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Saturday, October 27, 2007

African Tribes Secret Sweeps German Widow Off her Feet on Safari As She Finds True Love

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Fashion designer Anna Trzebinski (pictured Kissing her African tribe warrior in the bush) found love in the wild African jungle of Kenya.

Born in Germany, she moved with her family to East Africa and grew up near the idyllic setting made famous in the movie "Out of Africa." And at the tender age of 24, she married Tonio Trzebinski, a Kenya-born artist, and had two children in quick succession.
"What I wanted to do with my life was to support his career as a painter, she told a newspaper recently. “But it was difficult at times, that's for sure. I was often very unhappy. I don't think I'm different in that from any other woman."

That is, any other woman whose husband was having an affair. Trzebinski's discontent grew as her husband's attention wandered. The bubble burst when, one night almost five years ago, he was shot dead on the way to visit his lover.

The slaying, still unsolved, destroyed Trzebinski's world. It also rocked the international jet set.

"And before we knew it our life stories were plastered across newspapers all over the world, including Vanity Fair. I was reading about my life in a way that I didn't see my life at all."

She would never have imagined that her husband's death would transform her own existence.

Emotionally numbed by the pain of her husband's death, she turned to the African bush for solace. Along with some girlfriends, she went on safari in the remote high desert of northern Kenya.

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Trzebinski said, "We had walked for 8 hours and were hot, tired and exhausted. We took our shoes off, laid under a tree, and it was actually one of my girlfriends who turned and said, 'Oh my goodness, who is that person?' And we all turned around to look at him, and I was like, 'Yeah, who is that person?'"

Loyaban Lemarti was the name of the 6-foot-1-inch warrior, an aristocratic member of the Samburu tribe. His handsome looks attracted their attention. It was love at first sight.

Not only was Lemarti a hunk, he was 10 years younger than Trzebinski. He revived her sagging spirits. They took long walks together, conversing in Swahili, and their love blossomed under the African sun. Lemarti told her he didn't want to be without her. He made a big sacrifice by moving to Nairobi. Then, they decided to get married.

They tied the knot in a three-day traditional Samburu ceremony with hundreds of guests, including waves of women who had walked eight hours to get there. Trzebinski wore 40 pounds of beadwork and a bull was sacrificed in her honor.

Then, she settled with her new husband in Nairobi where the noble warrior traded his spear and his Swahili for blue jeans and English, which is getting better every day. The two are living very happily.

"We both feel very strongly that because it was quite unlikely that we should meet we were meant for each other. I've never felt so fulfilled and so safe and happy in my life."

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