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Monday, August 06, 2007

ODM Kenya: All Signs Point To A Nasty Divorce In The Works


Marriage and divorce are fascinating realities of this modern life. The initial love at first site, followed by a whirlwind romance where the man and woman cannot keep their hands off each other. Then the sharp contrast just a few months down the road when the two lovers who had sworn to each other that till death do they part cannot even speak to each other.

In the old days and to a certain extent these days, Africans hardly ever divorce. Instead they still live under the same roof. And if there is a child involved, matters are even worse. Once when things were not good in my marriage and we were not on talking terms with my Kikuyu beauty we would use my daughter to communicate.

So when food was ready Mrs Kumekucha would say something like;

"Go and tell that #@#*! (Censored) that food is ready."

Then at another time I would send the following message through the same medium;

"Kwenda uambia huyo...

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Taabu said...

ODM's epitaph should read DIVORCE BEFORE MARRIAGE. Ego battles are never won and the consequences are very bloody. And we haven't seen anything yet. The cast is ready and the reheasals thrilling. So the main audition in the next 130+ days will be killer performances.

Beating an incumbent President particularly in Africa is a case study far removed from the norm. And the best strategy to fail in unseating him (no her yet) is to be divided. ODM had 2007 polls to lose and they have disappointed.

But hey why would one waste tears on these scoundrels whose main gravitas is tribal pressure. They must have seen it coming and we better buy more tissues for the promising hilarious laughters and goofs coming our way. Good riddence to .....

But who will save us from all these madness? Any takes out there? The difference between NK and ODM-K starts and endsat their similarity in political hollowness and shortermism. Lack of creativity is even evident in the post-face Kenya in all their names. What a nasty way to soil our motherland's beutiful name?

kalamari said...

It’s during such times that one wonders what type of laced changaa Kalonzo and his cronies are sipping on. How much thought was put into the adventurous pull out of LDP, attempts to freeze ODM-K bank accounts, determination to hold onto certificates and defiance to relinquish posts to interim officials? In the apparent Kitui meeting that preceded the LDP pullout, was there any thought put on the repercussions? Si huu ni usaliti wa ujinga tu?
I wonder if there’s any provision within ODM-K rules to expel disgruntled members. Phil, you might know.
If so, Raila’s game plan must involve the following (1) Push for KANUs absolute (official i.e.) and permanent withdrawal. We don’t want anyone ganging up with LPK from within. (2) Consolidate the remaining ODM-K leaders into a somewhat unbreakable unit. Payoffs, threats and promises if necessary. (3) Instigate animosity within the new marriage of KM and LPK. As astute political analysts, you are aware that cracks will slowly emerge within the current leadership ranks of LPK and the new high profile LDP defectors. It is this jostling of posts that Raila must capitalize on. We all know that the ‘surprised’ Ojiambo’s only interest is continued nominated MP pay. This stunned woman, with enough room under her skirt for Kalonzo to hide in, will soon realize that her submission to the honey-sweet commotion under her skirt is bound to instantly and permanently erode her influence within LPK. (4) Raila must forcefully ‘court’ Ngilu. Those thighs (as previously seen on newspaper front pages) must be spread wide, even if it’s to get just one Kamba vote. You all must admit that Kalonzos’ national appeal will dwindle based on his soon to be reinforced ‘traitor’ tag. With the anticipated squabbles within LPK and the successful consummation of the soon to be realized Raila Ngilu marriage, KM will be banished to the Yatta plateau. (5) Raila must then work to have Kalonzo and company expelled from ODM-K. He must at the same time strategically attempt to retain Ojiambo and some fragments of LPK (just to frustrate KM). This will also further strip KMs national appeal. The goal should be to demonize this chap and make him so irrelevant that those currently with Raila at this time will not even imagine jumping ship to join KM. (6) Raila must then determine who within the remaining jamaas can be a viable running mate. As I told you way earlier, this thing is bound to be about the next VP. Read between the lines.
Kenyans are not fools my friends. Whereas, among staunch Kalanzo supporters, his defection is somewhat heroic, to the remaining ODM-K supporters, it confirms his msaliti and dictatorial tendencies. Kalonzo is the looser in all this business. In my estimation, even as he claims to still be in ODM-K, he should quickly quit before he’s fired. Doesn’t he realize what types of headlines are coming up? Can someone advise this chap please?? If he truly had balls, he should, alongside Maanzo and others, convene a press conference with much fanfare, chastise and denounce ODM-K, quit the movement altogether… right after tearing the certificate on national TV. Now that’s BALLZ!!!!

