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Friday, February 09, 2007

African Tribe Secrets: Bizarre Masai Sex Traditions

Many early writers who have studied African tribe secrets in detail (like Ford and Beach on Page 188 of their 1951 classic) label the Masai tribe “permissive” and with good reason. Observe the following about this fascinating African tribe;

* Although men are strictly forbidden to have sex with a circumcised women (a man must wait until they are circumcised. If they are caught breaking this law, the person will be fined as well as their father, mother. And not only that the village circumciser will take a cow from the person as punishment).

* The Masai are said to believe that the breasts of a girl can only develop when a man has had sex with her. (Von Mitzlaff, 1988 [1994:p80]). For this reason young girls are allowed to

have sex with warriors before they reach puberty and before they are circumcizedwhich also means that they cannot get pregnant. “The Maasai have a widely held belief that semen
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helps a girl to develop physically. Morans (young warriors) are considered the epitome of
healthiness, therefore their sperm is best for pre-pubescent girls. The public ceremony associated with “choosing” a Moran for a young girl involves the girl giving the Moran milk to drink. “The exchange of milk and semen, two body fluids with inherent regenerative capacity, symbolizes a complementary, although not equal, relationship.”

* There is free sexual access of a husband’s age mates to a fellow mam's wife or wives. The warrior just goes in to her on her marital bed and simply buries a spear at the entrance to keep her husband and other age mates away during the act.

* In the sexual intercourse of warriors with immature girls [ditos] a warrior chooses a dito he fancies, and showers her mother with numerous gifts but since it is not a marriage he gives neither cattle nor goats. Equally, Johnston (1902, II:p824) wrote that Masai girls aged 8 to 13 are picked out by young warriors, after which they have intercourse, “which is considered in no way to be immoral, because the girls are under age, and therefore cannot conceive”.
Girls are often promised in marriage at a young age, even before their birth!”. Leakey (1930:p197-8) writes that Kenyan Masai girls of brothers living in manyattas sleep “from a very early age- long before puberty- on the same beds as couples indulging in sexual intercourse; and even those girls who live in the home villages learn all about such matters at a very early age owing to the fact that they always sleep in their mother’s bed. As soon as ever the first signs of puberty are noticeable, girls may be asked by the warriors to sleep with them, and the question of whether there is complete intercourse or not rests then entirely with the girls. Moreover, the uninitiated boys, and especially those who tour the villages as candidates for initiation, expect any young girls who are not already attached to the warriors to sleep with them. In fact, we may say that for the girls sex life starts before puberty and continues (with no such period of sexual prohibition as the boys have during the novice stage) until they are initiated”. BUT strictly no circumcised youth is permitted to have connection with a circumcised woman, but no objection exists to his having connection with any uncircumcised girl”.

Talk about bizarre African tribe customs.

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