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Thursday, August 16, 2007

So You Want To Know What Really Goes On Inside Political Parties In Kenya?

Here is a leaked document on confidential discussions and resolutions passed by a leading Kenyan political party during one of its’ meetings.

Read and digest and realize why they say that politics is a dirty game (with the old folks who are there now). The whole lot are the same and the only way forward is to send them all home packing.

11th LDP NEB meeting held on July 1, 2003

A part from the official meeting held, a brainstorm was conducted on a brief research paper presented by the chairman. It touched on how the LDP should be strengthened. It was recommended from the debate:

1. LDP must continuously show it is the one pushing for a constitutional reform while NAK is against constitutional reform as Kanu was depicted in the past.

2. LDP must explore all avenues of fruitful engagement with Kanu. Efforts must be made to reverse the nasty merger experience between Kanu and NDP, LDP should help Kanu look good among members of the public.

3. LDP must be shown as pro-people and for reforms whereas the government must be painted as anti-change.

4. The government must be isolated and shown as a Mt. Kenya backed government without national appeal.

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kalamari said...

These resolutions, whether real or imagined, should not surprise anybody with minimal insight on the inner workings of any political organization. The unwritten version of events will probably shock anyone disturbed by the “LDP resolutions” exhibited here. Chaps, that’s the true nature of politics. Dirty is an understatement. Kwani you guys didn’t run for any office in high school clubs or university unions? You forget negative campaigning?
It would be fundamental naivety to expect a political entity in competition, anywhere on the planet, to produce anything less vulgar in language, plot and goal.
With the exception of Mahatma Gandhi and with many doubts, Mandela, all politicians are driven by the one thing and one thing only; relevance and political survival. It is familiarity to these undercutting intrigues that defines a successful fat-cat-politician. These are masters of deceit and to them; the whole thing is literally a game…more like chess…except with living and breathing pawns. I love this game.

Vikii said...

These 'leaked LDP minutes' have been in for almost six months. I will not consider the document authentic unless it is signed by Kamotho, Ligale or that woman called Mumbi Ng'aru.

I will however not be surprised if it turns out they are actually true. Were you not told that the LDP thrives on 'cat race' tactics?

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