-The reality is that msaliti Kalonzo will run for president, come rain or shine. To play second fiddle to anyone at this point will be the last nail on his political coffin. He will soon find it difficult to cling onto ODM-K paraphernalia. There’s no way in hell that Kenyans will identify his Ukambani team alongside LPK consorts as ODM-K. My advice to him is simple; With the defection honeymoon over, the only next stage is to seer children with Ojiambo. He should run on an LPK ticket and leave ODM-K and Raila alone. Although he will not win the election, for his destruction of ODM-K and consequently Kenya’s 3rd/4th liberation, he will be awarded with a ministerial post in Kibaki’s GNU. Ala, kwani you didn’t know, Raila is not winning either (on this I’m not quite sure yet but time will tell).

luke said...

I have to agree with you Chris; the current comdey in ODM makes a very strong case for a John Githongo entry into local politics to restore some perception of seriousness among these supposed grown-ups called opposition MPs

The case for Githongo-or anyone else out there who is capable but waiting in the wings for whatever reason-is what, if there is such a thing, i think the official Kumekucha line is, which people here have been accused of toeing-only brand new ideas and brand new people can save Kenya

I know that as Kenyans, we can forgive Githongo's (or any newcomer's) relative political inexperience in exchange for their ethics and zero tolerance to corruption standards

I pity us all though-i.e. me rooting for Githongo, someone else rooting for the incumbent,someone else for ODM-i pity us all) -we are all victims of bad leadership that we don't deserve and this situation just may not be corrected till post 2012 elections

For those who believe in either the opposition ODM or the party-less incumbent (is he above petty party politics thats why he's partyless?) i pray that you consider these people don't have your best interests at heart-begin to see yourself as their employer and not just as their foot soldiers

derek said...

I said that the split in ODM was dangling like the ‘Sword of Damocles’. That has come to pass and the divorce being referred to here was a thing that happened when they failed to say ‘Tosha’. What remains, is if, there was any marriage, which I doubt, is the alimony to be paid by the interested parties.

This price is high and I believe that it will cost whoever, in whichever side, the presidency of Kenya and will take the rest of his/her life to recover. Simply, irrecoverable.

The split in the party/coalition/politics club can be traced to the time Raila Odinga started his whistle stop tours across the world. If there was any unity within the party, Raila could have travelled with one of his co-aspirants, and not Omingo Magara all the time. It is true that one of the forums in Texas was sponsored by a group of Gusii District Kenyans living there through Magara’s influences, but the thing is that there was a better way of showing unity. To this moment, no one knows how much was raised from the expensive dinners, though they should be made public.

All was lost during the botched London trip. The deal, according to those in London was to anoint one of them as the presidential candidate and from there a heroic welcome awaited them in Nairobi. It could have worked out, but the trick was so open by those behind the plot. All of them are aspirants and wanted to show that they can afford to bring to town the big guns of Kenya politics. It was a way of campaigning for their respective parliamentary seats. Then Gilbert Juma Deya!

The egoistic qualities took over the show at home, things changed from bad to worse, Moi made his comments, all these contributed to the unfortunate occurrences that caught ODM off-target, but the biggest culprits in all these were the politicians who imagined that they were popular, underrating the fact that they were still a young, gambolling kid, whose only performance was the Constitutional Referendum in 2005.

During the period, Musyoka, Mudavadi and Uhuru threatened to form a coalition, Ruto said that one of them was unelectable, Maanzo refused with the certificate, Prof Nyongo was accused of forgery, Musyoka teamed with Julia Ojiambo and now, they approach the same time Mwai Kibaki was ‘Toshwad’ in 2002 without any unity.

