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Thursday, June 09, 2016

Moi's Condition Still A Top Secret But Source Confirms Former President Is...

Update June 10th
 Former president is much alive and well and very busy, his spokesman Lee Njiru said yesterday (June 9th). Mr Njiru and Moi handlers must know that the only way to dispell such rumours is for the person in question to make a public appearance, even if it is via video feed. Anything less (even a strongly worded statement like Mr Njiru's) hardly clears the air.

=====Earlier story====
Persistent rumours have been doing the rounds about the health of former President Daniel Toroitich arap Moi.

Kumekucha has just learnt from a reliable source that it is indeed true retired President Moi is not well. However family members are keeping his condition a closely guarded secret and it is difficult to ascertain just how sick the man who ruled Kenya with an iron hand for 24 years is.

Moi was last seen in public on Saturday 28th May this year when he presided over the thanksgiving ceremony for Dr Henry Kiptiony Kiplagat, the Kabarak University Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of Administration and Finance, who graduated on Friday with Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa. Those who attended the function say that he looked uncustomarily frail and was not his usual energetic self.

Moi is 91 years old and that is an age where plenty can go wrong healthwise for anybody. This is despite the fact that the man has always been known to keep an extremely healthy diet and was a teetotaler his whole life. An interesting aside here is that during his presidency the previously busy bar within presincts of State house Nairobi remained firmly shut and only resurrected when President Mwai Kibaki took over residency and the reigns of power in 2002.

Picture below shows President Moi in 1980 at State house Nairobi with recently deceased boxing great Mohamed Ali.

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