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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Commentators Threaten Kumekucha


Yesterday I reused a comment left in this blog earlier on which everybody apparently missed initially where a Mr Joseph-Oloo Obiero of Denver claimed that he had had a candid session with Raila in the US where amongst other things he had asked what the ODM candidate planned to do against corruption and looters.

What was most interesting about the post was the fact that both pro-Raila and anti-Raila forces here were very upset by it. Pro-Raila forces because it exposed their candidate’s true feelings on looters at a time when they had worked very had to tone down their candidate’s perceived radicalism. Anti-Raila forces were very upset because it made the candidate look good and decisive in what they were going to do against corruption.

Somebody even threatened Kumekucha with legal action (if the popularity of this blog can be ascertained). Firstly whenever somebody starts talking about the popularity of this site, I immediately know whom I am dealing with. Basically chaps from the old school who think a blog is like a printed newspaper where you regularly get concerned that folks will not buy copies. They have no inkling of what search engine optimization and search engine traffic means. Basically we are talking about old school chaps with an agenda and on somebody else’s payroll. And sometimes they are partly effective in convincing some of our other readers here that the information we publish here is mere propaganda...

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The world flocks in to get hold of the finally-published-in-full Marianne Briner/Jeff Koinange no-holds-barred steamy emails.

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1 comment:

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

I didn't see any threats, maybe we are reading from different scripts.Or just the point of view was different. I saw people who are capable of demanding more, not swallowing lies because they are packaged as the truth. It's a question of common sense, which I've learned is not all that common after all.
What I inferred was a lot of cynicism on readers from both sides. I personally thought that Raila's claim that he will put his 'friends' behind bars was a total lie. Of course those on his team will never admit that their camp is full of thieves who really only care about their own survival.

The other thing I have questioned all along is the authenticity of your sources. When you claim exclusive access to extremely important information, definitely no one can question your (perhaps even non-existent, we would never know how much you cook up) sources. For instance, when you bump into a 'semi-illiterate Mijikenda' (this is only part of nine tribes, but I'll ignore the ignorance) who tells you 'the truth' about the assassinations of prominent people in Kenya, and you publish it as the gospel truth, who in their right minds would not question that? When you give us facts from 'word on the street'? When what you believe is what is 'widely believed'? Calling that the truth waters down 'the truth' as I know it, making it dubious and questionable.
Finally, if you think something is such a non-issue that it doesn't warrant comments, why bother posting it?
Oh, and by the way, so its John Githongo who pulled out of the presidential race to get a master's degree?

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