Further actions that ensured the divorce, if not the hammer flinging ‘diehards’ were the guerrilla statements, the forced defection statements and the chest-thumping by some of the aspirants.

By the way, have you all realised that Nyaga, Balala and Rutto are no longer campaigning. If anything, they are playing youthwinges or MCs at ODM rallies across the country. Even Mudavadi does not say that he is in the race. It is a diluted one at the moment

For the time being, sit back, relax and watch the ODM show. From the above, tell me why one cannot divorce a beloved spouse or call off a marriage at the eleventh hour.

vikii said...

In my opinion,we had been expecting too much, something that doesnt ordinarily happen in kenyan politics. We were fooled by the occurences of 2002 to imagine that the opposition will unite under one candidate. We never took time to ask ourselves why the opposition united in 2002. Kalonzo Musyoka and Musalia Mudavadi thought Raila Odinga would endorse them and galvanise the opposition groupings under them. That never came to pass. Raila Odinga then started imagining he will bully everybody into supporting him. That too will not happen and what we are being treated to is a drama starring two disgruntled elements trying to teach other a political lesson.

The scenario of 1992 is replaying. There are those who thought Oginga Odinga had a divine right to be supported by all the creatures in kenya. Those like me thought Matiba was the kenyan version of Mandela and so it had to be Matiba, Matiba or Matiba. Yet there were the Johny-Come-latelys who were mainly business professionals who thought Mwai Kibaki being the moderate he has always been was the key to stability. We all know what happened. Come 1997 and Moi was running against himself. Mwai Kibaki tried to put up a show but his still was not any different from the tribal kings and queen. 2002 was an exception. Raila Odinga's incorporation in KANU triggered seriousness in the opposition. Mwai Kibaki, Kaluki Ngilu and Michael Wamalwa had to unite or perish in the hands of a government enjoying a vast majority. Then the betrayal in KANU. Raila felt insulted that after winding up is party, he was being asked to step down foe none other than the son of his late father's overbearing boss. George Saitoti and Kalonzo Musyoka interpreted the scenario like being asked to cede the leadership of the family to your last born daughter. They had to bite the bullet if only to prove a point.

My point is, there is absolutely no valid reason why the opposition sould unite today, just like in '97 . politics being a game pitting competing interest groups, some people are convinced that Raila Odinga has to be the opposition candidate. Some have even used some shameful words like 'Deserve'. He apparently deserves it most. Others, including himself feel other people should step down because he is old. How older than Julia Ojiambo, i dont know. Yet there is the villified group composed of the vikiis of this world. Our view is that the opposition should pick the best (Never mind 'best' is relative). In my opinion, the best candidate in the opposition ranks is Kalonzo and if not him then we can go on with Kibaki and continue with our unity negotiations for 2012. This is the group some intersting elements in this blog accuse of tribalism and are 100% convinced should be labelled as such but if the same is said to the real tribalists they cry foul. It is unfortunate that such people exist.

And again it is more democratic to offer as many options to the voter as possible. This will ensure we are not reminded every single day how so and so made so and so president. It is sickening. Let the best candidate win votes for himself.

David Mwangi said...

Though I support Kibaki before any of the current top guys in the opposition, I realise that a very strong opposition is important for a young democracy like Kenya, where excesses by the ruling party can easily go overboard if not continuously checked and challenged. Therefore, I have a sadness for the way opposition is capitulating.

Anonymous said...

The divorce was closed long before they even got engaged tell as something new chris.

Phil said...

Chris, taking you back to the marriage and divorce narrative, MARITAL INFIDELITY seems to be the main problem here and it remains very strong grounds for divorce. Some husbands / wives are forgiving though.

Kalamari, of course I will guide you accordingly.

Article 4 of the ODM-K Constitution deals with membership, and sub article - 4.10 Termination of membership, as follows:-

4.10.1 One shall cease to be a member:
(a) By resignation in writing to the party office nearest him or her, and the membership of such person shall terminate with effect from the date of the receipt thereof.
(b) By a resolution passed by the National Executive Council and ratified by the National Governing Council.
(c) By accepting an office, subscribing to or promoting activities of a political Party or Organization whose aims and objectives are in competition with or in conflict with those of ODM-Kenya.
(d) By death.

