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Thursday, August 16, 2007

What's Really Going On At Equity Bank?

In my days as a journalist working for various publications, my specialty was business analysis and reporting. I have no problems reading a balance sheet (especially between the lines).

However the events of yesterday and today seem to suggest that I have gotten a little rusty. Some guy now says that I should stick to what I do best these days—political propaganda. That gave me a laugh because the man knows that if what I was carrying here was mere propaganda, this blog would not have half the audience that it does.

Anyway, I am not perfect and before I answer him and others in this blog, I will do some digging on Equity Bank and get back to all you good folks. My gut feeling is that this bank is still OK but let me gather the evidence and facts to back that, if any.

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Anonymous said...

I said that if James Mwangi slept with dogs, he shall awke up with fleas. In Lubao market, the pariah dogs that roam the market stalls, are infected (read them as Trade Bank, Trust Bank, Thabiti Finance etc).

If Mwangi ever had skeletons in his drawers or his hands have blood, then, this blog has that audicious effect of reporting it. Read this space!!

Taabu said...

Plastic growth cannot stand the effect of a luke-warm frame leave alone fire. The apparent noble inttention may just be smart alecs preying into our collective naivity. Trust Kenyans to be overtly 'patriotic in pampering their own. In the claping din smacks off skimming of public funds.

Why would a corporate CEO be more in politically -related headlines than in boardrooms brainstomring on potential strategic expansions? Informed deception tells me it was wrong when the Kips of this world did it under Moi but the height of genius and strategy by others. The tectonic plates are shifting and latent energy if finally released, we would better borrow lesson from Lima.

NB: Bw Derek have you gone anonymous? Just curious and I hope I don't suffer the consequences like a dog.

Anonymous said...

wacheni porojo!!
y'll quick to diss a homegrown banker on accusation from a politician ?
why are we so quick to sluaghter our own and run to the mzungu-stanchart and barclay? black people kweli.
No different in the people claiming Obama not black enuff...what NONSENSE!! and running to a jungu woman hillary ?
we need prayers

derek said...

Wewe, hakuna porojo. Mwangi has his sins and the PR antics, better that Bill Gates will tell you that there is something he is hiding.

Mwangi appears in the press more than Central Bank Governor and even more that the Finance Minister. If it is sound, then why the hype.

Kizuri cha jiuza, kibaya chajitembeza, sorry chajitangaza.

Further info, I would rather Barclays than a kiosk bank and in this case, a bank whose future can cause trouble in the country.

On Obama, Clinton and the US Elections, I wish to tell you that Obama will not be elected. If he is elected, I said, pigs will fly. This time, it will be as hard as Kenya hosting the next G8 Summit. A Black Man from Siaya in White House. Utangoja brother!

Anonymous said...

Derek ushasema, need i say more?

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