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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Are You Scared For Your Life Leaving Comments At Kumekucha?

A recent survey I have just completed carrying out has given me results that have completely taken me by surprise. They reveal that many people who read Kumekucha believe that associating themselves with the blog endangers their lives at worst and can get them in big trouble and behind bars at the very least.

The words of one respondent are still ringing in my ears;

"I always look over my shoulder imagining that some guys in suits will burst into the room the next minute and arrest me. The information you reveal here is just too dangerous."

It seems that a whooping 70 per cent of the people who regularly visit Kumekucha are too frightened to leave a comment because they are aware that ip addresses can very easily be traced.

Even more interesting is the fact that even some Kenyans in the diasporas fear to be associated with Kumekucha because they will have to return home at some point.

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Anonymous said...

Not very wrong. I hope I don’t divulge my name, but there was a talking point when someone told me that 'Be careful. You don’t know what the Special Branch is preparing to do. It will be dirty and you might be caught up. Please take care!'

kalamari said...

Well I’m not scared stiff but extremely worried. My anxiety is due to the fact that I’m not quite sure if Chris will or will not release all our IP and email addresses when the masked men with a message knock at his doorstep. Especially if they show up with a set of rusty pliers and a tattered hand-drawn map of Karura forest.

Vikii said...

Victor Mutio Kilonzo is my full name. I live in Kitui na ukinihata hapo hivo unaeza niget Ngong Rd Nai. However sikaagi sana mtaani, badala ya kupanda mat number 111 kamu tu ibiza, Tropez ama Winkers mchana. Ile kitu siezi disclose ni whereabouts za mine mausiku. Hiyo itakaa top secret na sio tu juu ya NSIS na siasa lakini ni juu Nai huwa generally unsafe. Macities few sana kwa world zinaeza tubeat kwa hiyo regard.

Hii industry ya siasa haitaki masoftee. Nani aliwashow democracy hucome cheap? Lazima mkae ngumu maboiz. Last time niliacha mkisema mnataka wasee wenye si waoga. mlisema Kalonzo zii eti juu yee ni mwoga. Sasa hii yenu hata imezidi ile ya Raila kuingia chini ya meza Thika.

Chanukeni wasanii, chukueni control ya security yenu. Formini majeshi. Mii nishaaform yangu, inaitwa jeshi la Vikii.

Chanukeni, jipangeni, Chukueni control. Msiogope.

luke said...

don't rattle...

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

I know a thing or two about product positioning and that's what this post was about. You gotta try make it look like its such a popular blog people are afraid of leaving comments lest they are assassinated. How else to explain the fact that the same people make comments here come rain or shine?

You have to take into consideration my skepticism when words like 'survey', 'data', 'studies', and 'research' are used in circumstances like this, but 70%? Lets see; the people who comment here are, in that exact order, 'Chris', Taabu, Phil, Kala'pornposter'mali, Luke,Derek, PKW,John Maina, John K.,Marianne Briner,Sue and lately Lucas Mboya aka Kenyaone. Even in the record-breaking comments on guest-posted open love letter.That's a whooping 30% for you. And they were not (at least I wasn't)involved in the survey. Amounts to less than forty four people reading this blog.Big deal.

Last time checked, it was 'Chris' who had online 'forensic experts' tracing people's ip addresses all the way to South Africa and dedicating posts to his 'findings'. Who is interfering with the freedom of expression now?

Victimhood-toa hiyo weka ingine.

Anonymous said...

Kwani wewe ndio ume commit sins terrible sana hapa Kenya ndio unafutwe. Hata former Prezo aliomba msamaha after 24 yrs. Kwa hivyo ukitaka kujitokeza uombe msamaha kama yeye. Seek audience na Stato, uende na delegates wako (mashabiki wa Kumekucha). Useme baba naomba msamaha na nimekuletea mashabiki wa Kumekucha wote. Kutoka leo tutakupigia kura na tuta convince wengine pia kukupigia.

Na wasi wasi yako itakua history.

Anonymous said...

Usually, though I visit Kumekucha alot, I never leave a comment, but dont gent me wrong, its not because I am afraid NSIS na hiyo Kadhalika ingine. I find even the remotest insinuation that gava is after the people who post comments here rather flattering to Kumekucha. Kwani mnaimagine influence ya hii blog imefike wapi? Like Vikii, I can give my exact locations at any given times of the day without any fear!!

Anonymous said...

Paranoia seems to be highly contagious , Chris etal snap out of fantasy land you are not that important.

mogiyusuf said...

