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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Surprise Hard Hitting Raila Statement At The Airport



Press statement delivered at JKIA, Nairobi, 22 September 2007

By Hon Raila Amolo Odinga MP

WHO WOULD HAVE imagined a conspiracy of fate that today - in September of 2007 - political forces in our beloved country have realigned themselves as malevolently as they have.

Today, the Daniel arap Moi who was evicted from State House 5 years ago has effectively returned there.

And the man who served as his Vice President, Mwai Kibaki who is now the constitutionally elected head of state is also in the same State House. And recently he has sadly been joined there by the Official Leader of the Opposition, Hon Uhuru Kenyatta.

Home guards who castrated freedom fighters now manage our security system, and the individuals from the Moi kleptocracy era continue to head and manage our civil service and the parastatals. Kenyans are once again at the mercy of the repressive and regressive forces.

The second liberation has been consumed by the authors of KenRen, Goldenberg and Anglo Leasing. The very same men who turned Kenya into one of the most corrupt nations on the planet have united in an attempt to hold onto power once again so that they can continue enriching themselves and their friends. To woo the wanainchi for their votes, stolen funds will be poured and they shall be constantly reminded of their differentness along tribal lines...

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1 comment:

Phil said...

After a long and very rough drive from Muliro Gardens, I am arriving Nairobi at three AM. I have to say Chris, information reaching us as we retire to bed is that young recruits from arms of the Kenya Police and state security apparatus have been tasked (with allowances paid by tax payers) to hang out in social places in Nairobi to gather intelligence and watch over security. These rookies are teaming in large numbers at bars and clubs frequented by Luos and Luhyas, especially Deep West, Club Afrique, Dolce Club and Tents Mombasa Road. According to an OCPD I spoke to a few moments ago, 'orders from above' instructed them that members of the police force shall not be allowed to take leave for the foreseeable future and shall remain on standby even when off-duty. They are further required to guard these social places. Why?????? Problem is these young recruits are going overboard with their allowances and exposing what they dont really mean to expose. As it is, they do not hide their preference for an ODM government. They also do not hide the fact that they mean no harm and they are there to watch over!?

Which brings me to the main issue. I agree with you. Raila is displaying some boldness never seen before in this country, even his dad knew the borders...Just who is the power behind Raila's colourful campaign and seemingly unstoppable road to state house? Who is after Moi's (obvious target) blood? Who is guarding Raila's supporters even when they are enemy number 1? Has Raila received an all power endorsement from an external or an internal source? Adui anaelengwa ni nani kama sio jamii za Kenyatta,Moi and Kibaki?

On the other hand, Not believing myself talking, I have to ask - could Raila a puppet of a foreign government? Say Libya, RSA or USA? These are possibilities we have to sleep over, not that I have any doubt about my preferred candidate, but only because - we have to understand why Moi is in panic mode when his own sons are seriously contemplating defecting to ODM! Kibaki himself is encouraging voters to come out is large numbers to vote him out. Whats going on Chris? Could it be as a result of the unreleased Steadman Report?

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