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Friday, August 17, 2007

When The CEO Personally Appears In A Commercial It Usually Means Trouble


All over the world, whenever you see the CEO of a company appear in his own TV commercials, trying to sell products, then you know that all is NOT well. Lee Iacooca appeared in the Chrysler ads when the car maker was in serious trouble and as he attempted to turn it around.

In the latest ads being run by Uchumi Supermarkets (I doubt whether they will cause anybody to have any confidence in Uchumi) the CEO appears himself and even talks. The difference between Chrysler and Uchumi is that the latter does not have any viable turn around strategy apart from wanting to raise more money to help the management team make the same mistakes their predecessors who failed, made. This is probably the clearest sign yet, to the public that all is not well once again at Kenya's oldest supermarket chain.

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Taabu said...

All that goes around comes around. That is not menat to be insensitive but when you let nostalgia replace prudent economic sense the result is predictably DISASTER. Before we shout economic growth we must verify and ascertain that it is premised on a firm base and not let by the nose that is expediency.

There is more to leadership than mere tokenism. Preying into Kenyans thirst for change is the govt's Achilles heels. Their unfortunate bench mark remained the unfortunate Moi error. So reap what we saw and the chicke and surely coming home to roast, aren't they? Meanwhile the conomy is growing EXPONENTIALLY. Tuenjoy.

luke said...

WARNING:-my comment is a digression from main post topic& is a subsequent flogging of the dead horse named sideshow

Its even worse when the CEO of the country Kenya inc. appears on tv and urgently reminds us not to forget the constitution of the immediate members of his family while Kenya plc suffers a breach of security in its main international airport

never mind, 122 days to go and counting.....(could we have a new year style clock incorporated into the blog Chris?)

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