have to flog an issue until it drips SHIt. You have made your point o land and we have read the historical theories. No need for the lullaby please. And FYI all your theories are academic stuff of yore which will only germinate in your head.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:52 PM,

stop being envious.

Mwarangethe is brilliant and he has improved the perception of many kumekucha readers. He is the reason I visit this blog every day.
Thank God he came and replaced the taabu's and the phil's of yore who have their square heads stuck in the guts of their political masters.

Anonymous said...

anon 1:13.
...ati 'sheeps'? no wonder you couldn't fit in JUKWAA. With sharp guys like Job, Adongo,tnk, horth.....ungeweza?

you definitely sound like someone called EMKEI whose a@#$ was recently kicked by Onyango Oloo. You tried coming back as OWUOR but pole, the likes of you spew such putrid odour, we can sniff you from afar. Better stick to KK and mashada where intellectual dwarfs like you rant and rave endlessly about RAO this RAO that.

Anonymous said...

Though I seat in public spaces, or walk, or drive through the streets and roads polluted by music that is not anywhere near my cup of tea (hard rock), I will not hate any young Kenyan characters whenever they blare out their blend of music 24/7.

My health is my asset and my home is my castle, therefore I shall not worry or bother myself with the extreme blaring of music in public places.

As a matter of fact, it's very easy to empathize with the young Kenyan characters (15-25 years), when one knows that their eventual reward carries a sentence of perforated eardrum for the rest of lives.

Or for some, when they hit their 40s, 50s, and 60s.

How many times have we heard senior citizens remind us that I can't hear you! I can't hear properly. Speak louder please!

So, imagine a person in his/her 40s or 50s trying to explain to you that they can't hear you because of a hearing related complication (hrc) that dates way back to twenty or thirty years - 2010/2011 - ago?

Cause/culprit? Blaring music 24/7.

Anonymous said...

seems Jukwaa catfights have been brought to Kumekucha. I guess the so called loose canon politicalmaniac has come guns brazing as anon 6:19 pm. Chris, plese send these miscreants back to that troubled blog before Kumekucha degenerates into a battle field of these e-morons.

Anonymous said...

What's "jakwaa"? Is it a place or private club of some sorts?

Anonymous said...

In the news, a 26-year old dies while celebrating soccer. The young man is reported to have fatally dived in to a concrete wall when Gor scored against KCB thro'a penalty kick. said...

The new constitution and the law of unintended consequences ..READ MORE HERE:-

Anonymous said...

anon 8:04/"EMKEI"

.....ati guns 'brazing'. with each post you sound more pathetic. Am not PM BTW, stick to KK stuff and leave jukwaa out of your misery.

Anonymous said...

Re: You've hate for young Kenyan tennis players.

A dim restrospective is not unique to some of us. That's why each new generation of Kenyans can only relate directly to one, two, or perhaps three previous generations. Hivyo ndivyo ilivyo (It has always been that way).

Fulani, I found your personal views during an interview with a certain European ...sports network - after the US Open mens final was over - to be very classless, arrogant, and bordering on the semi-tasteless as well as unsportmanlike conduct.

You had been a given a wonderful opportunity to showcase Kenya's potential in the world of tennis by highlighting some of its tennis history from the 1960s to the present day, given your current age, and what Kenya is doing to develop aces among its rank and file.

Unfortunately, the opportunity was squandered and all you did was launch into an unnecessary diatribe against former and current Kenyan, Tanzanian, Ugandan, Rwandan, Zimbabwean and South African tennis players. There was no need for that at all in this day and age.

Ati, "I used to play professional tennis ... and even represented Kenya 'with class and dignity' ... at international competitions.

Well, well. Did you really? There was no class or dignity in what you said or thought of your fellow Kenyan tennis players, past and present.

Anyway, let's say you did represent Kenya at one point in time, then how comes the younger generations have not heard of your so called victorious exploits in the world of Kenyan, East African, African, Asian, European and North American tennis circles?

Playing tennis as a Kenyan individual at certain exclusive clubs in Europe, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Australia and the USA, doesn't make one a pioneer, or household name, nor a flag bearer in the history of Kenyan tennis.

Such activities are usually considered as personal endeavors, adventure or whatever but not competing or representing Kenya in any international capacity.

FYI, Kenyans who are as young as ten years old know who Kipchoge ("Kip") Keino is in the world of international sports. His legacy lives on and it will continue to speak for itself.

