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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Old Semi-Illiterate Miji Kenda Man Reveals New Evidence About Tom Mboya And Political Assassinations In Kenya

I recently met an old man from Mombasa who proudly kept on reminding me that he was from the Mijikenda community, the guys who never take things lying down. On discovering that I was doing some research on what kind of impact the issue of Tom Mboya's assassination would have on the electorate on the ground this December, he started telling me a very fascinating stuf.

He started by declaring that corruption WILL NEVER end in Kenya.

Why, I asked?

"Do you know a man called Murungaru?"

"The former Minister, now banned from enetering the UK?"

"Yes, that is the one. You know as late as 2002, I used to see the man frequently in Mombasa around the Pembe ya Ndovu (that is the important landmark of Elephant tasks along Moi Avenue in Mombasa) area. You know what he was doing? Hawking medicine to pharmacists. He was always sweating and wiping the sweat under his spectavles. Where is that man today? Is he still hawking dawa?"

"No," I replied totally fascinated and engrossed. "He is a very rich man."

"Since independence the government has gotten rid of anybody who has dared stand in the way of the corrupt ways of powerful individuals within those governments. The man you are talking about, was...

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1 comment:

kalamari said...

Chris, please don’t take the word “EVIDENCE” lightly. This is a disappointing post.

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