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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Elusive Fourth Province For Mwai Kibaki’s Re-election


President Kibaki is on the campaign trail and once again he is in Western Kenya, actually for the second time in less than a month. So what is it about western province? Why does the president seem to emphasize so much on Western province in his re-election bid?.

Emerging evidence seems to suggest that some recent critical figures obtained from a very recent poll have been deliberately kept out of the public domain. Those figures, it is believed show for the first time, Raila Odinga neck to neck with president Kibaki. There are even those who claim that Raila Odinga is in fact slightly ahead. Kumekucha cannot verify this information for sure at this time. But what I can verify is that the president’s camp is a little anxious about their candidate’s estimated numbers just now.

President Moi is no longer a young man he once was (left) but the saddest thing is that just when President Kibaki has placed a lot of faith in the former president helping him to get back to State House, there are a number of things that are visibly wrong with Moi. His judgment is NOT what it used to be, for instance. President Kibaki will pay a very high price, just wait and see. (Read Full story NOW)
Because of those numbers, President Kibaki’s handlers see western province as a key campaign area. They see it as the incumbents’ badly needed fourth province. It is already clear that Kibaki will have a strong showing in 3 provinces where he will easily garner over 45 per cent of the vote. Namely Central, Nairobi and Eastern. Although there are those who argue that Nairobi is cosmopolitan enough to give Kenya’s 3rd president a nasty surprise. Personally I don’t see that happening just yet.

The president’s main challenger, Raila Odinga is looking stronger by the day. Latest estimates show the son of Jaramogi easily capturing a minimum of 45 per cent of the votes in Rift valley, Western, Coast, Nairobi and North Eastern province although the latter with about 200,000 votes in the whole province is only useful in helping a candidate get the mandatory minimum of 25 per cent in 5 provinces required for a presidential candidate to be declared duly elected. Let us not talk about Nyanza for now because Luo Nyanza will vote for Raila almost to a man and the rest of Nyanza has “smelt blood” and seem to be positioning themselves...

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Taabu said...

Political blinkers come in all shades. What JC Kulei was to Toro Murage is to emilio. Jirongo turns the coin to a head just as Karuri does the tail. But hey why am I scandallizing progressive Kenyans? Murage and Karuri are educated, smart and suave enterpreneurs while the ex-prison warder and political hireling (thug) are looters, right? That is selective abtracted amnesia for you.

PANUENI macho zenu. Emilio is only out performing national duties. Sio kelele kila siku jameni, kura ni siku moja tu. With Toro ropped in, the coast is almost clear of all political debris.

Recall "hands off, ears off, legs off and everything off" remark? That was the height of political comic relief. Shaggy's song IT WASN'T ME answers it aptly.

Sometimes my tired limbs urges mere to on and enjoy the foot ride oblivious of the horse alternative. Look at Toro's self-destructive obsession kama professor. Blend that with nostalgia made in Makerere. What you get is old wineskins being forced into a pressurized new bottle. The cheap generational alternatives offered by Mungatanas of our times smacks of juveniles dancing themselves lame to copyrights before the original melody.

We haven't seen anyting yet. Recent posts here is bereft of SWEARING and SWEATING which only manifests our political fluidty. Gears are changing yes but we are effortlessly haulting downhill to polotical oblivion. Na bado.

luke said...

Chris, i have decided to re-brand my party for the sake of marketing strategy as HAPANUA HAPA PARTY from the previous HAPA HAPA PARTY and don't tell me its because its name is difficult to pronounce in its former version or because i am seeking to emulate the name of ile party that previously ruled Kenya with an iron-fist. wacha siasa please
a recent survey i conducted shows the percentage of votes i would get from KUMEKUCHA READERS
watu wote 99%
Derek 1.5%
Vikii 1.0%
Taabu 1.1%

currently my supporters are not scared to show their true colours for me, but the latest opinion polls have been doctored prior to being re-released and estimates down and upwards mean i am not sure where i stand but i soldier on thirstless.
Chris, my campaign begins in earnest this Friday here as i seek out Derek through his phone number that was re-released here two weeks ago. i am hiring the services of choir masters from Mavuno and i am sure my theme tune itabamba. Just one thing, i lack a party symbol, and a slogan. please i need some help with these-i am torn between a cockrel with a flower in its mouth and a banana held upright by many hands
My recruitment drive shall be massive-Kenyans are willing footsoldiers who will die for their chieftains. Oh who will take a bullet for me?who will swear and sweat in my name?

Taabu said...

Luka, the map of Kenya seems to be HOT stuff. So I suggest you (ab)use the map of Kenya with compass (cross) budivided. That would give your 8 portion symbolizing PANUA (expand) Kenya. Hope it works, let me know and I won't charge you for any patent nor copyright.

Anonymous said...

Luke. I do not understand the rubbish you have written. Could you please find some nursery school website to pour your stupidity? Chris, I think it is time you deleted silly contributions from this blockhead. I also have in mind other idiots with kiddish names like sayra and vikii.

blockhead said...

love you anonymous

Sue said...