They also know who Rafael Nadal (24 yrs), Roger Federer, Agassi, Sampras, et al are as in 'who is who' the world of grand slam.

Furthermore, sports champions like McDonald Mariga (23 yrs) are household names in Kenya, given his medals from the UEFA Champions League.

And there are many other Kenyan sports champions from the world of athletics who have followed in the footsteps of legends like Kipchoge ("Kip") Keiono, Douglas Wakiihuri, et al.

Check Kenyan Sports Personality of the Year Awards for 'who is who' in that regard.

I have yet to see or find your name mentioned among the "greats" or " sports legends" of our country.

Hence, there was no need of dismissing (trash talking) the achievements of your fellow Kenyans like Paul Wekesa - the only Kenya tennis player to reach Top 100 of ATP rankings -, Oduor, Ilako brothers, Wakhungu sisters, Lukalo, Veronicah Osogo, a "Community Hero" award winner, and other tennis players who have represented Kenya in various tournaments.

Kenya may not have won any of the grand slams as of 2010, and it's not the only nation which has yet to win the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon or the US open.

The future of tennis in Kenya is bright and there is good homegrown talent as well as among the young Kenyan diasporans.

You have not seen anything (the future) yet, and never discount our Kenyan players. One or two among them will rise to the occasion when we least expect it.

BTW, instead of shooting yourself in the mouth - while gloating at Windsor - how about you find ways and means to build tennis centres as well as tennis courts in select schools around the country, and let's find out what the young Kenyans have in store for the world of tennis in the ten years ro so?

Anonymous said...


You're very brilliant. Do you have all your articles in one place so that I can read them all?

Anonymous said...

Yet another digression. My apologies. Just follow his brilliant contributions through Kumekucha's archives and save them for a later date.

Anonymous said...

Ati the youth will save Kenya! The youth is the most tribalistic group of the Kenyan society. Don't you see how the Kibera Luos shout down Kalonzo (a Kamba) for opposing Raila (a Luo)? Didn't you see Kikuyu youth circumcising Luo youth with machetes on the tarmac? And the Kalenjin youth raping Kikuyu grandmothers?

If you trust the youth so much, just try to go to bed without locking your gate? Just try?

Anonymous said...

You are lying outright. 18 - 25 year olds, the young people you refer to, simply didn't register as voters in the referendum, leave alone vote. The pattern has not changed for the last 40 years, it won't change, and young people just don't have interest in politics. You are a pathetic daydreamer.

Anonymous said...

In 2012 the Luhya youth will not follow the Luo youth and vote for Raila as we did in 2007. We have more numbers for our own. Let every person eat from their own sweat! No more riding on Luhya backs like monkeys!!!!!!!

True Luhya said...

@Anon 10.53 a.m. I must believe that you are a Bukusu, well we all know that members of your Baengele clan brought shame to us Luhyas.

So please dont pretend to talk on behalf of other luhyas, you know the trend on the ground i.e if you indeed come from western you will realise that Raila's fanatical following is unmatched there.

That is why your Bukusu sub tribe has been left a FORD-K affair with Bure Kabisa Leaders..Like Bufwoli, Wetangula.

So nothing personal but you Bukusus stink!!!

Wamulhya said...

@Anon 10.53 a.m... PLEASE! You aint no Luhya!!! You must be a KIKUYU masquereding as a luhya, you are the one tribe that seems to hate our LUO Brothers and in the process forgeting that you are most HATED TRIBE IN KENYA TODAY - Tribal bigots, thieves, power hungry e.t.c.

Please we LUHYA's have lived peacefully with our LUO brothers for years! Infact we aint going to follow no GEMA leader period!!!.

Remember your failed project of SIMAMA KENYA! By one JIMMY KIBAKI trying to Impose Wamalwa on us he he he, he should go back to the drawing board huh!


Anonymous said...

Raila is turning 70 soon.
Only pensioners and the usual 'herd of sheep' who have been made to believe their prosperity will come from a particular family would be comfortable electing such an octogenarian fellow.
I aint either, I am young and I play loud music.

Anonymous said...

and they were told of a prophesy that presidency will come to Luhya's after Luo's.
As usual, they swallowed the bait hook, sinker, line and the boat...

Bwa ha ha haaaaaa

Mundu kwa mukundu..

Anonymous said...