Hon Raila Amolo Odinga, the Mp for Kibera, nay, Langata, is considered a Kingmaker in Kenyan politics. According to the late Hon Michael Kijana Wamalwa, he inspires both Railamania and Railaphobia while the latest biography aptly describes him as an enigma in Kenyan politics. In Luo Nyanza Raila has cultivated a cult of personality that is the envy of many a politician. This cult has spawned myths that elevates Raila almost to the level of luo legends like Gor Mahia and Lwanda Magere. Infact, Hon Raila Amolo Odinga, the Mp for Kibera, nay, Langata, is considered a Kingmaker in Kenyan politics. According to the late Hon Michael Kijana Wamalwa, he inspires both Railamania and Railaphobia while the latest biography aptly describes him as an enigma in Kenyan politics. In Luo Nyanza Raila has cultivated a cult of personality that is the envy of many a politician. This cult has spawned myths that elevates Raila almost to the level of luo legends like Gor Mahia and Lwanda Magere. Infact, professors of Political Science bow in awe and sing praises to Agwambo, owad gi Akinyi

Raila straddles the Kenyan political landscape like the proverbial colossus. Whenever, he is out of the country, his absence speaks even louder. He has the knack of setting the political agenda by just calling a prss conference; and even if you are dyed-in-the-wool critique of this guy, you must appreciate one fact: he is a force that cannot be wished away.

Despite all this accolades as a politician, Raila fails miserable as a leader. This is manifested by the increasing socio-economic misery that he has brought to members of the luo community. No wonder, the word luo Nyanza evokes negative feelings of poverty disease and immaturity. This is not to say that Raila is wholly responsible for the woes facing the luo community, members of this community are equally culpable.

To begin with, Raila enjoys unbridled power as leaders of the luo community- forget the fact that he is a Nairobi MP. This has come about due to the fact that the luos suffered immensely under Kenyatta and Moi to the point where they were desperate for leaders who will fearless fight for them. The late Jaramogi Odinga, one of the most principled and honest politicians this country has ever had - took up this mantle but fate was not kind to him. His son ascended to this throne with the promise to deliver the luo from socio-political wilderness. Unbeknown to the luo community, he subtly changed course and is now leading them deeper and deeper into the hot desert while he is covered with a human umbrella and has fresh water at his disposal. He has even taken all the manna that dropped from heaven so that his people can remain hungry and beg from him.

Many sons and daughters of the luo community have died in this circus of the so called political and economic liberation while his closest relatives live in luxury. When its is appropriate, Raila sheds crocodile tears knowing well aware that these suffering and death only serves to reinforce the persecution complex within the community that ensures his political survival.

It is instructive to note that the sugar and fish sector remain the mainstay of luo economy. However, no single day not one I know of has Raila ever employed his mobilization skill and rhetoric to fight for the farmers and the fisherfolk. For along time, before Kibaki came to power, sugar framer went for years without being paid for their produce. Meanwhile, tones of sugar were being imported into the country compounding further the woes further. All this time, Agwambo never raised a finger or was he part of the cartel that was importing sugar. In the fish sector, it is ironical that people in Nyanza are contended with fish skeletons popularly known as mgongowazi due to high levels of poverty while hoping against hope that all will be well when Raila becomes president Never!

Some will argue that Raila is the MP for Kibera and is not responsible for the woes affecting the people of Nyanza. Nothing could be further from the truth. Raila is covertly and overtly at the centre of all the major political events taking place in the region including who becomes MP, if in doubt, just ask Raphael Tuju, the MP for Rarieda. However, this is not to say that Tuju should provide the much needed alternative centre of power, given that he cannot be come an MP if left to his own devices.

One would ask: what do you want Raila to do? Before I answer the question, I would say that Raila has remained the undisputed (mis)leader of the luo community for very long time. If he was wise and had the interest of the luo people, he would use this privileged position to help his people economically and not to pursue his own selfish political interests at the expense of his community. He should do this by using his influence among the luo as a political bargaining chip to force the government acquiesce to the urgent needs of his people in whatever way possible in return for political support. Politics for its own sake will not help the luo people.

At this point, I want to challenge Raila to tell the public any substantial contribution in terms of economic development that he has made to his community.

In conclusion, its time for the luo to take a hard look at themselves in the social-economic mirror and see the bruises and wounds in their faces caused by a leader whom they worship more than Nyasaye

kalamari said...

PKW, good one. That said I didn’t complete the survey either. Did anyone?