Yani Luke you looked at this post about Kibaki with Moi's photos and thought the only relevant comment would be about current polls of your 2012 HAPANUA HAPA PARTY by Kumekucha Readers?

Anonymous & Blockhead don't dismiss Luke so fast, he’s just trying to be a comedian like some of our politicians. His rubbish cannot be compared to the debris that Kioko vomits here.

Wacheni Kijana agutuke.

Anonymous said...

Chris, I have been away for some time now and I just love your posts as well as the remarks (Apart from the abuses of course). About ODM, Hoo Ndii Hem, and Pita Na Uende (PANU), guys, you ain't seen anything yet. The kind of campaign blitz that's going to take place in this country has never been seen before. Those who think abuses are the best way of communication, good luck to you.

Phil, thanks so much for carrying the ODM flag amidst all these insults. I am proud to be associated with you, and ODM.

Vikkii (and the ilk), please tell me what your man is going to achieve through all these rants at Raira (Or is it Lailla?). Why can't KM concentrate on his own campaigns to unseat Kifaki? And have you noticed that Lailla has never answered KM in public? Talk of ignoring a fly when it lands on your coat!!

Chris, despite all these, let's try and keep violence away. Please preach the message of peace to everyone. No need for insults. And very soon, things will start taking shape.

Kibaki abaki, sisi tuendelee mbele.
Kibaki Toka, Raila Tosha!

Chief Al Hajj, Dr. M.A. Nanga, MP.

Vikii said...

Chief nanga, I am glad you are back. Which rants are these that kalonzo has been engaging in. As far as I knw, Kalonzo has always had kind words for raila. He was at the fore front condemning the raid on his campaign offices. He has said he will not join Kibaki and would rather join the orange goons if he had to (Of course were he to do that, he would become history). So which rants are those?

I consider you the most intelligent of the raila Odinga goons Chief nanga and so i expect u to understand that what Kalonzo is talking about now is the party symbol. This is a grave matter for the party and Kalonzo's stand was aggravated by provocation by the heavily bearded and very disgusting-looking Anyang nyong'o. Did you guys want him to lie low?

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Phil said...

Vikii, do you know the mean of the word goon? Its an insult; last time I checked it meant (a) especially British English a silly or stupid person or (b) especially American English a violent criminal who is paid to frighten or attack people. I dont believe any of your opponents in Kumekucha deserve that kind of appraisal from you merely because they dont support Kalonzo or Kibaki. Wachana na matusi ndugu yangu.

Chris, NOW that KADDU Chairman Cyrus Jirongo has of this afternoon announced he has dropped his presidential BID in favour of Raila Odinga and ODM - and taken that you, Mutahi Ngunyi and the rest of uninformed Kenyan journalists have been touting KADDU as the party to watch in Western, what can chances does Kibaki/Moi axis stand in Western, considering 5 Luhya MPs allied to Kombo and FORD-K have confirmed they are not interested in PANU and are poised to defect to ODM on Saturday's rally at Bukhungu Stadium. Or you want to say Jirongo was bought out? Or that he is a corrupt YK92 operative? Or that Luhya's have always been known follow 'others like sheep'? Even if Kibaki capms there for the rest of his term, those guys from Western where Chris comes from will never vote for him again. They are tired of being used as door mats - just for Kombo and friends to be given state limos with flags on them!!

When you will you guys in blog, especially Raila's secret admirer Vikii and Derek, accept that the time for change in Kenya has finally dawned and that Raila is the best thing that could have happened to this country only Ranking second after independence day?

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

My other 'reliable sources' indicate that our son Kifaki had a good day in Western. Raira can only dream of such in Central or Ukambani.

Now that you've gone tribal, invoking even your dead mother's name in politricks, I might as well add my 2-cent worth here. My best buddy in college was Bukusu, and tell you what; I'm yet to meet a more loyal, kind, thoughtful everything-nice friend. We were as close as close can get,and both agreed there is no point in living with your tribes-mates in colle, having been born, brought up, educated and churched by and with them, and with so much choice in colle. We also agreed that one of our best Kikuyu friends was actually best as a friend and not a room-mate. Its a shame we've not been that much in touch since kumaliza chuo.

That said, as half-Kamba-half-Luhya-married-to-Kikuyu as you are,there is precious little you can tell me on what 'they' (Bukusu) fikirieko of Raila pwana! Remind me, for example, what sub-tribe is Musikari Kombo? What does that say? Doesn't Mukhisa Kituyi have a tribe, perhaps a sub-tribe with a handful of followers? How about Uncle Moody? It's this strategy that Raila copied in his choice of a running mate, blindly ignoring the regionalism that this blatantly portrays in his case.Didn't even you question how the son of Moses beat one 40-year old Kalenjin elder William Ruto. The controversial, in your own opinion, delegate's list that lead to the insider-job break-in of the ODM house.

'We' also have a close friend in the form of one lake-side-born (?) Raph Tuju. GNU/PNU/PANU/PANUA/Whatever President Kibaki's horse is called, 'sisi', tunaona mbali. Tuko hapa hapa tu. Hakuna wasi wasi. Sisi ndio titashinda, sio nyinyi. Na hata wao wakishinda, ni sawa tu!

sayra said...