When Raila informed us that Kalonzo had effectively defected from ODM-K by joining LPK, he was making reference to article 4.10 (c) above. And I agree with him entirely. LPK has officially placed advertisements calling for parliamentary and civic candidates. This is directly in conflict with the ODM-K constitution. You can imagine what could have happened if LDP was to place a similar advert in the press!

I also think it is not possible for one 'woman' to be engaged to be married to two 'men', or is it, Kalamari?

And before Maanzo chokes to death (he is just too full of himself these days) I wish to draw his attention to the same constitution Article 2 'OBJECTS', sub-article
2.1.2. which says "Its (the party) policies are determined by the membership and its leadership is accountable to the membership in terms of procedures laid down in the constitution." This is fairly straight forward that no one or two individuals can purport "own" the party. And that membership is composed of people who hold valid membership cards, and MPs from one region of Eastern Province nor bloggers in Kumekucha.

Democracy and politics is a game of numbers. It is not a game of threats, lies, backstabbing and chest thumping that has been exhibited by one individual and his cronies claiming to own ODM-K. If we were to go back to the history of this name - Orange Democratic Movement - you will be surprised to learn that neither Kalonzo or Maanzo or Chepkonga played any part whatsoever in inventing it. The phrase was actually coined by Najib Balala in a public rally in Kisumu Moi Stadium during an orange rally in the pre-referendum days. Its a name owned by the people - if anything! The same people are claiming that they coined the phrase 'rainbow' in 2002. (Bring me a bucket coz I am getting really sick).

The same Maanzo has threatened to apply to the high court to freeze the bank accounts of ODM-K. Under what grounds I may ask should Maanzo and group want to ursup the NEC, the Finance Committee and the Board of Trustees????

The ODM-K constitution Article 25 'Funds'.Sub-article 25.1 says : The National Executive Committee shall establish rules governing the collection, management and expenditure of funds. All withdrawals shall be against expenditures in the approved budgets or by resolutions of the National Executive Committee. Why should an individual 'presidential candidate' want 'eye' Kshs. 6million of public money (ie. ODM being a public body), when his input to this was only Kshs. 1.0 million and when the same constitution clearly says that these amounts are non-refundable??? Are 'we' that broke??

Kalamari, we can only hope that petty politics and 'siasa ya pesa nane' will not end up in betrayal of the Kenyan dream like that of NARC.

Phil said...

PS.: Chris, In my more than 25 years personal experience as a Scout and working with scouts in Rowalan Camp (that is adjacent to Kibera slums), retired President Moi has never presided over any scouting ceremony. He was president for 24 years and remains a neighbour at the leafy Kabarnet Gardens overlooking Kibera, but we never saw him make a visit or give any moral support. As 'farmer number one', he made numerous trips to the nearby Nairobi ASK Show, but never the Rowalan Camp.

Now that Kalonzo has defected from LDP to LPK, he is being touted a 'fit' for leadership and Mr. Moi suddenly remembered that scouts make very disciplined citizens and he must inspect a Guard of Honour mounted by boy scouts. What a load of hogwash!

Perhaps he needs to be reminded how his mandatory pre-university National Youth Service was a complete failure!

Sue said...

Kalamari thats a mischievous way of describing political relationship with two important women in our society.

No wonder someone gave you a nickname on post about Murungaru.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Perhaps its time they asked themselves why they got married in the first place? Was it love at first sight, did someone propose or accept in the heat of the moment, only to realize 'ti tawe ndendaga!'-'sikuwa nataka mtu kama wewe!'

I recommend marital counseling by in-laws and elders from both sides of the marriage- or the divorce.

vikii said...