I am young and I aint electing atleast a person from GEMA! So am going for a young leader. In 2012 the ages of the so called leading political heavy weights Raila 67yrs, Kalonzo 59yrs, Uhuru 51yrs, Mudavadi 51yrs, Ruto 46yrs.

having said that I will be gunning for Ruto, everyone seems to be kissing his Ass especially Kaloozer. And for the GEMA community who as usual have pulled a deal to leave Ruto out of the Hague coz of GEMA 'interests'.

Well so me be gunning for the Most powerful Man in Kenya today, go RUTO.

Anonymous said...

I will vote for any young visionary leader, with one exception, NONE from the GEMA community! Those guys prefer dying in power, Kenyatta did it and Kibaki seems to be heading there, grandpa cant even walk upright.

Ruto yes is a very powerful man in Kenya today, but he wont make it to statehouse in 2012, his booty licking Kaloozer wont see it either ( Upara na dye kwa kichwa pew)

Anonymous said...

@Anon 9.29 PM ... Mundu kwa Mukundu, thats what I usually do 2ur Girl literally. Kuthigacana proper!

Bwa ha ha haaaa

Anonymous said...

The Uhuru/Ruto alliance is coming. 40% of all registered voters, plus top ups from a few Coastals, Kambas and NEP(10%), and game short. Uhuru/Ruto alliance DOES NOT NEED OR REQUIRE any votes from Luhyas or Luos in 2012. Save them for 2032!

Anonymous said...

anon 1:00 AM,
If you said that in jukwaa, the market madman aka politicalmavi would have gone berserk with his usual mafian and lucy's skirt matusi.
then the 50 year old oloo and the pensioner adongo would have deleted your account faster that you can say alas.
thank chris you can exercise your rights here.

Anonymous said...

anon @ 1.00 this time round its not about the percentage of total vote but number of counties. all the top four tribes combined cannot achieve the required 24 counties and we very well know that they cannot agree on a single presidential candidate. 2012 is about a leader who has a national appeal. forget about alliances it wont work. and by the way before you comment i dont come from either of thses top four ethnic communities.

Anonymous said...

Uhuru/Ruto will fall short of the mark. Game shot will come from RAO

kyrgitt said...

does it ever occur t kikuyus that people dont' hate them? that they suffer from how they relate to the rest of the society? if you scheme through the news any day, 85% chance of any crime, or any bizarre issue has to be by them.. form murder, to theft, to worshiping of money... for instance, in my tribe, i fear stealing because, elders of teh community curses its an inborn check and balance... we have it, maasai have it... merus have it... mijikenda have it... but kikuyu youth need to realize that they have a cahnce to correct the impressions they give to the rest of the country... "ati alioa mkikuyu?walalala...ata mfagilia mali yote..." never heard that? even Churchill says it live on TV..i never get why kyuks think its something to be proud of..seriously..

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 1.12am: The following are Uhuru/Ruto or GEMA/KAMATUSA alliance counties, please pay attention:

1. Meru
2. Tharaka-Nithi
3. Embu
4. Nyandarua
5. Nyeri
6. Kirinyaga
7. Murang'a
8. Kiambu
9. Turkana
10. West Pokot
11. Samburu
12. Trans Nzoia
13. Uasin Gishu
14. Elgeyo/Marakwet
15. Nandi
16. Baringo
17. Laikipia
18. Nakuru
19. Narok
20. Kajiado
21. Kericho
22. Bomet
23. Nairobi City

Those are 23 counties where an Uhuru/Ruto alliance will get 75% of the votes, leave alone the necessary 25% of votes, and then they will need only one more to make 24 counties or a majority! They can easily achieve that from NEP, Ukambani and Kisii counties, and then like i said, game short.

Anonymous said...

Kyrgitt, are you saying you are not proud of Moi and Biwott, those cattle rustlers who looted Kenya dry for 24 years? How come they were not afraid of being cursed by elders for theft?

luke said...

are you saying ODM Kenya party leader KM should appeal to the 6 million youth in Kenya by playing loud music during his upcoming presidential campaigns?

Are you also implying that current ODM party leader RAO and potential candidate for 2012 elections should stop telling jokes and giving his usually exciting speeches for his upcoming 2012 rallies?

You are asking for TOO MUCH my brother, too much

Mwarang'ethe said...