Luke ... your comments crack me up ... ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!. For the slogan, how about something like:
you- hapanua hapa, people- party; you- tuko, people- hapa hapa;
you- tunaenda, people- pare pare; you- tutafika, people- huko huko;

sayra said...

Luke ... your comments crack me up ... ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!. For the slogan, how about something like:
you- hapanua hapa, people- party; you- tuko, people- hapa hapa;
you- tunaenda, people- pare pare; you- tutafika, people- huko huko;

Vikii said...

Yes Phil, that is exactly what I meant. Raila and a good number of his supporters are GOONS. I am sure you know it Phil. Maharamia wa kisiasa.

Vikii said...

One minute you are accusing me for having a 'deep hatred' for Raila and the next you accuse me of 'admiring' him. Which is which Phil? The latter one can definitely not be true.

kalamari said...

Phil, chaps scream loudest on a sinking ship. There are valid reasons for the antics being displayed here by desperate Kalonzo supporters.
Finally, some light has been focused on the true Kalonzo, a man who cannot deny being committed to jail for swindling a piece of land in Athi River. I can understand the gnashing of teeth within the last minutes of life. What looses me is the choice of Kibaki as an alternative. In my opinion, this jaama has presided over the worst five years of Kenya’s history. His presidency has been the biggest anticlimax of the century. With insecurity (Mt. Elgon), low quality education, mercenaries, tribalism (Finance ministry), intimidation of the press freedom (raid in pajamas), corruption (anglo leasing), killing official opposition (Uhuru/KANU), endorsing Moi’s brutal rule, I wonder if there’s a single valid reason to reelect Kibaki.
For those who cannot wait to cast a vote for Kibaki, would you please let people know of one great idea for Kenya that has undeniably emanated from the faculties of this president? What will forever be known as his pet project?

Vikii said...

These are the kind of people you naturally dont want to teach. That would be an exercise in futility.

Anonymous said...

What about Raila Odinga? shouldn't he also be sent to jail for his theft of Molasses in the Moi regime, and Roads funds in the NARC era? Did Raila not endorse and support Moi in his last five years. Please Kalahari, give us a break!! Kenyans are much more intelligent that you think. What great ideas have emanated from Raila your stupid idol? Is it "we want MOU" or it it "Kalonzo na Mpila". Many Kenyans cannot be hoodwick by the stupid politics of a hood wearer. Who introduced free primary education in Kenya? Was it Raila? You talk of quality of education, my foot! How good is it in the US? Many Kenyan school dropouts have joined US Universities and graduated sum cum laude. From your shallow arguments, I wonder what else you know apart from Raila worship. You talk of tribalism in the Finance ministry simply because jaluos have been unable to get jobs there. Must they? Why can't they look for jobs in the fishing industry? Please Kalahari! I wish you could stop using your anus in your thinking. Why don't you judge the Ministry of Finance with what they have delivered to the Kenyan people? A 6.5% growth in the economy AND this is without IMF and World Bank support!!!! If Only Mwai Kibaki had become President after Jomo Kenyatta . .. Kenya would be like Switzerland today. Please Kalahari, get another website to vomit your stupid ideas. Kioko, BC, Canada.

Anonymous said...

Wewe Kioko Umechizi. What are you smoking where u are can u do research on all above and then open yr mounth. You sound like an idiot. Imagine you cannot even express any point to convince a single person to vote your ideal candidate. What makes u think U can spew abuses to force people to change their minds.Please get a life na uache matusi!!!

kalamari said...

Kioko, I have been to BC Canada and I know what you are doing there. As such I fully understand your bitterness as expressed by your choice of hilarious words. It’s clear that behind your dark veil of funny words lays a religious man of great integrity and exemplary upbringing. Do not blame Raila for your iniquities and sufferings; rather search for solace in his arms. It is the brutality and inequalities of the current administration that forced you to take refuge in squalor… albeit in BC.
That said, weaving through your web of humorous words, I think your only point is free primary education…. and that you are determined to prove beyond reasonable doubt that Kibaki is indeed the owner of this noble low quality shenanigan. Don’t get me wrong, I think free primary education is almost a human right. That’s precisely why its delivery should never be used as a political gimmick. Don’t you realize that if you allow Kibaki to continue graduating half baked primary school leavers, we will become a nation of idiots….. and forever be used by the extremely rich political class that is in its formation right now as we speak (look at IPOs… I mean the nitty gritty). You see, some of the goals to keep you and your family in yokes are, sincerely speaking, long term goals.
Now Kioko, there no expectation that you understand what I’m talking about and your response will be a litany of rib-tickling words. Whereas I want to laugh as I read, I urge you contemplate on the reason as to why you are, at this very minute, reaching for your feet with your fingers…… and who’s that behind you?

kalamari said...

Just so we don�t make any insinuations here, my trip to BC was purely business�..the corporate type.

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