People dont accept these lies. I have read and read the ODM constitution, the registered constitution and I can tell u what is being quoted here is an illegal document written by an illegal body called the plenary. That is the same plenary that purpotedly had elections and elected the likes of Dr. Ojiambo, Lucas Maitha and Mutula Kilonzo even without their knowledge. I said the ODM is not a cattle dip and if some of those telling us the obvious that it belongs to the people can be a little bit honest and tell us why people are rejecting elections where party members participate and telling a few cousins to sit in a bar and draw a list of names.

The ODm finances. People only know of a paltry 7M stolen from the presidential candidates. Members of parliament supporting the ODM have been contributing at least 10000 shillings every month since February 2006. Before that, (I will talk of the LDP coz I dont know much about KANU's or LPK's histories), LDP mps contributed the same amounts since March 2003. Where is the money? Some people have a history of channelling public money into private businesses and that is why we are getting jittery.And then u tell us people do not have to question that. We are actually more broke than u think and that should boost your sense of self importance.

Formation of ODMK by Balala. Who formed Ford Kenya, NDP, KANU, NARC, LDP? What is the difference between forming, joinning and announcing formation. And again does it matter?

Phil said...

Vikii, The question is, what does the ODM constitution, the one you have read and re-read say about termination of membership?

In whose hands does that constitution you purport to be genuine lay the destiny of the party?

What does the same constitution say about management finances and expenditure?

And finally, what does it say about the office bearers and their roles?

You saw six presidential candidates present nomination papers and Kshs. 1.0 million cheques, right? Did 'Chairman' Maanzo or 'Secretary General' Chepkonga receive any of them?

And, in all honesty, Vikii can you compare and contrast the intellectual capacity of one Prof. Anyang Nyongo to Ibrahim Chepkonga? If you are not aware, the former was once proposed for nomination to as kenya's nominee to United Nations as Secretary General replace Bhotrous Ghali before Koffi Annan took over. FORD-K was the official opposition at that time (I trully hope Uhuru Kenyatta is reading this) and it took the firm intervention of Mzee Jaramogi Oginga Odinga to forestall it because he thought the party needed the professor more than the international community. Thats the level where the good professor is. Not even JJ Kamotho is anywhere near him.

May I also ask you people to see it for yourselves?

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Quoting Phil on why JOO didn't want Prof AN to go to the UN; took the firm intervention of Mzee Jaramogi Oginga Odinga to forestall it because he thought the party needed the professor more than the international community........

See,we need nationalists, not party-ists.Thats whats wrong with the ODM living arrangement.

Taabu said...

I just pray that you people know what it takes to earn that title Prof. Lest I am seen to be belittling Kumekuchans, comparing Nyongo (political warts notwitstanding) to Chepkonga is an obtuse insult for lack of a better term. He may have exposed his soft underbelly in politics and he deserves all the stinking flies patronizing the road he chose to take but please for petes sake let not force square pegs in round holes.

Phil said...

PKW, there you go again.

ODM living arrangement is being messed by self interests and tribalism. (3 rallies in one region in one week).

Despite the high profile status of the UN post, I dont see any national benefits derived by Egypt, Ghana, Austria, etc who have provided UN SG's in the past.

On the other hand, I honestly do not see any significance in a country supplying the UN Secretary General, especially at a time when the body is overlooked in many crucial international matters, do you?

Thanks for that quick one Taabu.

Wapi ODM constitution Vikii?

kalamari said...

My dear sweetheart Sue, Long are the steamy nights when my thoughts of you, my darling, leave me sweating profusely and gasping for much needed oxygen. Sue, I love you so much that when I think of you I cannot even eat. You are my daily bread, without you I will remain hungry…..forever. In fact Sue, when I think of you, my temperature just keeps rising…. I don’t know when it will stop. Sue, you are my heart, literary…if you leave me now, how will blood circulate in my body? Oh! Sue, your beauty and sexy way is the only reason I wake up in the morning. Without you I refuse to wake up again (please don’t call my bluff on that one). You see Sue, you and I are like Adam and Eve, frolicking in the garden of Eden….naked and not knowing about IT.
By the way, are you talking about the same post that somewhat bluntly emphasized the known fact that you have absolutely no idea or clue about what you are talking about? Put a smile on your face.

