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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Has Mwai Kibaki Ever Run A Successful Presidential Campaign?


That is the question that was posed to Kumekucha this afternoon and I had no option but to answer in the negative. The person posing this philosophical question was trying to answer the nagging question I have been repeatedly posing here. Namely who is the president’s strategist in chief and what are their political credentials? For sure going to Makerere University is one thing, and being streetwise enough to spin a campaign of this magnitude is quite another.

For those who think that the president run a successful campaign in 2002, let me remind you that after the serious near-fatal accident he had, campaign decisions shifted to others and it is people like the late Michael Kijana Wamalwa, Charity Ngilu, Raila Odinga and others who played a key role in his election.

The campaigns that the president oversaw personally was in 1992 and in 1997. In 1992 he was handed probably his most humiliating defeat by Kenneth Matiba who hardly held any campaign meetings to mask his very poor health from the public and yet Kibaki criss crossed the country aggressively campaigning. Kibaki ended up a poor third in those first multi-party presidential elections since independence in 1963.

In 1997, Kibaki came second to Moi but ironically was the main stumbling block to opposition unity which would have comfortably removed Moi from office. Instead he stubbornly stuck to his plan to...

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Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Well, has anyone? NO! I'm one of the few people who believes that Moi democratically won the presidential elections both in '92 and '97. And that had Raila not sung ting Kibaki malo when that was the only sensible thing to do after being ditched by Moi through Mudavadi, we would still be under KANU. Funny enough, though, everything that everyone in government or opposition today has done or not done in the past is heroic, unless it was or was not done by Kibaki.
The only reason Kibaki is gonna win this one is his PNU/GNU strategy, plus the rare chance that ODM-Kalonzo aka Ho Ndi Hem quits the race and maintains their leader's previous stand-hata Kibaki akishinda ni sawa tu. The reason Raila will win is his endorsements from across by the world leaders and the slight chance of wooing back ODM-K. The reason Kalonzo HAS LOST is his splitting from ODM-yawa. As the Kikuyu say, a house divided is clashed with only one rungu.

Its not about Kibaki, its about the only strategy that works-unity. Why, for instance, should we have 250+ registered political parties, if we need to beat the leader of one non-existent party (PNU was created less than a month ago)? Optimistically, though, maybe I should be glad we are all blessed to have so much to choose from in things that really matter.
For the record, niko hapa hapa tu,Kibaki abaki.

I vehemently defend free and fair elections and like Raila, will honourably accept 'defeat' if 'we' lose. I'm Kenyan. Damu, jo! And guess what, whoever is Kenya's next president, that will be PKW's HE (insert name) President, CGH etc etc, with all due respect. In the meantime, my raw opinions will be posted hapa hapa tu!

Anonymous said...

The majority of Kenyans can never accept a jaluo President. They are uncouth and uncivilised. If you want to plunge the country into Somali or Rwanda kind of chaos, then talk of that fish eating idiot anywhere near the Presidential Palace. If the idiot gets power he aims to: (1)Abolish house rent. (2)free electricity (3)Free water (4)government funded funeral eating sprees (5)Abolish the stock exchange (6)All men to have the six-lower teeth removed (7)Abolish circumcision (8)Promote snake worship (Omierri) (9)Government funded tero bul satanic practices (10)dig up the filthy and smelly bones of Jaramogi (Kenya's only Kihii VP) and give a state funeral where 10,000 bulls will be slaughtered.(11)wife inheritance to be enshrined in the fool's constitution. (12) Ugali and fish eating to be favourite national pastime.
This is why an intelligent Kenyan cannot vote for this fool. Long live PANU. Long Live H.E. Hon. President Mwai Kibaki, CGH, MP.
kioko. BC. Canada.

Phil said...

You can ask that again PKW; has anyone ever run a successful presidential campaign? Never in my opinion since independence. Our constitution and way of doing politics would not allow it. And you know something else Chris, campaign funds will do little to change the results. Am glad that today you are publishing some of the traits of the current president - selfish, stubborn, dishonest, etc.

I must say however PKW, your kind of attitude are what this country needs so as to move forward. Equality is crucial as is respect of rule of law. Even more important is the need to table and honestly debate the reform agenda so that past way of doing things is buried forever. As matters stand right now, two 'leading' presidential contenders have already openly shown they do not respect rule of law nor have any moral standings to be head of state. It is very uncivilised to assume that certain people do not deserve to run for elective seats let alone being presidents. The 'power' behind Kenya politics - Moi - is one person who is making a fatal assumption that apart from the first families - no other Kenyan is entitled to be president and that any voter in the rift valley will vote according to his guidance. Please!

Unfortunately again, Mwai Kibaki and his ilk have been shouting themselves hoarse by trying to convince us that economic recovery is the same as economic growth. The same regime has been chest thumping about free basic education, yet we - those of us with kids in public schools - all know we pay fees in another name 'approved levy'. We also buy books, meals and uniforms. Primary schools in rural areas are there to just offer poor rural kids a place to spend time in over-crowded sometime non-existent class rooms as opposed to quality education. The list is endless if we choose to go by NARC pre-election pledges.

Luckily for this country, in a few weeks time, a constitutional opportunity will present citizens with a chance to consign Kibaki and Moi to their deserved retirement and shortly after public confessions for past crimes; and going by the mood on the ground and with-held opinion polls, Kenyan voters are already rubbing their hands with glee awaiting their chance to test the taste of real economic growth and real free basic education, so that the likes of Kioko may find ambience locally to afford to return home and be more productive in local market places. (I cant help but picture him at Mathari Hospital receiving due health care).

Anonymous said...

Phil. What do you know about economics? Did you take your Economics degree at Oxford? You got a First Class honours like Mwai Kibaki? please Prof Phil let the lesser mortals know about your achievements as a seasoned economist. Are you now working with the IMF or with the World Bank? How fortunate it is for Kenya to have a brilliant person like you! I hope you will be the second Kenyan to win a nobel prize. I am sure the idiot will make you Central Bank Governor when he takes over in January!! Meanwhile please enroll in the Oxford University blog so that you can meet you match.

Anonymous said...

In response to anonymous's comment that the majority of Kenyans will never allow a Jaluo president, those kind of remarks clearly indicate why education in this country has to be improved thoroughly, that is the only explanation I can come up with to explain such ignorance. Perhaps when the elections are over and new era is born, this anonymous imbecile will just dig themselves a whole and bury himself or herself!

Anonymous said...

Is kioko from bc, canada afraid of coming out of the closet and admitting he is a homosexual? Just wondering and when Kibaki loses the elections will this lonely in the closet fellow from canada go back home and pronounce his unyielding love for one mwai kibaki?

erick said...

Kibaki has gone to his Old ways and finally they have caught up with him...Old golf buddies,Old political cronies read Moi,Karume,Nyachae axis,so isnt it an open secret that Kibaki is preparing his retirement plans adequately.
Now see he has even dumped his nephew Alex Mureithi who did a commendable job for the NARC spin team....please so stop heaping blame on Raila who is tactful,aggresive and smart...what of the PNU "Issue orriented campaign" aka Odinga bashing instead of resulting to below the belt issues PNU Supporters you are in for a campaign lesson of your this space!!!!!!!!

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