Those are 23 counties where an Uhuru/Ruto alliance will get 75% of the votes, leave alone the necessary 25% of votes, and then they will need [ONLY] one more to make 24 counties or a majority!



"Kenya will remain and shall remain a unitary state." Son of Jome Kenyatta tells us.

In other words, Kenyans will be turned upside down to remove the few coins they had to fund this nonsense. Hail NEW KENYA!

Anonymous said...

Yet another digression. My apologies.

While some ignorant and rabid ethnic chauvinists, e-racists, e-bigots, e-tribal point goons (men), and e-communities' spokespersons busy themselves with spewing their daily payloads of vitriolic attacks and venomous outbursts at each other, there are so many essential issues that that are being forgotten, such as, it doesn't matter what your ethnicity, or political affiliation, or regional background is.

We the public must be reminded again and again that what matters above all else, after August 27, 2010 and following, will be whether the so called "tribal" leaders, or the newly elected MPs, senators, governors and county executives will be able to deliver basic services to all the regions of Kenya.








Anonymous said...

Anon @ 6.44am: Are you claiming that you don't have a special tribal warlord close to your heart? I bet you do, just like other Kenyans, but are too hypocritical and cowardly to admit it. Instead you hide behind pretentious cliches like 'basic services' to hide your frustrations at the existence of other tribal warlords who you see as obstacles to your warlords 2012 ambitions. In fact, like most Kenyans, you voted for the new katiba based on your warlords 2012 chances of succeeding Kibaki (what you call change) so spare us the lamentations.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:47 Am,Obviously you've never heard of the famous 'KUOYA KUOYA IS MY POLICY..!'And most Kikuyu youth pride themselves that it is not in their family not to own a car part,be it a wheel,body or even just the steering wheel by the time they hit 30.And by the way,have u ever seen a kiuk(at least from central)who's past 25 and doesnt know how to drive...??

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 4.41 you did not address the subject matter. In your list r samburu, masai, embu, meru regions and nairobi . You assume too much. Wen i said 4 largest tribes i expected you to go by the latest census. Kyuks, lunjes, kales and luos. How many counties do they have in total. Even your tabulation tho stil falls short of the required. Wakati wa we r most populous is gone. A presidential candidate must have national appeal. period.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 4.41 a.m. You seem to have a misplaced ideological thinking. There are several counties that you have mentioned which an Uhuru/ Ruto alliance would be lucky to attain even 25%

KAMATUSA No longer vote together , maybe KALENJIN. But we all know that Kales cant support Kikuyu's who stole there ancestral land ( Nakuru, Naivasha etc), who wiped them out of power after decades of plunder.

Look carefully at the number of registered voters and historical patterns of voting, dont forget that one Kalonzo run for presidency and garnered around 1M ( Even Kaos included)

Anonymous said...

Did I touch a raw a nerve by choosing to use the term 'BASIC SERVICES'?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I still believe that one of the main reasons why majority of patriotic and concerned Kenyans voted for the new Constitution was to have access to 'BASIC SERVICES' among others.

Excuse me for asking, but what part of the term 'BASIC SERVICES' don't you understand?

Must I provide a simple definition for the term 'BASIC SERVICES' at this stage.

FYI, it doesn't matter - to most patriots - what the political, ethnic, gender or religious background of Kenya's next president and prime minister will be after 2012.

What matters most to me and I believe to most Kenyans all over the country, is the AVAILABILITY of 'BASIC SERVICES' as stipulated in the new Constitution, or as provided in many of the well known democratic nations around the world.

The demand for 'BASIC SERVICES' is not a cliche-ridden issue, but it's a reality that has been placed firmly on the political agendas of the president's and prime minister's lists of THINGS TO DO in the next five to ten years.

FACT: The availability of easy access to 'BASIC SERVICES' will greatly deminish the constant political demand and reliability on well known ethnic demagogues, tribal dictators, "regional/kabila wardogs" and our way of looking at issues through ethnic tunnel vision.

FACT: Our myopic refusal to demand now for the availability of 'BASIC SERVICES' will undoubtedly cause more serious political, economic, health and ethnic problems in the future.

In the meantime, never take for granted, or ever forget to be VERY GRATEFUL for the BASIC SERVICES that are accorded to you and to your neighbourhoods by your generous host nations or adopted countries. Aluta continua!. ~ Desmond Tutu, 1980, Olso University.

Anonymous said...