Now Chris, one thing is certain, at least on this blog. Former Kalonzo supporters will transform into mini Kibakis in the event that KM doesn’t cut it. At this point, I think we all agree that man like Kalosh should, henceforth, concentrate on constituency politics. For those nursing defection bruises, apply some GV (remember that purple stuff), stretch a little bit and move on.
That said, I cannot understand why some characters are so keen on supporting Kibaki’s reign on terror. Yes my dear chaps, terror is slapping-silly camera men at news houses at night. Terror is allowing shootouts at airports. Terror is allowing head-chopping killers to roam around the country. Terror is the psychological warfare delivered by calling people pumbavu (anybody knows what happened to that driver? He must be crying until today). Terror is threatening govt. officials with dire consequences if they let the anglo-leasing cat out of the bag….consequently denying man like Githosh residency in his own country and frightening the next whistle blower. Terror is enabling the rich to become super rich and letting the poor, well, eat dust. Terror is ………………. My dear Kenyans, if man and wife are one, then the above is all Kibaki.

Now to Raila (with full acceptance that Kalonzos game is over); You see hearsay is very dangerous. In fact rumors resulted in long jail terms and even death in the days of Ceasar. I long for the day I will see Raila at the docks defending himself about all the issues that he’s been accused of lately. Sadly I know that will never happen….esp. because all of it is simply hearsay. Vote for change!!!

Oh and Phil, about women marrying more than one husband at the same time, I believe somewhere in the amazon exists a tribe that …….. I’m getting convinced that Julia is an Odinga plot. If so, Kalonzos only way to the helm is by flooding Ukambani with water. Let’s watch.

luke said...

Even though sometimes the good Professor seems to be a man caught up in the wrong company at the wrong place-(e.g. SDP voting for a woman president in the '97 elections), he is by no means comparable to
Chepkonga, who is the scapegoat that no longer wants to be a sacrificial lamb but cannot transform into a wolf in sheeps clothing. The man was used to achieve an end, is a liability and now needs to be dumped.

Not much love for the man is there?

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

My point was not to belittle Prof AN's achievements, I know what it takes.

On the other hand, one should be recognized for their ideologies, not party affiliations. Political parties should be formed on the basis of ideologies, too not tribal alliances.

We are together on your take on UN appointments.

derek said...

Someone kindly supply me with the dates that Nyongo was proposed as Kenya's nominee to the UN Secretary General Post. Please if it is there. I need it for other things. Purely academic.

On the Orange Democratic Party, I think the whole thing was coined after the 2003 Ukraine Elections, with Viktor Yushchenko at the head of the 'Orange Revolution' that swept to powers at that country's elections. FACT!

derek said...

If and if Oginga Odinga could intervene in Nyongo's appointment to UN, a thing that is mostly American fronted, it will be of much benefit to me because I am trying to link it with Joab Omino's UN Enviroment Charter that brought the Gigiri UN offices to Kenyadr. It is that important to me. Give me the dates.

I am doing a paper on Kenya's UN participation, and it will be of great importance. I might have missed that.

My doubts are only on Odinga coming in and saying that Nyngo was required for the political front. If so, Nyongo was better off and could have been voted for, considering that at one time, he had taught (FACT) six presidents in West Africa in various UNis in the States. But Odinga was not in government at any given time, so, if Nyongo was to follow his heart, then the doyen of politics, had no right at all to intefere.

About Susana (the Nyatanga PRO), surely, should you have said that and inferred on a post here sometime back. Have you heard of a saying in Swahili that 'Nyani haoni kundule' or a blind man laughing at a blind man.

kalamari said...

Derek- You couldn’t be more wrong. ODM-K has no derivatives from the Orange Revolution. Umesahau machungwa na ndizi?

derek said...

Kalamari, sawa, lakini my point is, and has been repeated in other countries in the former Russian monolith, is that in 2003, before the 2005 Referendum, there was an Orange Revolution. I drew my comparison to that and not that Najib Balala was the first person to say that. On banana and orange, I am aware. Siyo kwa ubaya.

