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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Get-Customer Secrets You Can Steal From Safaricom

Safaricom is the company I admire most here in Kenya when it comes to get-customer methods that work like magic. Maybe it is you’re your favourite too.

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In my view Safcom, as many Kenyans refer to this giant telecoms company, have the worst network and they are also the most expensive network when it comes to making calls. BUT they STILL have the most customers… More than any other competing network in Kenya, by far.

By how far? To get the number of customers Safaricom has you would need to take the number of customers ALL their rivals have, put that number together and then multiply that number many times over adding some zeros at the end. WOW!! So obviously these guys know a thing or two about getting plenty of customers, don't they!

BUT the company is NOT going to roll over and give you all their get-customer secrets will they? Would you do it if it were YOU? So we have to dig a little deeper to find these secrets.

The first big Safaricom get-customer secret that we will look at today is so powerful that I once found myself opting to pay the Safcom higher price no matter how much I tried to resist. This amazing get-customer secret made me turn my back on a much cheaper and better option to go for Safcom. When I look back today I am amazed but I know I would not have done any different even if I were to go back to that time a couple of years ago.

Indeed this is the secret that has made this company that did not exist 23 short years ago the most profitable company in East and Central Africa and beyond. Much more profitable than much older companies in Kenya that have been around longer than my great grand-father (if he were still alive). 

The company that was launched in a very small room at Telecoms house and was gotten going by a single mzungu who arrived only with a briefcase and this big get-customer idea.

Interestingly the same secret was more recently applied to a small clothes boutique, by yours truly, that was about to shut down and suddenly the previously idle shop assistant got so busy that she could not cope with the sheer volume of clients. 

That means it is the kind of secret that if applied to literally any kind of business or make-money venture will work magic and deliver customers like there is no tomorrow. Just like it has done for humble-beginnings Safaricom. Read that secret as well as a few other amazing bring-back-a-business-from-the-dead secrets in a free eMagazine that can be in your inbox in seconds. Just SMS me your email address at 0727-217920 and I will send it to you FREE, no catch, no questions, no spamming your email address with a single message after I send it. Do it NOW. SMS me your email address at 0727-217920 and discover this game-changer of a secret.


Anonymous said...

You should also have mentioned because they do not have any problems finding customers, their profit margins are obscene and immoral i.e. way too high.

Anonymous said...

Another name for a company that has no problem finding customers and ends up with too many of them in a market is an illegal monopoly. e.g. Microsoft before the courts came in and Google. In Kenya (where the government is asleep), safaricom.

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