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Monday, December 26, 2016

Copy An Idea And Do It Better: The Make Money Formula That Has Always Been Wildly Successful

Everybody hates the copycat with a passion. Yet customers don't seem to care. Pepsi is an idea that was copied from Coke and as you read this customers are giving more money to Pepsi. Copycat? Who cares? Who wants to know?(at the bottom of this article we show you where to copy great ideas already working and how to make them a success for YOU).

Maybe it is sad to you. BUT it is true. Here is the Coke-Pepsi saga in brief;

* It all began in 1886, when John S. Pemberton developed the original recipe for Coke.

* Pepsi-Cola was created 13 years later by pharmacist Caleb Bradham.

* Coca-Cola was already selling a million gallons per year by the time Pepsi came to be.

* Pepsi's successful foray into the snack food biz with Frito Lay have helped it significantly, especially in the past decade. Meanwhile, Coke has stayed strictly in beverages. In other words Pepsi copied an idea and figured out a way to make more money from it.

* Pepsi has been consistently ahead of Coca Cola with revenue. Both of the companies rely heavily on sales outside their native America for most of their revenue.

Bottomline; you too can copy an idea and run with it, making it even more successful than the original. And you would NOT be the first to do this. It is actually the most successful make-money strategy, has been for centuries.

What if I told you that there was a place you could go right now to find the best idea for you to copy/paste to success?

There is the eBook 101 Brilliant Business Ideas That Will Thrive In Kenya. Then there is also the eBook, HOW TO GET PLENTY OF CUSTOMERS RIGHT AWAY. Actually discovering how to generate an endless stream of customers is the key to success in any business idea you clone. And there are plenty of brilliant get-customer tactics in this latter eBook to clone and succeed with (please bear in mind this book is NOT about selling or begging people to buy from you!! The truth is that most of us HATE selling. And this valuable book can be absolutely FREE. I will explain in a minute. But first let's deal with the first question that may have popped up in your mind.

Can a book really change your life? The truth is that books have changed the lives of countless entrepreneurs for centuries. The Toyota "Kaizen" (constant improvements) and just in time manufacturing strategy that has seen it emerge as the most admired car maker on the planet was inspired by the founders reading what American Henry Ford was doing then in the USA. Today Toyota is everywhere, chances are that you too drive a Toyota or know countless people who drive one. It all started from some ideas in a mere book. And there are thousands of other examples I can give of how books and ideas have changed lives. (By the way the examples given in this book are all local and very Kenyan.)

I also want you to carefully consider the following statement;

"Your profits and sales from your make-money idea will always be as high as your practical innovative and creative selling ideas (copied or original) can take them and there is really no limit to what you can achieve."

I can start by promising you that there are NO theories in HOW TO GET PLENTY OF CUSTOMERS RIGHT AWAY, just practical lessons and life experiences of those who have succeeded that will help you get customers flocking in like crazy. Written in very simple, jargon-free, easy-to-understand language and yet the ideas and tips are guaranteed to change your business forever. The author learnt from the best in the world in getting plenty of customers, even if it is for a half-baked ideas - the Americans. Oh yes the whole world respects the Americans when it comes to marketing and attracting huge crowds. And the author even had the opportunity to compete in the American marketplace, marketing and selling. But again, this book is not about selling or marketing and if you hate selling as much as I do, then you must, like me, be already wincing. RELAX! This book is about ideas that turn the tables so that the customers are the ones looking for you, sometimes desperately. Yep it is about turning the hunter into the hunted. I am very serious!!

The truth is that NOT SELLING is how you succeed in business in our modern day world. People are sick and tired of being marketed to and being sold to and people trying to sell them things. It gets very annoying sometimes. 

Long gone are the days of running around begging people to buy. It doesn't quite work any more. Well read the amazing practical ideas and case studies in this eBook for yourself and you will see what I mean. And kindly note that this article is NOT selling anything to you because the eBooks I am talking about here can be in your hands seconds from now without you removing a single cent from your pocket. I am NOT selling because I am NOT asking you to buy. I am VERY serious.

Whether you are running a small duka or kiosk, working as a salesperson somewhere or even running a big company employing hundreds, you will find this gem of an eBook the most interesting read on the subject... EVER. And what is more is that it can easily be downloaded to your phone so that you read it in bits and pieces (as you apply the tips) and at your leisure when you have a moment to spare.
You may suspect that I am trying to push something worthless in your direction for FREE and you would be wrong because this eBook is selling briskly at a whopping Kshs 995/- on OLX. See for yourself HERE. And
101 Brilliant Business Ideas That Will Thrive In Kenya sells for 999/- see HERE

I can hear you asking yourself the question; Do I really have time to read a book? My answer, can you spare the time to change your fortunes dramatically? Besides this eBook is in PDF format which is easy to download and read on your smart phone every spare minute you get, like when you are stuck in a traffic jam doing nothing. Just take your time and read one idea at a time, implementing one idea at a time.

The eBook can be FREE, no catch no tricks (see details below) BUT I will appreciate your written comments (positive or negative) via email after you have read through. The eBook is in PDF format (easy to read like a book or even print out in the office).

Here is what you have to do to get the book into your hands in seconds;

Simply SMS your email address to 0727-217920. Thats it!!! We will send the eBook to you right away. We will NEVER send a second message to your email address, so do not worry about us ever filling your inbox with annoying sales messages.

P.S. If you are a skeptic like me, then this might sound all too good to be true. Who gives away free things that are really free?? Well, the truth is that we are doing a little research on the kind of information Kenyans would like to read in their eBooks (especially all those folks in the tough business of running a business). And even if you do NOT believe me, what do you have to lose trying this out??? NOTHING!! And yet if what I have said above is even half true (it is 100% TRUE) what do you have to gain? A LOT!! PLENTY!! So before you go back to your work or something else you were doing, just SMS your email address to 0727-217920 and you will never regret it... I promise. Do it NOW and start cloning success ASAP.

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Anonymous said...

I used to liove in Tz, plenty of Pepsi there is big 350ml bottles. Was sad coming back home to 300ml Coke. It is good Pepsi are back in Kenya. I prefer Pepsi any day.

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