Next Sat out, go to Zim Zim Club not Kilimanjaro and say hi to a bloke called Tendayi remind him of Croydon and the Kenyan pal.

kalamari said...

Derek- I once held brief with a Zimbabwean lady called Tendai…it started with heated debates on how lousy Mugabe is for Africa and ended up with hotter things which we did ……for Africa.
That said, you are right, the spirit of the movement was quite similar to the real orange revolution. The sad thing is that all that is water under the bridge. The reason we need Raila is because he has the uncanny ability to instigate mass movements. There’s no doubt that he was the engine in 2002 and quite so at the referendum. The problem is that all the euphoria ends up in extremely disappointing anti climaxes. In your studies of political mass movements, you will agree that a leader is needed only up to a certain point. The people, having gathered enough momentum, actually take over and in fact gobble up the leaders. This is what Kenyans need if we are to ever take our country back from the wabenzi. Derek, allow yourself to look beyond the horizon and you will see what I mean. We need a leader to push us to realize that indeed we have power in our hands. Believe me Derek, once we get to that point, even Raila will seek refuge in obscure locations.
Do you get my point? A leader is not a docile Kibaki or a gutless Kalonzo. Please understand this my brother, Kenya has never belonged to Kenyans. Since independence, the ‘watoyotas’ have become ‘wabenzi’ na sisi tunakula nyasi. Is that the reality even today with Kibaki on top? Absolutely. Why then do you want him to continue? From your posts I can tell you are a student of some sort. If so, you must truly understand the fallacy of the Kenya Govt. economic reports. You see Derek, even if Kibaki builds roads, introduce public education etc, he still remains a bona fide mbenzi, never caring to offer you a lift as you tarmack back to your slum after a jobless hunt. Really my friend wake up and smell the coffee. If you look around you will realize that leaders like Raila only come once in ages. Join me in selfishly voting for him. He truly is the only hope; otherwise hii ushenzi ya leo itaendelea vile vile.
Derek, please do not be hoodwinked with hype. Become a revolutionary after you graduate.

If that’s not convincing sawa, I’ll bribe you with Tendai’s number. I’ll check out Zim Zim at some point this year.

derek said...

Kalamari, It is 22:30, watched News and now digesting tommorow papers. I will give a good response kesho. I am streetwise, student of life and above all a Kibaki Man. Mwai Kibaki NO CHANGE!

Lala Unono

vikii said...

People I dont know where the twist comparing Anyang Nyong'o and Chepkonga came from. Who introduced that?

I know that Anyang Nyong'o is a professor. I surely do not need to be told that. Taabu, my teacher I will say u surprised me when u exposed the awe u hold professors with. They are not metaphysical beings, no. Make no mistake I am not claiming to be one but I can tell u it is not an unachievable feat. Some Professors are the dumbest people I have come across in my long life. The likes of Ayiecho Olweny and Kivutha Kibwana should make my case stronger. Some professors are plain average people.

About Anyang Nyong'o and UN headship, I do not have the facts. But again what difference does it make? I grew up being told by some people who are actually not professors but who can engage the professors that Mwai Kibaki was once proposed for the world Bank presidency but does it matter? That was a very low one people and u need to admit it.

Now if Anyang Nyong'o has to be ODM's secretary general because he is a professor, why is Kivutha Kibwana not NArc Kenya's secretary general. Or George Saitoti? If academic credentials play such an important role in leadership, why did we not vote for Katama Mkangi in 1992 and Wangari Maathai in 1997? I know many ODMK members who are smarter than Anyang Nyong'o but that doesnt make them stake a claim for the secretary general's post.

The ODm constitution talks about not showing loyalty to anoter party. When I talk about the ODM constitution I dont mean the one u people are copy pasting from That is an illegal document not worth reading. All party constitutions including te NArc one talk about the same thing the fact that these are supposed to be coalitions notwithstanding. U cannot expunge a political party from coalition ODM unless u are a properly elected party prefect. That is a joke and those issuing decrees to that effect are day dreamers.