Mogiyusuf, Where did you cut and paste this one from? Either way, Raila is a national leader. Further, if you choose to become a fisherman, the first thing on your mind should be, how much will you sell your catch? If it is not economically viable, go to school and become a doctor. Where does Raila come in? Here you are screaming about sugar. If you plant and sell sugarcane but do not receive payment for five years, why would you plant the same crop today? Kwani you have no ideas? People’s personal shortcomings should not be blamed on anybody. The reason fishermen are exploited is because walikata shule. If they could not go to school because of lack of fees, it’s because the parents did not have the skills to earn more. You see, personal shortcomings.

Taabu said...

Mogiyusuf next time take your time to sprinkle some personal touch to a plagerized article. See, you even forgot and cut-and-pasted twice in your first paragraph. If you have to pretend be smart next time.

That said, you need you last prescription. You are suffering from self obsession. Packaging your rants as the master and owner of all answers to Luo problem is cheap populism. We have been that road before and try another one. Brinkmanship and bravado never won any argument. Starting on the false premise of know-it-all only betrays you lack of the same. What pleasure do you draws by insentively and unwarrantedly whipping a whole community. No need to answer that, I don't need it either.

One can't fail to see the script you are reading from. My only unsolicited take for you is stop cheap street rants catlogued from newspapers. They may sound refreshing to you if you are reading them for the first time but FYI they sound like stuck record. Place your faith where your intellect is and stop playing to the gallery. Shortermism is not suistainable even to your personaility. Meanwhile bring them on - your hanger is sliced.

some person

derek said...

Do they want mine and my employers? Then it is 154 Holloway Road, N17 4RF, London. My boss is Marzuk Abiola and sister Falilatu Abiola. Get them on Concord Publishers address and you are game. They are very good people.

derek said...

Mogiyusuf, that is sycophancy in a higher pedestal. That is what I call idol-worship. That is a new brand of praise that rises above worship. It is a classic.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

My brother Kalamari,oh! I totally disagree with this;

"The reason fishermen are exploited is because walikata shule. If they could not go to school because of lack of fees, it’s because the parents did not have the skills to earn more...."

We need to stop the blame-the-victim mentality NOW.Greed is greed is greed is greed. Yaani walikataa shule ndio gava inakubalia rich kina nani waimport skari from wherever and while at the same time developed countries are dumping sugar (and milk powder-now you know where I come from) in Kenya when our farmers cannot be paid. Even when the price of sugar inaenda juu mpaka the farmers can't afford it,and some poeple can't afford maziwa. Some of you will start ranting against government subsidies to farmers, but free markets or not, gava, PROTECT OUR FARMERS!

kalamari said...

PKW, I think we must agree to disagree. One thing I must point out is this; the richest farmer in a sugar growing belt is not necessarily the one with the largest track of land. Usually, it’s the farmer growing potatoes.

All I’m saying is that human beings posses the uncanny ability to adapt to millions of different situations and conditions. Just like any business, a successful farmer is one who can forecast problems and change tact at the nick of time. Of course it’s a shame that Kirwa imports sugar and refuses to pay the farmer. Does that mean that the farmer’s options are nil? Can he grow something else or sell the land and move to Canada? Options exist my dear.
Now PKW, if you truly come from a sugar cane growing zone, with all the education you have attained to this point and having seen the trials and tribulations that the farmers in your area are forced to undergo; would you go back to grow sugarcane?
I don’t think you would but assuming you did and realized that your frustrations lie with some type of agricultural board (i.e. no payment check), would you not look for an alternative market…..prior to moving soil with your jembe? Options my dear, options and ideas.

I think the problem is that Kenyans with large tracks of land just want to plant something…. thereby becoming pseudo-farmers. What if you took out a loan and built a private school on your twenty acre piece of earth? What if you sank several ponds and started some fish farming project? How about an ostrich farm? Do you know there’s a guy within some coffee plantation who raises butterflies and sells them to museums around the world? I’ve even read of a guy raising snakes somewhere in central… he sells the venom for anti-venom. See that’s what I’m talking about. If a fisherman by the lake has to also live by the lake (under the moon), why can’t he decide to start a mitumba business or even become a shoemaker like Kamangu? PKW, see a guy like Kamangu is the gist of life. This guy saw (or was shown) an opportunity and now he’s carrying empty briefcases to courts. I hear he’s also very popular with the ladies lately. Options my dear, options.

PS- Govt. subsidies (the US version) is the worst crime against any farmer anywhere.

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