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Monday, August 06, 2007

How Kibaki Strategists Are Going To Use All The Political Parties That Are Claiming Allegiance To Him


Make no mistake about it; there is absolutely no confusion over this issue of which political party President Kibaki is going to use to seek re-election. It is in fact part of some very well laid plans.

To put it simply, all the parties that have been associated with the president's re-election bid will not field presidential candidates but will instead all have strong candidates for parliament. The clever strategy here is to ensure that during the crucial parliamentary candidates nomination exercise strong supporters of President's camp standing for MP will not cross over to any of the opposition political parties.

All indications are that the president will keep his choice secret until...

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Taabu said...

The phrase 'the good things one does on earth are intered with his bones and only the bad ones remain as his legacy'. True we have heard a basketful of eggs but the few rotten ones spoils the whole party, ama?

luke said...

Is the President partyless because he feels he is "above all"-above current political parties and their politics that is? or is he waiting to join the EG party?(economic growth party?)

well,another perception that is going to hurt (to what extent i don't know) his re-election bid is the seemingly insensitive manner his administration has displayed in handling different cross-sections of Kenyans and their various problems, right from bus and matatu transpoters through to criminals, the media,hawkers and now civil society

Any presidency the world over is not without its problems, but what makes any ship sink is when the bad(whether perceived or real) outweighs the good. Plug the whole if you can

derek said...

Chris hapana. You have been telling us through and through that beating an incumbent president in Africa is very hard. It is hard indeed.

If you look at examples like gypt, Uganda and countries in West Africa that have been ruled by the same president for over 20 years, then you will see that it is not easy to unseat a person, who without any legality blocking his re-election can do.

Even, unseating an amateur like Joseph Kabiladr, a man not cut for politics is hard in the Democratic Republic of Congo is hard.

In Mwai Kibaki’s case, I have been puzzled by a few things. The man (I will vote for him anyway) speaks very little about his candidature and even confuses his own supporters. ‘Lakini, simba akilala, usidhani paka’ It is true that he cannot declare that he does not belong to NARC now, but a simple fact that his DP backers and whatever party are making the noise will convince you that he is going to stand as president.

The thing which remains is from where he will gather his support. With Central Province under his wraps (tell me, apart from Kanu’s Uhuru Kenyatta who has ever spoken opposition party politics in the House of Mumbi). Take a wider angle coverage at the GEMA communities (I am not a tribalist) and tell me who among them is singing from a different song-sheet or a political party leader from the communities. After the re-appointment of Kiraitu and Mwiraria, the have reason to believe that the Njuri Ncheke clan members believe that they belong to the government apart from Joseph Nyagah, who has spoken about being president? It is that sensitive. I have also read that Maoka Maore joined NARC and today, opposition whip Justin Muturi said that the ‘gava’ is not behind problems in ODM!

The strategy, which includes the breaking of Ford-Kenya and any other tribal parties into bits, allows the politicians, among them cabinet ministers to check each other, will only ensure that the man wins another term. Take a look at Soita Shitanda or Mukhisa Kituyi or even Musikari Kombo, they all talk of supporting Kibaki, even though their hearts are not with the wananchi given that the masses have a soft spot for ODM.

Take a wider look and observe the coastal MPs or the Simba Wanjes or the Shirikisho Party supporters, they have already said that they will name their own candidate, but with five cabinet posts, tell me why they will not support Kibaki. I would have loved to listen what they will tell Kibaki this month when he travels to Mombasa for the show and ‘gava’ business.

At the moment, the fragmented Western Kenya (read the Luhya bloc) gives all chance for another term, and a trip to that place this week, hot on the heels of an ODM whirl-wind tour last week will just underline the seriousness of the Kibaki and a chance for Moody Awori and his colleagues a chance to flex their muscles.

On party lines, it is NARC (and its affiliates), ODM (and its affiliates) and Kanu, if they survive the storm.

Chris my man is Kibaki. Back your Githongo horse, I back mine and with the economy growing steadily, businesses reporting profits everyday, free primary school and next year secondary, why not join the winning team. Team of players pulling together, winning matches, and recruiting new players.

vikii said...

Honestly speaking, what Kibaki is doing by backing the so called 'Kibaki Friendly Parties' is a fraud at best. But I support that fraud. Why?

Why should the opposition expect to be excused when they engage in these retrogressive games and cry foul when their competitors do the exact same thing? Some very dear friends of mine in this blog have repeatedly challenged people to declare which is the ruling party. They fail to acknowledge the need to first tell us who is the official opposition today. Why is Raila Odinga and Kalonzo Musyoka not reading from the Narc script yet they played critical roles in the formation of this government? If they have a right to break away with the LDP and LPK from narc, go ahead and transform the same to ODMK, The Hammer Party or watever other party they have, then even Mwai Kibaki has a right to join Shirikisho, CCM or Sisi Kwa sisi.

It is time we accepted the plain truth that the political party has a zero role to play in kenyan politics. I have said here before that party leaders in Kenya do not read their party manifestoes and individual politicians do not read their visions authored by the Murang'a dudes in River Rd. Political parties are just baptismal names for tribes, sorry clans because they are about seven times the number of tribes in kenya.

It is no longer a case of whether Kibaki will win the elections but rather by what margin. I will be seriously suprised if the margin between Kibaki and the second placed candidate is less than 1.5 million votes. His achievement as president, lack of an alternative worth the name and ability to play as per his opponents rules will ensure a landslide for him.

Just a question, when did John Githongo declare his candidature?

P.S I am not a gun for hire. I am tribalistic though.

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