Was I asked something about the funds. The ODM constitution empowers the party NEC to formulate poliies on party funds. We have been denied the opportunity to come up with an NEC just like they denied us an opportunity for elections in LDP. What we have in place of NEC today is one candidates flower boys and girls. This party has no NEC and so anybody wo has a stake in party finances can employ any tactic at their disposal and that's exactly what we are doing. We have called paupers but then those calling us that forget tat we would be miles richer than them if we had kleptomaniac fingers like them.

Sue said...

I like this blog where I can read interesting stuff from Kalamari and Derek (calling me Susana just like my grandma and uncles do), Taabu who makes me rush to online dictionary, Phil he keeps me posted on the highest ranking ODM presidential candidate and Vikii with one leg on the side of the incumbent, the other on the side of the new occupant at LPK house, my sister PKW and many others. Thanks to Chris.

But a word of caution to Kalamari DONT post those sweet words on my blog when you decide to visit.

Taabu said...

Thanks Vikii for not disappointing albeit by judiciously addressing the symptoms rather than the cause. You may have seen or been taught by average profs but don't generalize case studies into theories lest you be accused of lack of depth and breath. By the way brother I SHOULD KNOW BETTER it takes intellectual sweat and blood to earn it bro. Don't plant Kibwana's political warts on his brain and you can't atke it fro him or can you?(Yes with a gun maybe but he will still be burried with his wit, ama?).

You can sample with replacements but NEVER REASON with replacements. It amounts to reverse logis that only succeeds in leaving you with eggs on your face. Need I say more? I guess not lest I spoil broth. Over to you bro.

vikii said...

Thanks Taabu for hitting back. I dont want us to debate how hard it is to become a professor. Or even how smart Anyang Nyong'o is. FYI I am 25 and I can very confidently tell u that U didnt become one at that age. Anyang Nyong'o was at best doing his graduate studies by age 25. As i told u, becoming a professor is not easy but again to me it is not unachievable. Give me a few more years and I hope u will compose praise songs for me too.

You did not disappoint Taabu. If anything I expected u to be one and that's why I was surprised at how much respect/fear u have for them. My point is MOST professors are plain average people. Did u know that the country's most respected academician Ali Mazrui scored a division 4 in high skool? I am not belittling him but that should tell u something about the ease. U probably took the longest route Taabu.

Now, are u still convinced people should cede ODM's leadership to Anyang Nyong'o merely because of his supposed intelligence? I dont think so Mwalimu Taabu.

Taabu said...

Case study Vikii, case study please avoid generalizing on those base basis. Mazrui is in a class of his own. Please read in between the lines where there are no words and do read malice where none exists. See I deliberately referred to Kivutha and you bring in AN. That was the catch but being you BB I will always defend you right to be off track albeit with responsibility.

Divorce your persona from your discourse and stand to score highly. Meanwhile good luck in advance as you strive to join Makau Mutua (another one?). Use others as you guide while keeping your personal self on the background. It has nothing to do with cowardice nor pride but humulity and smartness.

You don't have to be a Stephen Hawkkins to wika, ama? Case studies mislead. Just sample this: 1.The youngest professor ever known was 22
2. The shortest PhD thesis was 16 pages
3. Shortest nobel prize winning discovery (Biochemistry) was 16-lined paper.

So there you have it. Leave Mazrui out of this if you are interested in vertical unlike horizontal posturing. He had his reason for the 4th divison but went out to prove a point to the world. On that note if you have the will join him. All the best bro. See no reference to politricks (Long live PKW) so far unless you want to introduce a dimension or its variation, do you?

kalamari said...

Sue, please don’t be coy. As you know, I‘m a gentleman of a few words. In fact, as far as I’m concerned, we are through with words. It’s time for action. Please don’t ruin the anticipation by words of caution. Susana, my heartfelt intention is to visit your blog repeatedly and deposit very many posts…..they indeed will be sweet…they just wont be words.

vikii said...

Taabu my brother this post was about ODM politics. U guys went ahead and introduced Anyang Nyong'os title in the debate. I still cant see why we should be told whether Anyang Nyong'o is a professor or not. There are so many professors in Kenya that if all of them were to seek leadership then even your chief would be a professor.

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