Forcing politicians down electorate's mouth is a recipe for political disaster and a sure gateway for Machiavellian manipulations.

Obfuscating, obstructing and distorting the wishes of the electorate is a cancerous ploy that metastasizes where competitive democracy should have been nurtured.
Ayang Nyongo, Otieno Kajwang, Midiwo and the "ever ready muscle wing" are ODM's Achilles heel, and it's high time they were reined before their activities take a toll on the party's image.

To put bluntly, ethnic political parties have a very short shelf life when it comes to surviving as national entities to be reckoned with.
Maybe, the time has come for some well seasoned ODM's youthful political leaders to start demanding their rightful place at the table without muscle-flexing the old guard, or waiting to be "anointed" by the status quo politicians.
Fideal Odinga, should borrow a leaf from Muhoho, Uhuru's brother, and concentrate on developing legit family business dealings while staying out of politics.

Many of his family friends, associates and peers hope that he will gradually get accustomed to remaining in the shadows and allow his younger sister Winnie Mandela Ondiga to try her luck at politics when she's ready to take the plunge.
Time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 1.07pm:

1. XXX..In your list r samburu, masai, embu, meru regions and nairobi. You assume too much..XXX.

What assumptions? Samburu, Maasai are no longer ODM zones, and in fact voted 50% for NO in the referendum (due to Ruto influence), and by 2012, KAMATUSA will be one bloc under Ruto, watch this space. Embu and Meru HAVE ALWAYS AND ALWAYS WILL vote along the with their Kikuyu kin. Indeed, the census should have grouped them
together as GEMA just as they grouped Kalenjin and Luhya who happen to be congregations of different sub-tribes, not a whole tribe like Luo. Some of these sub-tribes in one group do not even understand each other, such as Pokot and Kipsigis and Bukusu and Maragoli, while a Kikuyu can understand an Embu or Meru and vice versa without a problem.

2. XXX..Wen i said 4 largest tribes i expected you to go by the latest census. Kyuks, lunjes, kales and luos..XXX

See above.

3. XXX..How many counties do they have in total. Even your tabulation tho stil falls short of the required..XXX

Like i said, 23 counties, only one short.

4. XXX..Wakati wa we r most populous is gone..XXX

It doesn't change the reality that the GEMA communities combined comprise 9 million in total, and that is with Oparanya rigging the true figure which should be around 11 million. go do your math. The fact is that THEY ARE STILL the most populous, whether you like it or not, deal with it.

5. XXX..A presidential candidate must have national appeal. period..XXX

Wrong. The President must have MAJORITY appeal.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 1.26pm:

1. XXX..Anon 4.41 a.m. You seem to have a misplaced ideological thinking. There are several counties that you have mentioned which an Uhuru/ Ruto alliance would be lucky to attain even 25%..XXX

Such as? Please show me.

2. XXX..KAMATUSA No longer vote together , maybe KALENJIN. But we all know that Kales cant support Kikuyu's who stole there ancestral land ( Nakuru, Naivasha etc), who wiped them out of power after decades of plunder..XXX

Yes they do vote together. Did they not vote for ODM in 2007, just 3 years ago? What has changed now and where is your evidence? Did they not vote together again in the recent referendum? Where have you been? Kales will vote where Ruto tells them, just like in the referendum, ancestral land issues have nothing to do with it. As long as they trust Ruto, they will vote as he says. Don't forget that THEY HAVE voted for Uhuru before, in 2002, or you have already forgotten? I think you are a political quack.

3. XXX..Look carefully at the number of registered voters and historical patterns of voting, dont forget that one Kalonzo run for presidency and garnered around 1M ( Even Kaos included)..XXX

That is EXACTLY what i have looked at. Look at the recent referendum voter register, then come and we can talk.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Diaspora is all that Kenya needs to prosper. You can see from the SEASONED ACIDICTRIBAL rants what they are made of. Go on learned Kenyans, make your villages proud, attack and shred other tribes till they bleed dry.

You are the tru face of modern Kenya. Remind all and sundry of your mother tongue and tell others how primitive they are. Your tribe is supreme, PERIOD.

Anonymous said...

well said, I am tempted to expose some tribal mafias that seems to engulf employment among donor organisations. Three of my buddies recently confided in me that three large european organisations are been run by Kenya mafias, i definately will not mention the exact organisations but will share the issues,atleast.

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